Gedonia House Building with Resource Generation

Welcome to our Gedonia House Building with Resource Generation information. Much of that is apparent however hopefully studying this may let what to anticipate with the ingame instruments.

We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Gedonia sport. If you might be a kind of who discover it troublesome to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Gedonia information.

Gedonia House Building with Resource Generation

Basic Guide to constructing your participant home and the useful resource mills. Skip all the way down to the second part to see cash making.

Much of that is apparent however hopefully studying this may let what to anticipate with the ingame instruments.

I’ll delve into the modding and see what an “average joe” can construct in there and the extent of effort required.

Location Gedonia House Building

Your house is situated Northwest of Ertoron within the Endless Fields. There is a waypoint close by simply Southeast of your plot. There can be a vendor who sells some comparatively ineffective objects, however is extremely helpful as your home to promote junk, crafting objects, and many others.

From the beginning zone, you’ll be able to observe the trail main South West to Endless Fields, the place it would then flip South East then East. Alternatively you’ll be able to head because the crow flies South South East.

Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)


When you arrive at your property location, it will likely be a clean dust patch with a Pedestal exhibiting what seems to be like a map. Highlighting it would present “Use builder”. Pressing the motion button will open the constructing menu and alter your view to floating over the constructing plot. For your home, there’s a 6 x 6 grid to work in. The surrounding space is supposed in your “yard” aka your crafting areas. There are three flooring obtainable for placement, however the third ground is the place your roof should additionally exist.

Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)

At the underside of your display there are the next instructions:

Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)

  • Show Roof – This is an on/off toggle to point out your roof. Needed to construct roofs, defaults off.
  • Clear – Used to take away objects. When choosing, it would spotlight blue. Hovering over an merchandise will spotlight it with a slight white hue (generally). ***You want to carry LMB for ~2seconds for the merchandise to be eliminated.
  • Switch home/yard Button – This will toggle between objects in your Yard or House. Default House
  • House Menus:
  • Floors – Flooring and Stairs
  • Walls – Walls
  • Roofs – Roofs
  • Other – All furnishings, chests, objects, decorations, and many others
  • Colors – Select a coloration scheme in your partitions and roof, selectable per ground
  • Yard Menus:
  • Functional – Crafting Spots, Resource Generators, Homing Spot, and a Training Dummy
  • Crafting Spots – Puts all the sport’s crafting items right into a small circle, you can’t individually place them
  • Farm – Plants for Alchemy
  • Yarn Farm – Plants for Tailoring
  • Mining Spot – Ore for Smithing
  • Animal Farm – Animals for Food and Leather
  • Crystal Mining Spots – Crystals for Enchanting
  • ***Homing Spot – Teleport Home Spot, when chosen in sport, offers you “Homing Stone” which can immediately teleport you right here.
  • Training Dummy – A small manequin you’ll be able to whack to get your DPS. You have to assault it for a time period earlier than the dps proven is correct.
  • Decorations – Fences, Walls, and some misc objects for the yard
  • A big X – Exit Building Mode
  • Smaller X – Each merchandise sub menu could be closed with the small X in its higher proper nook

Additionally you could have the next controls:
Zoom in/out with the Mouse Wheel
Hold RMB to Rotate Camera (proven on proper facet of display always throughout construct mode)
***MMB to cancel merchandise on cursor for placement, you should definitely use this after you’re accomplished with a sure merchandise, generally clicking different UI components won’t acknowledge and also you’ll accidently place an merchandise behind it.
SPACE to modify between flooring.
LMB to pick out objects from the menus and place them.
R to rotate the merchandise (if in a position)

TLDR – $$$ Resource Generation – Money Making

WIP Page

TLDR of the TLDR – Fill your plots with the crafting mills, sleep as a lot as doable to skip time, loot, promote, rinse repeat.

Most worthwhile Animal Farm – Bulls *requires added steps earlier than sale
Easiest most worthwhile Mine – Huge Mithril Deposit

Don’t fear about placement an excessive amount of for the mines, they’ve solely a small elevation collision and nothing that blocks you from working throughout them. Do have in mind the rotation so you could have the choice menu come up in a predictable manner.

Note that if you harvest, you have to hit motion key on every node spawned THEN refresh them. You can overwrite a ready-to-harvest node if you happen to click on a brand new placement within the menu earlier than harvesting.

For Animal Farms, they’ve closely collision and are fairly giant. Consider their placement rigorously.

Crystal Mine
QTY 3 (1×3) – Red crystal – 56 time sells for 27g
81g per 56 = 1.44g per hour

Ore Mine
QTY 15 (3×5) – Huge Mithril Deposit – 54 time sells for 17 gold
255 per 54 = 4.72g per hour

QTY 9 (3×3) – Nighteye / Bloodflower – 48 time sells for 20 gold
180 per 48 = 3.75g per hour

QTY 9 (3×3) – Enchanted Cloth – 48 time sells for 20 gold
180 per 48 = 3.75g per hour

QTY 9 (3×3) – Rugged Leather and Tender Meat – 70 time sells for 27 gold(41 Cooked) and 20 gold
549 per 70 = 7.84 per hour

QTY 9 (3×3) – Milk, Raw Meat, Thick Leather – 70 time sells for 20gold, 2 gold(6 Cooked), and 13 gold
351 per 70 = 5.01 per hour

XP Farming – Craft Dependent

TLDR: If you could have a homestead, do cooking. Free xp and Money.

