Hearts of Iron IV 4 Recommended Division Templates

In this information you could find the very best hoi4 division templates. Follow our Hearts of iron 4 greatest division information step-by-step.

Updated on: 01.2.2023

Hoi4 Best Division Templates

The division template system is one of the important thing mechanics of Hearts of Iron IV. A division is 1 fundamental unit depicted on the map throughout gameplay. The composition of every division is specified by its division template. Division templates may be created and modified by the participant utilizing spending military expertise. The composition of your division could make or break a battle.

Where and How to Edit Division Templates

You can edit division templates by going to:

Recruit & Deploy: Then click on “Edit” on the specified division.

Each division has a division template.

Here is an instance of a 7 Infantry – 2 Artilery division template:

Reset: Reset the edits you’ve made however haven’t saved.

Duplicate: Create one other division template identical to this one with out spending military expertise, helpful if you wish to make a brand new division template whereas nonetheless conserving this one.

The 3 Arrows: Red is for backup models, they’re the final to obtain high quality tools, white is for regular models, and yellow is for elite models, they’re the primary to obtain high quality equipement (new weapons or of you’re missing tools they would be the first one to be stuffed). You can manually select which divisions you take into account to be elite, regular or backup.

This is how a division appears like:

– Each division consists of as much as 5 fight regiments and 5 assist firms.

– Each fight regiment consists of as much as 5 battalions.

– It prices 5 XP so as to add a battalion to a division, regardless if it’s the identical or new regiment.

– Adding a battalion of a unique unit kind (infantry, cell, or armored) provides a penalty of 20 XP per further unit kind.

– A division could have any quantity of the identical unit kind for battalions, however just one of every unit kind for assist firms.

– A division template could also be specified as reserve, common, or elite. Elite divisions will likely be prioritized for higher tools, adopted by common divisions and eventually reserves.

– Each division template can obtain particular varieties of tools if a number of varieties can be found. An instance could be elite divisions solely utilizing the newest weapons and reserve divisions utilizing the oldest.

The Stats Screen and Base Stats

Base Stats, Combat Stats are Equipment Cost situated on the precise facet of the division template. These are the stats for the 7 Infantry – 2 Artilery division from above.

The stats could change based mostly in your nationwide concepts or accomplished researches.

Universally talking, larger values are higher apart from Weight, Supply Use and Combat Width.

Base Stats

Max Speed: The base most pace a unit can go, this worth is normally decrease resulting from terrain and infrastructure modifiers, nonetheless sure issues improve this similar to engineers.

HP (hitpoints): How a lot injury your unit can take throughout fight. Infantry and variants have quite a bit of this as a result of they’re many, whereas armor has little or no.

Organization: This is essential. It’s your unit’s potential to maintain fight. It is necessary to maintain it within the again of your head, however not make it dictate your unit composition. Provided primarily by infantry and motorized or mechanized. It’s normally between 25 and 60.

Recovery Rate: How quick your models will regain group. Recovery is as necessary as group. However, since most models that present restoration additionally present group, these values normally steadiness one another out. It’s normally between 0.30 and 0.44.

Reconnaissance: High reconnaissance will increase the probabilities of a unit to select a fight tactic that higher counters the enemy’s chosen tactic. It is just affected by 2 issues: whether or not you might have assist battalions & whether or not you might have Shock&Awe analysis of the Superior Firepower doctrine or Infiltration in Depth of the Grand Battleplan doctrine. Both of these doctrines are at or close to the very finish of their bushes, thus your recon worth is normally equal to your recon batallion’s stage with values between 1 and seven with an absolute most of 8.

Suppression: Whether you’re albe to maintain the revolts in an occupied territory in examine. Suppression has only a few issues that have an effect on it, cavalry is sweet for suppression, offering 2 per cavalry whereas most different models present 1 and the Military Police gives a ten% modifier to the unit worth. In fight it doesn’t provide something and is fairly neglectable.

Weight: How many convoys it takes to ship your unit. Only necessary for nations that need to ship their models by sea. Very intently associated to Supply Use, however then with none precise that means.

Supply Use: How a lot provide use your models use (press F4 in sport to see the availability strains), which instantly interprets to what number of models you’ll be able to have in any given province. As a common rule: Infantry makes use of little or no provide, tanks use quite a bit of provide, Logistics Company assist firm is indispensible.

