FAITH Good Christian Boy Achievement Strategy

Welcome to our FAITH Good Christian Boy Achievement Strategy information. A technique information for the Good Christian Boy-Achievement, together with related maps and pictures.

We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the FAITH recreation. If you might be a kind of who discover it tough to complete the sport, let’s take you to our FAITH information.

FAITH Good Christian Boy Achievement Strategy

A technique information for the Good Christian Boy-Achievement, together with related maps and pictures. More combat-oriented with consistency in thoughts, for individuals who have already crushed the Unholy Trinity with all of its endings.


In order to get the Achievement, we might want to get all 3 good endings, that are

– Chapter 1; When Faith Endures; we are going to shoot Michael with the rifle after pacifying Amy.

– Chapter 2; Go forth with Faith; We will preserve Garcia alive through the battle with Miriam Bell and received’t commit any main sins (no pentagrams, no luring any kids into the church, and so on.)

– Chapter 3: A brand new Journey; We will take down the Unholy Trinity (the three secret bosses), Gary, his demon kind Astaroth, his wingman Malphas, and eventually, burn the vessel of his mom, Miriam.

I like to recommend practising every chapter seperately to save lots of time and really feel assured in your potential to have the ability to absolutely end a chapter-run when you attempt the actual deal in Marathon Mode.

Difficulties: (My private boss problem rating, as a result of it’s enjoyable 💀 [v1.1] )

1: Mostly Harmless: Can simply be improvised, trivialized with strats.
2: Minor Threat: Improvisable with respectable ability, strats will make this straightforward.
3: Threat: Scary encounter that’s robust to improvise, strats offers you the sting you want.
4: Major Threat: Will finish your run in the event you go in with no plan, very scary encounter.
5: 𝐌 Ꚛ 𝐑 𝐓 𝐈 𝐒

General Combat Tips

You most likely already know these methods – they need to be fairly intuitive, and also you need to tackle the problem, proper? Have a really fast refresher, so we are able to begin:

1. Use the complete vary of your crucifix. Its efficient vary is greater than you would possibly count on, it’s equally formed to the flashlight cone, and may hit enemies from a slight angle, too.
Using the complete vary of your crucifix additionally means holding enemies at a distance, supplying you with extra time to react if one thing dashes in direction of you.

2. The center is your buddy. (with few exceptions) Standing near the center means that you can react to demons and assaults coming in from the border, the place the overwhelming majority of demons assault from.

3: Kiting is a vital approach that we’ll use if a demon chases proper after us.
First. we run immediately from the demon, till we get far from it, after which we rapidly flip again round to wreck it because it catches up. Before it truly catches us, we begin working once more, and repeat the method.
If the enemy strikes too quick to be kited, this technique devolves into simply the “running away” half, till the demon has slowed down or switches up its assault sample.

4. Sidestepping dashes and projectiles that fly in a straight line will assist tremendously in opposition to bigger bosses – they often love to make use of this assault kind, however a number of smaller demons do aswell.
Move perpendicular to – but additionally alongside the path the projectile is flying, to offer your self the largest potential time window to dodge it.

CH1: Entering the House

Start up Marathon Mode. Welcome to Chapter 1!

😈 Mostly Harmless: Michael
Michael could assault you randomly at any time from the border of the display.
> React rapidly
and ward him off.

After arriving and parking your automotive, head 4 screens up and a couple of to the proper, there you’ll discover a shed with the residence’s key inside.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Michael (once more)
> After grabbing the important thing, don’t overlook to beat back Michael, who will ambush you from the doorway on the backside.

After stepping exterior, head again 2 screens to the left after which 2 screens up, and you’ll attain the home. Step inside.

CH1: Spawncamping Amy

Once you might be Inside the residence, make a beeline to the basement, it’s positioned one display to the north after which down the steps on the underside proper.
Move counter-clockwise across the bins as a way to get to Amy’s first ritual website.
Step atop of it, and Amy will seem – don’t fear, she received’t assault you simply but, and a cutscene will play, exhibiting Amy creeping up within the bed room.
As you end up there, too, head east into the youngsters’s playroom.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Haunting Amy

– From now on, Amy will begin haunting you.

> Point your crucifix in direction of her spawn factors (you also needs to see blood) to disclose her.

