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How to insert an Arrow symbol in Word document

Typing arrows in Microsoft Word doesn’t have to be a chore. The software has offered a number of methods for customers to accomplish this process, and we’re going to discuss how to insert an Arrow symbol in a Word document

Arrows are helpful symbols for getting throughout info extra effectively than regular. This can save people from typing lengthy explanations when a easy arrow might suffice. Now, not everybody who makes use of Microsoft Word is aware of how to get this completed, however consider us after we say that it doesn’t take a lot.

How to insert an Arrow symbol in Word document

We’re going to present you ways to insert an Arrow symbol in a Word by way of AutoCorrect, Shortcuts, and Symbols, so the next options ought to assist:

1] Use the AutoCorrect function to insert an Arrow symbol in a Word

OK, so the very first thing to do right here is to try to use the AutoCorrect function in Microsoft Word to kind arrows. From our viewpoint, that is in all probability the quickest approach to get the job completed, nicely, when it really works as a result of there are uncommon instances when it doesn’t.

So, allow us to have a look at how to do that proper now:

  • Open the Microsoft Word software, then launch into a brand new document or an previous one.
  • Move the mouse cursor to the placement in the document the place you need the arrow to seem.
  • Now, kind the related mixture of characters to create arrows.

2] Create arrows in Word utilizing Shortcuts


Let’s assume that AutoCorrect in its default type doesn’t produce the kind of arrows you want. You can at all times create a keyboard shortcut for Emoji in Office apps

This will assist you to add your individual arrows that aren’t discovered by default in Microsoft Word.

3] Type arrows utilizing particular characters in Word

Symbols Microsoft Word

For those that are questioning, the choice is there to kind arrows by the technique of particular characters. We don’t view this as the perfect approach, however there are some arrows from the part of the particular character that can not be introduced to the forefront by way of AutoCorrect.

To find out how to get this completed, please learn our put up on how to use Special Characters and Letters.

4] How to kind Arrows utilizing equation mode in Worf

Microsoft Word has an equation mode that makes it potential for customers to use mathematical symbols. With this function, customers can insert arrows into their paperwork, so allow us to have a look at how to get this completed.

  • Place the mouse cursor the place you need the arrow to seem.
  • Next, you have to press the Alt+= buttons to fireplace up the equation mode part.
  • You should now kind a Backslash together with the related Math AutoCorrect shortcut.
  • Press the Space button and the shortcut textual content will rework right into a specified arrow.

The following are examples of shortcuts you should utilize, together with what the arrows appear to be:

  • uparrow ↑
  • Uparrow ⇑
  • downarrow ↓
  • Downarrow ⇓
  • leftarrow ←
  • Leftarrow ⇐
  • rightarrow →
  • Rightarrow ⇒
  • nearrow ↗
  • nwarrow ↖
  • searrow ↘
  • swarrrow ↙
  • leftrightarrow ↔
  • Leftrightarrow ⇔
  • updownarrow ↕
  • Updownarrow ⇕
  • Longleftarrow ⟸
  • Longrightarrow ⟹

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Why can’t I take advantage of Arrow keys?

If you might be having issues with utilizing the arrow keys in your keyboard, then likelihood is it has one thing to do with the turning on of the scroll lock function. Look for the scroll lock button in your pc keyboard to see whether it is enabled. If that is the case, the button often lights up, so disable it promptly.

How many Arrow keys are there?

There are a most of eight arrow keys on a full-sized keyboard. On different forms of keyboards, the quantity sits at 4, and that’s high quality since most pc customers don’t have any want for utilizing eight arrows. But if that isn’t the case, then buying a brand new keyboard is at all times an choice.

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