At Weaponcrafting 5, Mithril Ore could be transformed into Mithril Arrows, supplying you with 50xp every time or 750xp per full node rotation. They could be offered for 10g versus 17g from the ore. BUT AFAIK you need to promote objects one by one, together with arrows, and I personally don’t really feel like clicking 2700 occasions.

At Cooking 5 Tender Meat is Cooked giving 50xp every and will increase the worth of the merchandise. Resale worth clicking required is 1/fifth what it’s for mithril. (41 gold every).

Placing Items / Tricks

  • All constructing objects should exist throughout the 6×6 grid
  • Most objects require a ground beneath it to be positioned. This embody wall hung objects.
  • Roofs require a ground and/or surrounding partitions. Its finicky.
  • ***Due to the above guidelines, constructing a room with excessive ceilings but in addition decorations requires you to put a ground, place the merchandise, then take away the ground.
  • Floors, Walls, and Roofs snap to the grid. Roofs snap offset midway to the grid.
  • All objects value the quantity proven and when deleted will refund the equal quantity again.
  • You will want ~$3,000 to construct a primary 2 story home, not together with objects/decorations/crafting stuff.
  • You will want ~$10,000 to construct a full home furnished and all crafting stuff you’d presumably need.


  • On the primary ground, all flooring sit up ~3/4th of a participant size. You might want to place a set of stairs for aesthetics and entry functions. (Effectively eradicating 1 grid of house for constructing)
  • Stairs for entry to the following ground up. On the primary ground, the underside 2/3rds of the stair find yourself underground. On the 2nd and third ground, you see their full all the way down to the ground beneath.
  • All Stairs on this menu are a two part, proper angle. Each stair has a 0, 90, 180, and 270 diploma model.
  • ***If you place a ground too near the stairway opening, the participant will generally get caught on them and might’t move them with out janking round.
  • ***These stairs kinda suck. The simpler/higher stair is definitely in “Other” on the final web page and is labelled Ladder. This is a Straight stair part and has far much less points then the opposite stairs.
  • Flooring requires no helps, they are often floating


  • Walls require a ground beneath them to be positioned. This relies on the ground proven throughout the grid placement, which you’ll be able to rotate the wall round (utilizing R).
  • For vaulted ceilings, place a ground, place the wall, then take away the ground.
  • There are two items “stone arc” which appear like triangles, they’re helpful for filling roofing gaps or for low partitions.
  • The different “stone arc” piece is an effective open doorway. For some purpose after inserting one I had a bug the place my character couldn’t move by way of it, eradicating it then changing it fastened the problem.


  • As talked about earlier than, roofs require partitions/flooring to be positioned. They’re finicky and kinda a PITA.
  • They don’t place as simply/properly resulting from being half off middle. For a flat roof, not an enormous deal. For a pleasant angled roof its slightly extra painful
  • The backside of the roof piece exists on the FLOOR of the third ground. You can’t place any greater, which implies your third ground should have a flat roof, a loft setup, or be devoted solely to your roofing.
  • As beforehand talked about, use “stone arc” triangle items to fill the gaps on the flat fringe of your roof alongside with partitions.
  • On the slope edge, you’ll find yourself inserting overlapping items of roof (since they place at half grid placement) to make your full roof.


  • In this menu you select a “paint” for every ground’s partitions and roof. The partitions are a number of colours in addition to a number of shades of stone.
  • The two partitions that are white with wooden framing will change their white part to whichever coloration you select.
  • Roofs solely provide you with a selection between colours (no altering sample)
  • Wood partitions don’t change coloration
  • The wall coloration applies in and out.

Other (aka Objects)

  • As beforehand talked about:
    On the final web page is “ladder” which is a better straight staircase. It begins on the present ground not like the stairways which begin on the ground beneath.
    Most objects require a ground beneath it to be positioned, even when its a wall mounted or “floating”.
  • Objects can overlap each other, however may have clipping points in lots of circumstances
  • Check placement at a number of angles earlier than plopping down, you’ll be able to’t transfer them as soon as positioned. They have to be deleted and changed to maneuver location.
  • Lighting will bleed by way of partitions
  • Chests can generally have clicking points if you happen to place them too near different objects
  • Chairs are practical however give a mini-cutscene of you sitting at them.
  • There are not any “free text” indicators (ala minecraft) to assist label your chests.

Yard Items

  • The usable house is barely smaller than the dust patch proven.
  • As a rule of thumb, your complete merchandise should sit on the dust patch to suit and be placeable.
  • Objects will present pink once they can’t be positioned, however may even present inexperienced on the edges and nonetheless not be placeable.
  • Crafting objects can’t overlap each other and wish a small hole to put appropriately.
  • Without attempting to min/max I’ve the next in my yard: 1 homing spot, 1 crafting cluster, 2 material, 2 alchemy, 4 mining spots, 3 animal farms, and three meals farms.
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)

Resource Generators

  • All of the useful resource mills have an identical menu.
  • You are given three slots and might select which kind of merchandise to make.
  • Depending on rarity they’ve differing timers to generate with the longest being 54 for mithril, 56 for pink crystals, and 70 for cows/bulls. Others are shorter or related. One in sport hour = One tick of the timer.
  • You can sleep as much as 12 hours at a time which can push the timer alongside. The “good” sleep timer is 30minutes and to my information can’t be cancelled.
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)

My House to date

Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)
Housing Guide with Resource Generation ($$$)

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