> Alternate between the youngsters’s room and the rec room one display north, and catch her proper when she spawns.

> She surrounds you with 3 fakeouts when revealed, rapidly faucet your crucifix in all 4 instructions to ward her and her fake-outs off.

* After warding her off 6 occasions, she is going to retreat to the attic, and open the doorway to it contained in the rec room together with her. Head upstairs.

CH1: FINALE: Amy within the Attic

😈 Threat: Amy

Phase 1:

> As the combat begins, stroll as much as Amy, and get as a lot harm in as you possibly can.
> When the gray demon spawns in, preserve damaging Amy, and when it will get shut,begin strolling round Amy in a circle (clockwise), then harm her after getting distanced your self a bit from the demon.

– Later on this section, a second demon will spawn.

> What I love to do right here is to easily run a full lap round Amy with out damaging her, in order that each demons are mainly on high of one another, and the circling strat for the one demon nonetheless applies for the remainder of this section.

Phase 2:

– Amy will re-use her fake-out transfer.

> Again, rapidly faucet your crucifix in all 4 instructions to seek out the Amy you possibly can truly harm (she is going to blink crimson and make a grating sound)

– After a short while, Amy will teleport behind you, after which sprint in a straight horizontal or vertical line at you (is dependent upon the place she was through the fake-out).

> Sidestep her by strolling perpendicular to the path she dashes in.
> Right after the sidestep, instantly flip again in direction of Amy to get some additional harm in.

Phase 3:

– Amy will draw a pentagram on the ground and sprint thrice alongside its edges.

– After dashing thrice, she is going to cease and scan the realm near her, indicated by bloody symbols on the bottom showing round her. Keep your distance!

This is my technique, which is mainly assured to work, in the event you don’t get too shut when she scans the realm after dashing.

1. Immediately, as she begins drawing the star, head to the left aspect, transfer a bit into the highest half, then harm her when she involves a halt.

2. When Amy begins shifting, transfer downwards, proper subsequent to the sting of the wall, and look to the proper.

3.As Amy begins to sprint, instantly transfer to the proper, after which downwards, to dodge her incoming sprint, coming from the left. As she involves a halt, transfer up and to the proper, simply into the underside tip of the pentagram.

4. As Amy begins shifting once more, instantly head upwards, slightly below the window, and a bit of to the left, to be secure.

After one other set of dashes, transfer just a bit to the proper to keep away from her scan, after which, stand nonetheless to keep away from the gray demon Amy will shoot proper beside your present location, which you’ll graze.

– Keep damaging her, and the combat ought to finish right here, assuming you didn’t miss any giant damaging alternatives. You can even harm her as she dashes round, if you’re already in place.

– If she didn’t go down, Amy will merely begin dashing once more, ranging from Step 1, so transfer again to the left if she does.

Michael will see a window of alternative to flee, so stroll again down into the lobby of the residence, and seize the rifle laying there.

Walk exterior, and preserve heading south.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Michael eats lead and dies

> Once you get near your automotive, shoot the ambushing Michael on the best way out.

After capturing him, Michael will stumble onto the highway, the legendary Airdorf Truck will end him off, and the Epilogue will play. See you in Chapter 2!

CH2: Cemetery, West

Welcome to Chapter 2!

Play out the Prologue with Garcia, then observe the linear path into the cemetery.
After approaching the mirror contained in the spirit home, head exterior once more, and to the left.
We might want to exorcize all demons within the space to proceed.

In the south, we are going to meet the Cloud Demon, hiding behind foggy clouds.

😈 Minor Threat: Cloud Demon:

> This boss is tremendous random in the best way it strikes from cloud to cloud, fortunately there’s a secure spot proper within the small alcove on the high of the display, slightly below the arms.

> For your complete combat, keep as far to the highest as potential, and assault by pointing your crucifix to the left or proper.
– If the Cloud Demon strikes into the highest row, it can not attain you, however you possibly can nonetheless hit it from an angle together with your crucifix.

In the north, there’s the Maze Demon, requiring you to resolve its maze puzzle to seek out it.

😈 Minor Threat: Maze Demon:

Solve the maze puzzle by memorizing the path every statue is trying in, then coming into the maze and going: proper, up, left, and up.

– This demon is a reflex examine.
– Fortunately for us, it doesn’t have a lot well being.

