Inscryption Trophy Achievements & Secrets

Welcome to our Inscryption Trophy Guide Achievements & Secrets Guide. All achievements and secrets and techniques divided by acts with MINIMUM spoilers!

Updated on: 01.13.2023

Inscryption Trophy Achievements & Secrets

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Last however not least, apparent spoiler alert (although i’ll attempt to be as spoiler free as attainable).

Act 1 : Unmissable Achievements

These achievements are story associated, so you possibly can skip this part. However, if you’re caught at any a part of the story, I’ll describe the options anyway so SPOILER ALERT! (I’ll attempt to be as spoiler free as attainable!)

Blood Artist

  • You simply must die. Even although there’s a method to beat the “unbeatable” sections (btw you possibly can see that in my vid), you’ll nonetheless be unable to proceed with out dying a specific amount of instances.

Innocuous Insect

  • You’ll get the achievement as quickly as you open the protected within the cabin. The code to the protected is someplace within the rulebook.

Miner’s Bane

  • Defeat the primary boss of act 1.

Grizzled Angler

  • Defeat the second boss of act 1.

Face to Face

  • Defeat the third boss of act 1.

Enduring Victory

  • Defeat the 4th boss of act 1.

Uncage the Menagerie

  • Free the Caged Wolf. There’s a Caged Wolf card within the backside left drawer of the cupboard. You’ll want to make use of it in battle and let it get destroyed to free the wolf. You’ll have the ability to get the wolf statue on the shelf behind close to the cupboard after that occurs.

Ancestral Vision

  • Use the dagger. After releasing the wolf, you possibly can place the wolf figuring close to the squirrel that holds the dagger to get it. Then use it as an merchandise in battle.

Also, you could lose at the least as soon as to get the entry to the Magical Eye. Otherwise it doesn’t spawn. Thanks to Get Tokt for pointing that out!

Reborn Hope

  • Get the movie roll. If you might have received at the least 1 time then after utilizing the dagger you’ll have the ability to select a magical eye that may enable you resolve the cuckoo clock puzzle.

Act 1 : Missable Achievements – Trophy Guide

Gruesome Encore

  • Let The Mycologists experiment twice on the identical creature.

Role Reversal

  • Steal again considered one of our creatures from the Angler. You will get the angler’s hook after beating the sport as soon as. When you get to the Angler, wait till he steals your creature after which use the hook on the creature throughout your flip. THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE DURING THE FIRST STAGE OF THE BATTLE!

Also, you must encounter the Angler after which win the run or lose it. The subsequent sport the Angler will give you the hook on the very starting.

Squirrel Wrangler

Win a battle with injury from Squirrels. There are 2 straightforward methods to try this.

  1. First approach is to get the Amalgama creature (uncommon one) as a reward after boss fights or for golden pelts. This creature represents the entire factions without delay together with the squirrel one. So it IS the squirrel technically. That’s how I received the achievement (the screenshot from the second the achievement popped up is down beneath)
  2. Another dependable approach is to create a totem that offers squirrels a sigil to develop in energy after 1 flip.
  3. You may also do some genius performs with playing cards that improve energy of adjoining playing cards. But I’d strongly advocate you to make use of the first methodology.

*If you resolve the portray 3 instances and substitute squirrels with bees then bees act like bugs and thus I’m unsure that the achievement is getable…

Inscryption All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%
Inscryption Trophy Guide Achievements & Secrets

Act 1 : Secrets and Cool Things that may occur

1.Campfire Murder

At some level within the sport you’ll have the ability to use the campfire greater than as soon as per go to on the threat of dropping the creature. If you feed the individuals the worm or any toxic creature (like Adder), they may all die and also you’ll have the ability to use campfires freely 5 instances per go to buffing your deck enormously.

2.The secret of the portray

You can open the portray 3 instances (in several runs after dying or successful) and get permanenet bonuses like: when selecting a card so as to add to your deck, you possibly can reshuffle the choices as soon as per occasion; having a further candle (extra life and smoke); having bees as an alternative of squirrels.