Reliability: Affected solely by the Maintenance Battalion, Reliability is a modifier to the bottom reliability of a automobile (such because the impact of a tank designer). This applies to autos solely. As far as I can inform it impacts largely throughout attrition, and doesn’t seem to have the identical fight results as reliability does for ships.

Trickleback & Exp.Loss: Trickleback is what number of casualties are returned to your manpower pool and exp.loss is how a lot expertise is misplaced when these casualties are changed by recent males. They solely change with the use of a Field Hospital battalion. This makes the Field Hospital assist firm extraordinarily necessary for nations with a low manpower pool.

Combat Stats and Equipment Cost

2. Combat Stats

Soft Attack: A unit’s potential to deal injury. As a common rule: Infantry has very low gentle assault, tanks have fairly low gentle assault, artillery and SPG models have insanely excessive gentle assaults. Most individuals, and particularly the AI, construct a military consisting 90-100% of infantry, infantry may be very gentle and thus gentle assault is one of the very most necessary stats you take a look at.

Hard Attack: A unit’s potential to deal exhausting injury to tanks and mechanized models. Tanks and Anti-Tank weapons have excessive exhausting assault.

Air Attack: A unit’s potential to shoot at planes. Support AA (Support battalion) is less expensive than line-AA for air-attack functions. Support AA or Line-AA is essentially the most cost-effective (production-wise) AA whenever you take the researches for this.

Defense: A unit’s potential to not break beneath assault. Absorbing injury that will in any other case have gone to a unit’s group. This worth is offered primarily by Infantry and derivatives. For armored models, this alone makes motorized or mechanized indispensible as with out it your models are merely unable to defend.

Breakthrough: A unit’s potential to interrupt the enemy models beneath assault. Breakthrough is much less related than protection for the standard participant as you need to maintain the bottom that you simply take, having enemies bleed off their group on the assault and counter-attacking to take care of momentum in a push. It’s normally round 150.

Armor: A unit’s potential to withstand the enemy’s piercing. When the enemy can not pierce, you’re taking 50% much less injury, 50% much less group loss and also you deal 50% extra group loss to the models you might be dealing with, this bonus is utilized to your complete division. Thus, armor alone could make a unit work, even when on paper it appears hopelessly outclassed. Armor values are one of the issues that develop extraordinarily rapidly between armored autos. Not very helpful until you might have sufficient of it.

Piercing: All piercing does is deny the enemy the bonuses armor may present him. Units with the best piercing are tank destroyers adopted by common tanks. Although infantry anti-tank gives good piercing to all infantry models it’ll show inadequate in case you are dealing with a intelligent enemy in multiplayer, because the piercing bonus is predicated on a share worth and could have a restricted impression on precise stats.

Initiative: The reinforce charge and planning pace. It is affected solely by the sign firm, and appears to have little or no tangible impression on battles aside from the planning bonuses.

Entrenchment: Affected solely by the Engineer Company assist battalion, Entrenchment impacts how a lot and how briskly a unit will get entrenched. Very much like Recon, Reliability and Initiative, there are only a few issues that have an effect on this worth, and it’s common regardless of which line models you use. While Field Marshalls with “Defensive Doctrine” have an effect on most entrenchment it isn’t represented on this stat.

Combat Width: How a lot area the unit takes on the battlefield. A typical struggle has 80 fight width, thus you could possibly match 8 models of 10, 4 models of 20, 2 models of 40 or 1 unit of 80. Each fight width vary is consultant of an strategy to the sport. When you make many models of 10 fight width, you improve the density of assist battalions on the sector, successfully rising your complete military’s effectiveness at no further value of fight width.

The 40 fight width goals to get essentially the most out of its line models. The 20 fight width is the balanced methodology. If you get a Field Marshall with Offensive Doctrine, which reduces the fight width of all models beneath his command by 10%, you’ll be able to create models of 11, 22 and 44 fight width respectively and have all of them act as if they’re 10, 20 and 40 fight width.

Equipment Cost

Manpower: How many individuals your division employs. More males within the division means extra males on the battlefield and larger casualty numbers. Typically you need to hold this quantity as little as doable, however at no level ought to this be your essential purpose as it’s exhausting to inconceivable to steadiness out. As a common rule, line-artillery models and armor take 500 males per unit in your division, infantry takes 1000 and motorized & mechanized take 1200.