> Walk as much as the altar and lift your crucifix to get some early harm in, then begin kiting.
> The demon teleports round you in sure intervalls – and perhaps proper in entrance of you – so be
ready to do a fast 180 and run in the other way as soon as it does.
> If it will get too shut, kite it again, however particularly then, watch out for its teleport.

After defeating each, head again in direction of the spirit home, after which to the proper,

CH2: Cemetery, East

After heading east from the spirit home, transfer to the display south and cross by the slim passage, as a way to head north once more, so you possibly can purify the Purple Skull.
This will open the gate resulting in the demon, in your method again there might be innocent – albeit spooky – footprints.

Passing by the gate and heading north, a cutscene will play, exhibiting the Fetus Demon ambushing you from behind a tree.

😈 Minor Threat: Fetus Demon

> Immediately look eastwards and lift your crucifix; It will ship the demon off the jap display border and deal a whole lot of harm.
– It will now sprint throughout the display in a wave-pattern, coming from the left aspect.
> Standing within the center, transfer upwards to dodge it. Move again into the center after the assault.
– Now the demon will randomly teleport to a location close to the border and cost immediately at you.
> Move away from the demon, simply into the vary of the crucifix; it would await the demon with open arms.

– If you’ve gotten respectable harm in, the combat needs to be over. If not, you’ll have to dodge one other wave assault. Rinse and repeat.

After defeating the demon, head again into to the spirit home.

CH2: Entering the Chapel

Approach the mirror, which is able to present John ramming the important thing into his proper eye.
Leaving a blood path, head exterior, and north.
Walk by the small gate, and preserve heading additional north.
After encountering a innocent tree, we are going to arrive on the chapel. Head inside.
In right here, we might want to exorcise the Chapel Demon, which is able to open the hatch to the basement.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Chapel Demon

Once you might be contained in the chapel, you must see candles positioned on the bottom.

– Each candle represents a room contained in the church, it’s mainly a minimap.
– A candle of a room is lit up if both John or the chapel demon are in it.

– When you turn rooms, the chapel demon will stand nonetheless or transfer to an adjoining room.
– If you each are in the identical room, just one candle is lit, as your place overlaps.

> Track her down, and as soon as you might be in the identical room, use your crucifix to scan the realm.
– She will screech and teleport across the room thrice, then she is going to sprint at you in a straight line.

> Sidestep the sprint, then harm her as she passes you.
– She could teleport uncomfortably near John earlier than dashing, however in the event you sidestep appropriately, you’ll nonetheless be capable to dodge her.

– You can even harm her as she is teleporting round, which may pace up the combat considerably.

After defeating her, head to the central room, and down into the basement, then additional to the proper.
Follow the blood path symbols within the appropriate order, simply as displayed on the dial within the room earlier than, clockwise.


Keep shifting; Walk up the steps, and you must end up exterior. Head a display down and to the proper, and you’ll discover a notice.
Pick it up, and run straight into the set-up of the supposed Amy.
Being nothing greater than the clump of deformed demon-flesh, head south, east, north, and preserve strolling in direction of the bridge.
Further onwards, you’ll discover the doorway to the sweet tunnel, and switch again to your human kind.

CH2: Candy Tunnel

After coming into the sweet tunnel, head proper, up, proper, down, and to the proper.
Here might be a minor encounter:

😈 Mostly Harmless: Looksie

– When strolling into the room, a cutscene will play, exhibiting the demon seem behind a pillar.

> Stand nonetheless, don’t do something till it leaves the room.

Once the demon has left the room, head additional north, too.
Head into the open sewer grate on the proper, and stroll left.
Once you’ve gotten switched screens, stroll behind the sewer grate with the 2 arrows subsequent to it, and head north from there.
Keep following the slim hallway north and to the proper, and you’ll step out of one other damaged sewer grate.

CH2: Dark Underground Crypt

From there, head south, east, and south once more, then choose up the flashlight. Get able to battle.

😈 Minor Threat: Sewer Demon

After selecting up the flashlight, this demon will spawn within the doorway on the best way again.

> When you method him, instantly elevate your crucifix, because it takes a short while for him to do his first assault.

– This boss has 2 states: Resting and attacking. He begins off resting, which is why we had time to assault him earlier, and can alternate between them on a timer.

