Graveyard Keeper Corpse Delivery Guide

For Graveyard Keeper gamers, it is a full overview of what corpse will be delivered to you, what can affect these elements and how one can maximize the quantity of “good” corpse and their beneficial organs inside.


The fundamental

Corpse are delivered by the donkey, as much as 1 per day usually arriving at daybreak.

Once the donkey’s strike is over, he’ll come as soon as per day besides throughout Pride/Sun day solely you probably have at the very least 1 house free within the morgue and 5 carrots within the field.

There are solely 48 attainable corpses, that are separated into “tier”.

The corpse is set in the intervening time it’s dropped from the donkey cart and seem on the bottom or in your morgue.

There are just a few pre-generated corpse that exist already within the sport at the beginning, the one buried in your graveyard, 2 lone graves across the map and through story occasion.

Tier and what set off them

The sport is utilizing 4 tier of corpse, progressing by means of the story will change which tier are “active” and shall be a part of the checklist of attainable corpses.

The Prayer of Repose will even have an effect on the tier.

Tier 0 (tutorial section):
From sport begin, tier 0 is lively by default. There are solely 3 attainable corpse on this tier.

The complete quantity of skulls is all the time the identical, the three corpse are merely completely different association of which organ get every worth.

Tier I
After you open the church.
The corpses from Tier 0 cease being delivered.
There are 12 attainable corpses. Having a complete skulls of:
3R / 2W
3R / 3W
2R / 3W
2R / 4W

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Tier II
Tier III will begin after the 2nd witch burning. When you come again to the inquisitor after you meet it the first time, he’ll ask for firewood (20 models) and flyers (10 models).
When you convey him firewood and flyers, you help to a witch burning (and he offer you a quest to convey silver wine)
The subsequent time you stroll into the morgue, Gerry may have a dialogue with you. The dialogue is just not required for the brand new kind of corpse to be delivered, however it’s a helpful market to know you at the moment are in Tier II

Tier II add 15 new attainable corpse (for a complete of 27 corpse). The new corpses can have a complete skulls of:
4R / 2W
4R / 3W
4R / 4W
3R / 4W
3R / 5W (has darkish organ and ideal organ)

The final one on the checklist can also be the first corpse the place we are able to get a “perfect” organ and a darkish organ. Each a kind of 3R / 5W corpse has 2 of its organs which might be valuable and needs to be stored.

I’d advocate to bury them someplace particular (in an effort to dig them later) or take away these organs and put them in a storage till you should use them.

From this level on, corpses from Tier I and II are attainable. Bringing the entire attainable corpse to 21

Tier III
The week after the third buffet, the inquisitor offers you a brand new tech to see darkish organs.
The corpse from tier I stops being delivered.
One of the corpse sorts appears to have a typo. Corpse_3_15 ought to have a mind with 2R 2W, however as a substitute has 1R 1W.

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Tier III has probably the most corpse inside with 18, making the entire corpse you’ll be able to obtain to be 33.

The new attainable corpse have the next complete skulls:
6R / 4W (has darkish organ)
5R / 3 W (has darkish organ)
5R / 4W
5R / 5W (has excellent organ)
4R / 5W
3R / 4 W (this one is the one with the typo)
4R / 6W (has darkish and ideal organ)

Prayer of Repose:
The impact from this sermon is comparatively easy, it can permit for corpse from the following tier to be attainable.
However, it doesn’t “deactivate” the bottom tier, so it doesn’t enhance your odds as a lot as progressing by means of the story till the following tier does.

As there are not any tier IV, the prayer of Repose has no results as soon as you’re already in Tier III. Once you’ve the darkish organ tech, this prayer isn’t any extra helpful.

How to maximise your odds to obtain a fascinating corpse

The aim will usually be to have excellent organs and/or darkish organ (as each are probably the most helpful one).

The method to do that is to ensure to unlock Tier 1 and a pair of as quickly as attainable.
Opening the church needs to be a precedence within the early sport anyway, however tier 2 may be very straightforward and are usually forgotten.

It solely require firewood and a few flyers.

You can even use the Prayer of Repose as soon as that is completed to extend your odds. However, I’d not advocate this if this may result in delay the development to tier 3.
As unlocking the following tier is extra environment friendly to maximise your odds of desired organs. While the prayer doesn’t flip off tier 1, which make “bad” corpse nonetheless attainable.

Detailed checklist of corpses

If you need to know precisely what organs shall be in a corpse, you should use the checklist beneath. shall be attainable to know from the entire skulls what the three organs inside are, however you gained’t be capable to know precisely which one is which till you take away at the very least 2.

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That’s all we’re sharing immediately in Graveyard Keeper Corpse Delivery Guide, you probably have something so as to add, please be happy to depart a remark beneath, you can too learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique creator Fargel_Linellar


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