Training Time: There are two variations of coaching time, 120 and 180. 120 is for infantry and 180 for tanks. This is a time listed in days, however since Armor = 180, Infantry = 120, you simply need to take this worth as it’s.

Equipment numbers > All the person numbers of autos and different tools you’ll require to provide this division template. It is right here that you would be able to make a superb estimate of methods to distribute your general manufacturing.

Additional Stats

Hardness (the bar beneath the division template): The ratio of injury you’re taking. If your unit has 43% hardness you’re taking 57% gentle assault and 43% exhausting assault. For instance, in case you are being attacked by a unit with 1000 gentle assault and 200 exhausting assault, you’ll obtain (1000 * 0.57) + (200 * 0.43) = 656 injury.

Estimated Production Cost: The minimal and most estimated manufacturing value of a unit. These values symbolize the general manufacturing value in industrial capability of your unit, and don’t symbolize the fabric necessities of every division. Naturally a decrease value is best.

Infantry Divisions

20 width 7/2 divisions > 7 infantry and a couple of artillery battalions. Good starter division, however is totally outclassed by 40 width divisions in virtually each state of affairs. Still good in low provide areas like Africa or Asia.

hearts of iron 4 greatest division templates

20 width 6/2/1 divisions > 6 infantry, 2 artillery and 1 Light Tank Destroyer of 12 months at the least 1936. The objective being to supply an armor bonus in opposition to the bulk of AI and perhaps even participant builds whereas offering piercing to beat up any armor which may be encountered alongside the best way. This doesn’t work with the 1934 Light Tank Destroyer model.

hearts of iron 4 greatest division templates

The 40 width divisions outclass 20 width divisions as a result of of how criticals are calculated. The 40 width divisions do extra injury on the expense of having half the group of 20 divisions as a result of they’ve the identical, nevertheless it’s only one division as a substitute of 2 divisions, nonetheless they deal 4-5 occasions extra injury, so the tradeoff for utilizing 20’s is barely price it.

This usually results in quicker fights if each of you might be combating with 40’s. 20’s however may not achieve this a lot injury however will maintain the road for longer. This in flip makes your enemy take extra attrition injury so don’t underestimate 20’s defensive energy, particularly in broad theaters. Most individuals wish to have a line of 20’s because the entrance after which a smaller military of 40’s to do the pushing.

40 width 14/4 divisions > 14 infantry and 4 artillery battalions. This is preferable to the above division, particularly should you’re combating in Europe.

hearts of iron 4 greatest division templates

40 width 13/4/2 divisions > 14 infantry, 4 artillery and a couple of anti-tank battalions. These are good should you’re combating in opposition to tanks and aren’t trying to abuse area marine divisions (see beneath.)

hearts of iron 4 greatest division templates

BROKEN/OP: 40 width 13/4/1 divisions “Space Marines” > 13 infantry, 4 artillery and 1 Heavy Tank Destroyer battalion. These are normally banned in multiplayer video games as they’re fully sport breaking. The AI principally by no means builds sufficient AT to counter the additional armor you might have on these infantry divisions.

hearts of iron 4 greatest division templates

Tank Divisions

20 width 6/4 division > 6 medium tank and 4 motorized battalions. Maintenance firms are good in your armored divisions to cut back attrition losses.

hearts of iron 4 greatest division templates

40 width 15/5 division > 15 medium tank and 5 motorized battalions. Higher manufacturing value, however these divisions are practically unstoppable. Probably banned in most MP video games, and can destroy something they face in singleplayer.

hearts of iron 4 greatest division templates

Summary of the Divisions

The most typical kind of divisions are:

  • 20 width 7/2 divisions
  • 20 width 6/2/1 divisions with a light-weight tank
  • 40 width 14/4 divisions
  • 40 width 13/4/2 divisions with anti-tank
  • 40 width 13/4/1 divisions with 1 heavy tank destroyer aka “Space Marines” (watch out, they’re banned in multiplayer!)
  • Best assist are recon, artilery and trenches.

As for tank divisions:

  • 20 width 6/4 division with medium tanks and motorized
  • 40 width 15/5 division with medium and motorized.

How Armored Divisions Work

The quantity and sort of injury that you simply take is dependent upon the share of the hardness of your division, that may vary from 0% to 100%. Infantry have 0% hardness, Motorized have 10% hardness, mild tanks have 80% hardness and medium tanks have 90% hardness.

