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How to change the shape of a picture in PowerPoint

If you insert a shape in PowerPoint and also you need to change it into one other completely different shape with out having to delete it or insert one other shape into the slide, you need to use the Change Shape function that permits you to change shapes simply in PowerPoint. In Microsoft PowerPoint, shapes are categorized into 9 classes, particularly Lines, Rectangles, Blocked Arrows, Basic Shapes, Equation Shapes, Flowchart, Stars and Banners, Callouts, and Action Buttons.

  • Lines: Consist of strains shapes similar to Line, Line Arrow, Line Arrow: Double, Connector: Elbow, Connector: Elbow, and many others.
  • Rectangles: Consist of Rectangle shapes similar to Rectangle, Rectangle: Rounded Corners, Rectangle: Single Corner Snipped, Rectangle: Top Corners Snipped, and many others.
  • Basic Shapes: Consist of Basic shapes similar to Text field, Oval, Isosceles Triangle, Right Triangle, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Diamond, and many others.
  • Block Arrows: Consist of Arrow shapes similar to Arrow: Right, Arrow: Left, Arrow: Up, Arrow: Down, Arrow: Left- Right,  Arrow: Up-Down, Arrow: Quad, Arrow: Left- Right-Up, and many others.
  • Equation Shapes: Consist of Equation shapes similar to  Plus Sign, Minus Sign, Multiplication Sign, Division Sign, Equals Sign, and Not Equal Sign.
  • Flowchart: Consist of Flowchart shapes similar to Flowchart: Process, Flowchart: Alternative Process, Flowchart: Decision, Flowchart: Data, Flowchart: Predefined Process, and many others.
  • Stars and Banners: Consist of Star and Banners shapes similar to Explosion 8 Points, Explosion 14 factors, Star 4 Points, Star 5 Points, Star 6 factors, and many others.
  • Callout:  Consist of Callout Chart shapes similar to Speech bubble: Rectangle, Speech Bubble: Rectangle with Corners Rounded, Speech Bubble: Oval, and many others.
  • Action Buttons: Consist of Callout Chart shapes similar to Action Button: Go Back or Previous, Action Button: Go Forward or Next, Action Button: Go to Beginning, Action Button: Go to End, and many others.

How to change the shape of a picture in PowerPoint

Follow the steps under to use the Change shape function to change the shape of a picture from one shape to one other in PowerPoint:

  1. Open PowerPoint slide
  2. Insert a Shape
  3. On the Shape Format tab, click on Edit Shape
  4. Hover the cursor over Change shape
  5. Choose a shape.

So, open the PowerPoint slide and insert a shape into the slide.

Once you insert a shape in your doc, a Shape Format tab will seem on the menu bar with instruments to format your shapes. Ensure the shape is chosen.

On the Shape Format tab, click on the Edit Shape button and hover the cursor over Change Shape.

Select a Shape from the menu.

The shape will probably be modified.

What are shapes used for in PowerPoint?

In PowerPoint, shapes are used to create customized graphics and add curiosity to your presentation. The Shapes in PowerPoint will be formatted with colours, 3D results, shadows, and grouped kinds and diagrams.

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Where can I discover shapes in PowerPoint?

If you need to discover shapes in Microsoft PowerPoint, observe the steps under:

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. Click the Shapes button in the Illustration group and choose a shape.
  3. Draw the shape on the PowerPoint slide.

We hope this tutorial helps you perceive how to use the Change Shape function in PowerPoint; when you’ve got questions on the tutorial, tell us in the feedback.

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