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How to write an Invisible Text Message in an Image File

Encryption and decryption have been used for lengthy to ship secret messages with out detection. However, it may nonetheless be recognized {that a} secret message exists. You can overcome this by sending a secret message embedded inside an picture file. Read via this text for the process.

How to write an Invisible Text Message in an Image File

Any file on a pc is principally lowered to a binary code which in flip could possibly be written as a textual content code. An picture file isn’t any exception to this. Since an picture file has a type in a textual content code, you may open it utilizing a textual content editor and enter a secret code in that textual content.

The process to write an invisible or secret code in an picture file is as follows:

  1. Right-click on the picture file. A menu will pop up.
  2. Select Open with > Notepad.
  3. You will see numerous gibberish in the Notepad window.
  4. In any line alongside the textual content, kind the key message.
  5. Press CTRL+S to Save the message.

Since the entire message is gibberish, the one textual content that is sensible is the message. Also, you may point out a code. Eg. I point out “Secret message” earlier than the message. All that the recipient would have to do is seek for the phrases.

What will occur to the picture if you put it aside once more?

When you save the picture once more, it is going to stay unchanged. The textual content just isn’t part of the unique code and wouldn’t be learn by the picture file. Basically, the picture would seem as it’s and you may ship it to the recipient. No third get together will discover any adjustments.

Why is encryption wanted?

Encryption is the method of coding a message earlier than sending it to the recipient. In this course of, you may preserve the message secretive. Even if a 3rd individual notices the message, he/she is not going to perceive it. The hottest methodology of encryption is to assign completely different letters to the textual content. Only the sender and the recipient may have the important thing to change it again to the unique textual content.

How is picture encryption higher than textual content encryption?

In the case of textual content encryption, a 3rd individual could or might not be ready to decode the message. However, he/she might be conscious {that a} message is being despatched. In the case of picture encryption, this is not going to be the case. Since an picture will look as it’s and no textual content is seen, the third individual will be unable to discover the textual content in any respect.

Can you encrypt any file?

All information is not going to open with Notepad. However, picture, sound, and video information will certainly open with Notepad. You can add your message to these information earlier than sending them to the recipient. Since video information are very giant, it’s not advisable to use them. As for sound information, it’s advisable to use smaller sound information.

Why does the Notepad textual content of picture information comprise gibberish?

The picture file is in the end learn by the system in the type of binary characters 0 and 1. When you exchange these characters to an picture, they make sense. However, in case you convert these characters to textual content, the last word consequence can be random characters.

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