3.The Ring

You can get the ring from the cuckoo clock when you discover that on the desk there’s a carving depicting 11 o’clock.

Inscryption Trophy Guide Achievements & Secrets
Inscryption Trophy Guide Achievements & Secrets

4.Glitched Card

If you get fortunate, you possibly can draw the glitched card that’s going to show right into a random card upon drawing it from the deck in the course of the battle.

The binary above the static card interprets to its identify: Deep Beneath. (Thanks to Drake Ravenwolf )

Inscryption Trophy Guide Achievements & Secrets
Inscryption Trophy Guide Achievements & Secrets

5.Greater Smoke

If you set off the candle close to the cupboard 3 instances (1 time at a run, so 3 runs required), you will get a Greater Smoke Card (that replaces Smoke card and may really assault by itself).

6.Free bone boon

You can click on the goat cranium on the wall a few instances to get short-term free bone increase (you begin the battle with 1 bone). The impact is precisely the identical as after the sacrifice solely short-term.

Inscryption Trophy Guide Achievements & Secrets
Inscryption Trophy Guide Achievements & Secrets

7.Free Amalgam

If you occur to go to the Wood Carver 7 instances then on the eighth as an alternative of making part of the totem, they may grant you Amalgam.

8.Free Teeth

The cranium might be looted for enamel. They respawn extra usually than as soon as a trial. After defeating a boss there are all the time enamel.

Inscryption Trophy Guide Achievements & Secrets
Inscryption Trophy Guide Achievements & Secrets

9.Goat Crush

Another secret is as an alternative of getting regular eye substitute. Get the goat/double iris eye and Black Goat playing cards will crush/lust blush with Heart sigil brow and nightwear.

Inscryption Secrets Guide
Inscryption Secrets Guide

Act 2 : Unmissable Achievements


  • Start Act 2.

Doomed Necromancer

  • Complete the Temple of the Dead.

Avenging Druid

  • Complete the Temple of Beasts.

Wizard Mentor

  • Complete the Temple of Magicks.

Hints for the temple (not an answer):

  1. After equipping the monocle look by the pages of the word once more on the first ground of the tower.
  2. You must deal injury to the Practice Mages 1 at a time (it’s the combat with the dummy on the 2nd ground)
  3. The ESC – CONFIG button have some magic paint… When u go to set the amount you will note the final sigil.

Accomplished Automaton

  • Complete the Temple of Technology.

Pls write me within the remark part if any of those components cased issues and I ought to add hints or options to puzzles!

Act 2: Missable Achievements – Inscryption All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%

Dark Offering

You might want to acquire 2 components of Broken Obols (that’s playing cards from the Temple of the Dead deck) and put them collectively in a combat to allow them to type an obol. The best combat for that is the combat in opposition to a dummy on the 2nd ground of the Temple of Magicks. The items will type an obol which you could provide to a tomb within the Temple of the Dead (downstairs).
You must speak to this bizarre demon TWICE!!

Devil’s Play

You must deal greater than 666 injury. Yes, it’s attainable. Yes, it’s EXTREMELY annoying!
You must have these 4 playing cards which are on the board in your deck:

Inscryption Secrets Guide
Inscryption Secrets Guide

Then you click on on the horn in whole 445 instances then you definitely click on on the Bone Heap 667 instances (technically 666 however think about if it must be greater than and never equal in any case this hassle). So in whole 1112 clicks. Yes, I did it. For you. SO GO LIKE MY VID! (jk, clearly)

Inscryption Secrets Guide
Inscryption Secrets Guide

You may also use Stim Mage as an alternative! Then it’s solely 667 clicks as Dave Mongoose identified within the remark part! If any of you’ll be so variety to make a screenshot, I’d recognize it!