A division of 6 Light Tanks and 4 Motorized has 52% Hardness. If your armor > the piercing of your opponent, then it halves each the quantity of gentle and exhausting assaults. A 1936 Light Tank has 15 armor whereas a 1936 medium tank has 60 armor, your division’s armor is the same as 30% of the best armor within the division plus 70% of the typical armor within the division.

A ten INF division has 4 piercing and a 7 INF 2 ART division has 4.5 piercing, so your 15 armor mild tank divisions will do properly in opposition to them. However, with Anti-Tank assist unit a ten INF will get 20 piercing so your 15 armor mild tank divisions gained’t get the armor safety and take the total injury.

So should you struggle 10 INF or 7 INF 2 ART divisions with out Anti-Tank your Light Tanks will beat them simply. But should you go in opposition to armored divisions or infantry with Anti-Tank there will likely be an enormous distinction between the efficiency of Light tanks and Medium or Heavy Tanks.

A Light Tank division whose armor is pierced will not be the identical factor as an everyday infantry division when attacking. A 6 LT2 4 MOT division has 112 HP and 30 group, in comparison with a ten INF division’s 250 HP and 60 group. Light Tank are good early sport however you’re definetly not going to overcome the world with them when you get previous the early half of the sport. Eventually you’ll encounter opposing divisions that may pierce you and a pierced tank division gained’t be capable of win sustained battles even with their larger breakthrough as a result of of their decrease HP and group.

A 1936 Light Tank has 15 armor whereas a 1936 medium tank has 60 armor, that is very imporant with regards to piercing. If the division you might be combating in opposition to can pierce your armor then nothing adjustments, but when they’ll’t pierce your armor then it halves each the quantity of gentle and exhausting assaults you’re taking, principally you’re taking half the traditional injury you need to take from that division.

Suppression in Occupied Territories

With patch 1.9 on twenty fifth February 2020, a brand new sport mechanic was added, that you’ll have whether or not you might have DLC or not – ressistance on occupied territory. This consists of colonies in addition to territory that you simply took through a peace treaty nevertheless it isn’t core territory. Any occupied territory that you simply don’t have a core on goes to generate ressistance, regardless of whether or not they have been occupied or annexed in peace treaties.

How does the brand new mechanic of ressistance and compliance work?

Every such state will develop in ressistance, you need to hold ressistance as little as doable as a result of it’ll scale back the change for sabotage in that area in addition to loss of males and tools out of your garrisoning troops. Worse, if ressistance in a state reaches over 90% you might be in danger of open rebel.

To hold ressistance low, it is advisable to assign a garrison to these areas. Garrisoning is now completely different in 1.9, you don’t must bodily prepare troops and manually assign them in that area like in earlier variations. You simply choose what sort of division you need to garrion that area and the manpower and tools will likely be robotically deducted out of your stockpile.

The quantity of garrison required for a state is listed as a fraction between the divison template assigned to garrison that state. So you probably have a state with 0.15 then you could possibly defend that area with a lot much less troops, however you probably have a state with 1.50 then it is advisable to improve the quantity of models within the garrison division template you might have.

The greatest infantry garrison unit is the horse. That’s proper, the Cavalry whereas out of date on the frontline has its use in suppressing ressistance. It’s a good suggestion to have some hardness in your garrison division templates too because it mitigates injury from ressistance exercise, Armored Cars are a good selection for this as they’re fairly straightforward to provide.

You have 8 occupation legal guidelines, from Civillian Oversight to Harsh Quotas, the extra strict the occupation regulation you select the bigger the garrison wanted to implement that stricter occupation regulation. Harsher legal guidelines gives you extra army assets and factories from that state, however this comes on the value of extra garrison troops wanted to maintain ressistance beneath management.

But there’s a option to get extra army assets and factories from that state with out having to make use of extra garrison troops to maintain ressistance in examine, and that’s referred to as Compliance. By enabling a softer occupatin legal guidelines similar to Civillian Oversight you’ll be able to allow compliance to develop over time, supplying you with extra assets, factories and manpower from the occupied state.

Colonies of France and England already begin out the sport with about 70% Compliance and due to this fact not a lot is required to maintain them in examine. This new occupation mechanic offers you a alternative:

A) Use harsher occupation legal guidelines for quick advantages with a lot larger prices to suppress ressistance.

