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How to customize the Status Bar in Outlook

The Status Bar is a straight home window at the base of your Microsoft Outlook user interface. Most individuals do not typically make use of the status bar, however it is fairly beneficial. The status bar presents info to individuals, supplies fast gain access to to specific functions, and also is personalized where you can choose and also deselect functions from your Outlook status bar.

How to customize the Status Bar in Outlook

In this blog post, we will certainly reveal you how to eliminate, transform, customize or change the Status Bar in Outlook.

  1. Launch Outlook
  2. Right- click the Status Bar on the base of the Outlook user interface.
  3. Deselect or choose the choices provided in the food selection.
  4. The Outlook Status bar will certainly show the modifications in real-time.

Launch Outlook

Right- click the status bar on the base of the Outlook user interface.

You can deselect or choose the choices provided in the food selection.

Depending on the alternative you have actually chosen in the food selection, Outlook will certainly display it on the status bar.

If you Deselect all choices on the food selection listing, there will certainly be no function offered on the Outlook status bar.

Below are the choices presented on the Status bar food selection:

  • Quota Information: This will certainly present just how much room is complimentary in your mail box.
  • Filter: This Shows whether a filter is used.
  • Items in View: The Number of things in the present folder.
  • Header Items in View: The complete variety of header things in the present sight of the folder, however header things are uncommon nowadays.
  • Unread Items in View: The variety of unread things in the present sight of the folder.
  • Unseen Items in View: Unseen things are e-mails that another person notes as personal.
  • Remainers: Any things with a rest that has actually not been snoozed or rejected.
  • Group Notifications: The variety of alerts from an Office 365 team. This function works if you are in an Office 365 team, which is mainly made use of in companies.
  • View Shortcuts: This function allows the switches Normal View and also Reading View on the status bar where you can switch over in between them to reveal or otherwise to program the pinned To-Do Pane
  • Zoom Slider: Increase or decline the degree of zoom in the e-mail you read.
  • Zoom: The percent of the present zoom.

We wish this tutorial aids you recognize how to change the status bar in Outlook; if you have concerns concerning the tutorial, allow us understand in the remarks.

What is Outlook Status Bar for?

Outlook status bar programs the variety of things in your folders and also unread messages when chosen, the upgrade info of the folders. If it is linked to Microsoft Exchange, Normal sight, reviewing sight, and alsoZoom You include and also eliminate functions from your Outlook status bar.

How do I remove the status bar in Outlook?

In some Microsoft Office applications, you can conceal the status bar making use of the setups, however in Microsoft Outlook, there is no alternative to disable the status bar. The status gets on the base of the user interface entirely. You just can eliminate functions from the status bar.

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