Another much less annoying possibility was advised by JDD within the remark part: “If you would prefer to not grind in order to get [“Devil’s Play” and “Collective Effort”], you possibly can edit your save file to get Ouroborus to 999 assault energy. For this, merely open your SaveFile.gwsave , scroll down all the best way to the underside and alter the variable “ouroborosDeaths” to 998. Attacking the dummy as soon as ought to internet you adequate to get each achievements”. WARNING! (Though I’m NOT 100% positive!!) If you do the 999 Ouroborus earlier than getting the Grim Pantry achievement the Ouroboros stats will impacts the Rank 3 Bounty Hunter one way or the other so their stat numbers might be so excessive it makes it very tough to defeat them XD ( Thanks to RoboLois for noticing that)

Another possibility was advised by Ronslaught: “The Oroboros card can be taken through each act, and it’s power grows every time it dies. if you combine the necromancer card (if a card dies the card is reborn before it dies again) and the bone robber? (1 bone= 1 skeleton) so now each time oro dies, it counts as 2 death, giving it 2 power and health each round, and with access to infinite bones you can keep casting skeletons and making sacrifices that count as 2 deaths for oro”

Collective Effort

You must gather the entire playing cards. There are 96 playing cards. Honestly, I collected 95 and received the achievement (RoboLois identified that there’s the rabit card that’s not listed within the wizard’s catalog however counts in the direction of the development, so it’s essential gather 96/97 however 95/96 out of the catalog)
Special playing cards:

  1. Drowned Soul (look within the “secrets in act 2” part down beneath for description)
  2. Great Kraken (look within the “secrets in act 2” part down beneath for description)

All the opposite playing cards you’re going to get by exploring, opening chests and defeating enemies. Now you’ll most likely NOT get all of them instantly. So, go to the dummy in Magick’s tower and smash him for cash to purchase extra packs. Yes, this achievement IS fairly annoying too.

If you bought the earlier achievement then this one might be a stroll within the park, simply spend all the cash on packs. You’ll def get all of them!

Here’s all my pages so you possibly can evaluate and see what you might be in search of (as I discussed, I received it having 95/96):

Forgotten Lore

Now that is technically an achievement for the act 3 however you must do 2 necessary issues on this act otherwise you received’t get it!

1.Get the important thing from the tomb

Basically full the Dark Offering achievement and ensure to choose up the important thing. (I’m not really positive whether or not it’s required to get the pelt however you might be doing all achievements anyway, proper?)

2.Get the important thing from Mycologists

You might want to convey them 4 pairs of creatures:

ALL THESE CREATURES CAN BE BOUGHT FROM THE TRAPPER! NOT FROM THE CARD PACKS! If you wanna purchase it, they’re ALL within the backside left nook of the particular sole playing cards which you could purchase within the store (not the pack). If it’s not there, scroll by the playing cards, there are solely 3 playing cards to scroll in backside left nook after which they repeat. It works for every Temple.

And then you’re going to get the important thing:

Inscryption Secrets Guide
Inscryption Secrets Guide

Pick it up otherwise you’ll miss an achievement within the subsequent act!

Act 2: Secrets and Cool Things that may occur

1.Secret picture 1

You can go up in a sure place (you possibly can see it on the screenshot) the place you baited the shark to see the key picture 1.

2.The Wood Carver

You can go up in a sure place (you possibly can see it on the screenshot) the place you trapped the rabbit to seek out the Wood Carver and to speak to them. They have some attention-grabbing issues to say.

3.Secret picture 2

You can go up in a sure place (you possibly can see it on the screenshot) on the first ground of the Magicks tower to see the key picture 2.

4.Drowned Soul

If you work together with the effectively for the 2nd time (the first time is story associated) then you definitely’ll get a Drowned Soul card.

Inscryption Secrets Guide
Inscryption Secrets Guide

5.Great Kraken

On the 3d ground of the Magicks tower, you possibly can see a tentacle within the bathtub when you look within the mirror there. You can click on on it. There’s additionally one other tentacle within the docks which you’ll entry by going straight left proper earlier than coming into Leshy’s Temple. If you click on each tentacles, you’ll get the cardboard.


You can get the clover additionally within the docks. It enables you to reshuffle your hand as soon as at first of the match.