B) Use softer occupation legal guidelines for long-term advantages with low prices to suppress ressistance but additionally low taken assets and factories till the inhabitants grows compliance.

What are the very best garrison division templates that you would be able to have?

Let’s begin with the assist divisions:

  • Military Police – Is a no brainer and have to be used on any garrison division template.
  • Field Hospital – Is optionally available however very helpful as a result of it’ll avoid wasting garrison lives.

And the reply is: Cavalry and Armored Cars.

Combine Cavalry and Armored Cars the way you see match relying on the wants of the area, if the rating subsequent to your division icon is 0.15 then you might have too many troops in that area for protection that might be used elsewhere, they don’t seem to be going to do any hurt however gained’t do any further good both, if the rating subsequent to your division icon is 1.50 then you might have method too few troops for that area and want to extend the quantity of Cavalry or Armored Cars in your garrison division template. You can have a number of garrison division template for a number of conditions.

The stats like assault or protection of the divisions don’t matter in any respect. You are usually not combating within the frontline, you are attempting to maintain a inhabitants compliant. For instance artillery, it’s ineffective, what are you going to do with artillery when conserving a inhabitants compliant? bomb them into submission? Best to make use of what sort of tools you might have in extra in your garrison division templates and let the frontline division templates get the very best tools.

Air & Sea Battles

Summary For Air Battles:

  • It is greatest to maintain planes in Airwings of 100. Ace bonuses are tailor-made for that dimension and it makes it straightforward to maneuver them round.
  • Your bombers can really defend themselves pretty properly, however will function not often and will obtain their precise goal with no fighter protection.
  • Detection likelihood and bombing injury are decreased at night time.
  • If you might be unable to problem enemy air superiority you need to put your Fighters on “Intercept” mission. It will will let you semi-reliably cease enemy bombers whereas not participating enemy Fighters head on. Your forces will nonetheless undergo air superiority penalties.
  • Agility and Speed are two most necessary statistics of a fighter solely then adopted by Air Attack.
  • Strategic bombing could cause critical injury to the business and infrastructure of an enemy.
  • Both Radar and Air Superiority in a area present Naval intelligence.
  • When beginning a marketing campaign you need to disband all of your airwings and create a brand new ones.
  • Disbanded planes return to your reserves.

Summary For Sea Battles:

  • Destroyers are low-cost and greatest at coping with Submarines.
  • Light Cruisers present the very best floor detection permitting you to seek out enemy ships.
  • Heavy Cruisers and Battlecruisers are good in opposition to Destroyers.
  • Battleships have the best well being factors and injury.
  • Carriers aren’t nearly as good as Battleships however have a pleasant injury in the event that they aren’t attacked from too many sources, you’ll be able to strike with bomber and flighter Aircraft in land and annoy main powers.
  • Submarines are the very best in opposition to Convoys, however they will also be environment friendly in fleets if the enemy doesn’t have many Desteoyers.

Ending Tips

Maintenance firms & Attrition

Attrition is usually brought on by terrain not provide. So in case you are combating within the jungle, desert or mountains you’ll undergo quite a bit of attrition. Maintenance firms will scale back attrition taken. You may also simply settle for the losses taken.

AA divisions & Strategic Bombers

No division AA solely shield the divisions they’re in and never the province or anything. They scale back the protection and pace penalty from enemy air superiority. They may even shoot down shut air assist engaged. But they need to be engaged inside fight.

Breakthrough & Defense

Breakthrough is an identical to protection in operate. When you might be on the offensive you utilize breakthrough when on the protection you utilize protection. These simply scale back injury taken. There is a restrict as each protection can solely scale back 1 level of enemy assault.

Mechanized & Heavy Tanks

Mechanized are a defensive improve for tanks with a secondary position of AT. Hardness enormously scale back injury infantry/mediums can do, protection helps shield from counter assault, and HP reduces losses. The larger the tech and extra tanks the higher these are. Heavy tanks present armor, and AT largely on the value of pace. You solely want 1 heavy tank to get the bulk of armor on the value of pace.

40 width & 20 width > 40 width is stronger in most conditions. It’s much less versatile however stronger in fight.

And bear in mind, don’t hate the construct, however design a counter as a substitute.

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