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How to find the IP address of a website using Command Prompt

In this text, we’ll talk about how one can find the IP address of a website by executing a few easy instructions through the Command Prompt on Windows 11/10. IP Address stands for the Internet Protocol Address. The function of an IP address, amongst different issues, is to present details about the location of a machine that’s hosted on the Internet. It is a distinctive quantity that’s connected to each computational demand that’s used to switch data from one level to one other over the internet. If you ever find your self in a scenario the place you’ve gotten to shortly retrieve the IP address of a website, then this information will aid you.

How to find the IP address of a website using Command Prompt

There are three instructions you should utilize to find out what the IP address of a website is, and so they’re all simple to use. Let’s see what you’re required to do:

  1. Find the IP address using the ping command
  2. Find the IP address using the nslookup command
  3. Find the IP address using the Tracert Command

1] Find the IP address using the ping command

The “ping” command makes it simple to, not solely find out a website’s IP address, but in addition different related details about its server.

  1. Click on the Search icon from the Taskbar and seek for “Command Prompt”. Select the Run as administrator possibility
  2. In the resultant Command immediate window, sort “ping YourWebsiteName,” the place you’re supposed to comply with ping with the URL of the website of which you need to find the IP address. For instance
Ping thewindowsclub.com
  1. Press Enter

Once the command is run by fully, it’ll show some related statistics about the website, which will probably be addressed as its IP address, like round-trip instances and packets despatched and acquired.

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2] Find the IP address using the nslookup command

Executing the nslookup command on Command Prompt is as simple because it was with the ping command. Although it doesn’t give you as a lot intel as the former does, it’s executed faster. Therefore, when your sole function is to get the IP address, then the nslookup command needs to be most well-liked.

  1. Open Command Prompt as an administrator by trying to find it from the Search icon
  2. Type “nslookup YourWebsiteName” and press enter. For instance:
nslookup thewindowsclub.com
  1. Press Enter, and inside a few seconds, the website’s IP address will flash on the display screen

There is a risk, nevertheless, that this command won’t work for some web sites. This is as a result of it really works solely when the IP address proprietor has inserted a PTR file in the DNS.

3] Find the IP address using the Tracert Command

Thirdly, you may make use of the Tracert command. The distinctive factor about this command is that it doesn’t ping the internet address, however as an alternative reveals you the quickest connection pace between servers/connections.

  1. Search for Command Prompt from the search immediate on the Taskbar
  2. Type “tracert YourWebsiteName” and press Enter
  3. Wait until all the connection routes are processed

You can find the website’s IP address subsequent to the “tracing route to:”. If you need to additional hint the IP address, to see the place the sign originates from, you should utilize web sites like ipaddress.com.

How to find the IP address of a website on-line?

If you don’t need to cope with executable instructions, then you may make use of on-line instruments like Global DNS checker to do the needful.

  1. Visit the DNS Checker website
  2. Enter the area’s title in the area subject
  3. Select A in the Record Type checklist and click on on Search

What is nslookup command in cmd?

The function of the nslookup command is to question web area title servers in two modes; interactive and noninteractive mode. The interactive mode permits you to survey title servers for details about varied hosts and domains, whereas, in the noninteractive mode, the data is restricted to a specified host or area.

What is Whois command?

The whois or usr instructions searches a person title listing and show details about the person ID or nickname. Much like the strategies mentioned above, the Whois command can also be used to find Domain and IP Address data.

We hope that you simply find this text useful.

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