All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%
All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%

7.The cat can die from you sacrificing it

Now I don’t have a screenshot of that, sadly. But the cat that has a sigil of limitless sacrifices really can solely be sacrificed 9 instances. On the final life it’s eyes begin to bleed and it’s leg turns into a bone. I want I’d have a screenshot for you. If any of you possibly can screenshot it, I’d recognize!

All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%
All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%

The screenshot was made by Djesus Uncrossed. Thank you a lot!

Act 3: Unmissable Achievements

WARNING: Agonizing Remorse achievement is HIGHLY missable, please learn the necessities to get it earlier than continuing by the chapter (within the “missable achievements” part)

Also when you had been scuffling with the 2nd slider puzzle in Robotopia (like me), then there you go (hover over black sq. and also you’ll see the answer):

All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%
All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%

Essence Capture

  • Defeat the Photographer.

Rank and File

  • Defeat the Archivist.

Painer’s Servant

  • Defeat the Unfinished Boss.

Natural Connection

  • Defeat G0lly.

Balance of Power

  • Allow P03 to realize management of Inscryption


  • Witness the loss of life of P03.

Dramatic Finale

  • Complete the finale of Inscryption.

Act 3: Missable Achievements

Agonizing Remorse

To get this achievement you must delete the file after letting it die in a combat in opposition to the Archivist. That file that they particularly warned that we have now to maintain alive.
Thanks to KingusGornLordChefPenglaFengars for the trace!

Also huge thanks to JDD who famous that: “While i have not confirmed this, i strongly suspect that you only get it if you delete the file before beating the boss. PO3 comments on it by asking if you expected to get anything for playing by the rules, after which the achievement unlocks. I don’t think you have to delete the .txt file it creates too, but since i did that it would need to be confirmed.”

So to be on the protected facet, it’s higher to delete it earlier than beating the boss and the .txt file too.

Also, if anyone has good screenshots to connect right here about this achievement, I’d be grateful to get one!

Forgotten Lore

OK, so right here’s the map with minimal spoilers (you might be welcome) however with all pelt places! Hope you’ll prefer it!

All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%
All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%

(Thanks to 4x4cheesecake for locating the diagonal path!)

The pelt that’s situated straight underneath the beginning you should purchase and I believe it may not be there because the very starting.

Grim Pantry

You must get to bounty rank 3 (by not dying) after which you must destroy a card of a bounty hunter in a match. Only then you may be granted this achievement.

If you want an infinite combat to get the bounty up, then maintain going to an space and again to the preliminary location to set off fights.

All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%
All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%

Act 3: Secrets and Cool Things that may occur

1.The locked crypt

So when you received the important thing in Act 2 from providing the obol, now it’s possible you’ll enter the crypt and have a somewhat peculiar and humorous interplay. I believe you’ll get pleasure from it!

All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%
All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%


Do you need your OP Ouroboros again? Well, when you go to the Temple of Magicks the place the dealer was once, you’ll have the ability to purchase one thing very costly to disclose a touch on how one can get your Ourobot again.

All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%
All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%

3.Archivist’s face

GoldenQuazar came upon that if you choose a picture file throughout stage 1 or begin of stage 2 of the boss combat then this image might be displayed because the Archivist’s face until the tip of the combat!

4.Secret Passages

They are in every single place and also you’ve most likely already seen the map. But I spend numerous time making it so behold it once more!

All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%
All Achievements & All Secrets Guide 100%

5.Goo Pillar

To resolve the pillar puzzle you could do the next:

  1. Set the clock at 1 o’clock.
  2. Turn the digital camera drone and flash it when it’s going through the alternative facet (whereas it’s transferring) and take a look at the thombstone.
  3. Solve the cardboard printer puzzle by creating the very same card as depicted behind on the left of P03.

6.Woodcarver’s face

In Act 3, every so often you possibly can see the face of the Woodcarver floating in darkish corners of the roamable constructing.
Thanks to KingCorporeal for this secret!

If any of you’ll be so variety to take a screenshot, I’d significantly recognize it!

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