While he’s attacking:
– He will taunt you with strains, comparable to “Here I come, etc.”
– He will spawn near the border and slowly method you from the darkish.

> Stay within the center, and rapidly faucet your crucifix in all 4 instructions.
> Look for a shifting sprite in your flashlight cone. If you see him, begin kiting him.
> He could teleport round, so alter your motion as required.
> If he blinks away and you’ll’t see him anymore, take a number of steps ahead into the realm you already know that’s secure and begin trying round once more.

– His sprite is relatively giant and twitches rather a lot, and virtually the one factor that strikes within the enviornment, which makes it rather a lot simpler to identify him at the hours of darkness.

While he’s resting:
– He will teleport to a location near the border, and stand nonetheless for some time.
– He will taunt you with one-liners, comparable to “I am here, priest, etc.”
– This is a good likelihood to deal harm.

> What I love to do is: Stay within the center column, transfer up and down, whereas shining your flashlight to the left and proper.
> Generally, rigorously look across the space, his sprite remains to be twitching.

After banishing this demon, head straight north, proper into the sewer gate, and observe the hallway till you attain the darkish crypt.
Once inside, preserve heading north into the primary room, and check out strolling previous the seal.
John will say that it’s locked, which might be a key issue in getting a key to spawn two rooms to the proper.

Walk away from the seal, and enter the room on the proper.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Acolytes within the Darkness
– In right here, three red-hooded Acolytes will slowly method you, however you possibly can shoo them away together with your flashlight.

> Immediately after heading contained in the room, head north and to the proper, and lift your crucifix to exorcize the nun portrait for ~ 2.5 seconds, then scare away the Acolyte thats approaching you from down beneath.
> Finish exorcizing the nun portrait (it would make a distorted, bit-crushed screaming sound). then loop again across the torches within the center and to the proper, into the subsequent room.

> Grab the important thing, and head again into the room you have been simply in.
> On your method again, in the event you transfer a bit of up after which preserve strolling left continuous after coming into the room, you possibly can clear it with out stopping.

Quickly head north after exiting the room, and unlock the seal. Keep heading north, and Miriam will seem. Father Garcia quickly follows that can assist you exorcize her within the subsequent room.

CH2: FINALE: Nun Miriam Bell

😈 Threat: Miriam Bell

Phase 1: The 91st Psalm

– Garcia will recite the 91st Psalm, when you play his bodyguard.

> Stand proper on high of him always, and when he strikes after studying a passage, so will you.
> Protecting Garcia has precedence always. If you’re feeling like you possibly can flip your consideration to Miriam for a second, assault her.
> Again, don’t underestimate the vary of your cross. It can constantly ward again cultists from a snug vary, even when they arrive barely from an angle.

Phase 2: Darkness

– Miriam will flip the room fully darkish, and your imaginative and prescient might be restricted to your flashlight’s cone.
– Similar to the cultists at the hours of darkness underground, Miriam will slowly method you.
– If you shine your flashlight at her, she might be repelled away whereas uncovered to gentle.

> Standing within the center, rapidly faucet your flashlight in all 4 instructions to search for her sprite.
> Once you’ve gotten discovered her, elevate your crucifix to harm her whereas she is being repelled.
– She will disappear and reappear at a random location near the border, rinse and repeat.

Phase 3: Takedown

Miriam has a particular assault on this section:

💀 Special (as soon as for every 25% well being misplaced): 💀 Sneak Attack

– When Miriam loses 1 / 4 of her well being, she is going to cancel any assault she is at the moment doing, and the display will flip fully darkish.

– Miriam will teleport to a location near Garcia, after which attempt to kill him. Dealing harm to her earlier than she will begin the sprint from this assault will cancel it, and the conventional moveset rotation will resume.

– This is the one assault that may truly hurt Garcia.

> Once the display turns fully darkish, be ready to instantly run as much as her and cancel her ambush on Garcia.

Moveset, on this order:

1. 🌊 Wave Dash

– Miriam will sprint throughout the display, horizontally, in a wave-like sample, she is going to begin at your vertical degree.

> Standing within the center, instantly transfer upwards to dodge the wave-dash.
> if you’re not within the center, dodge upwards or downwards – you simply want some vertical distance, so select the aspect with probably the most area to dodge.

2. 👻 Fake out

– Miriam will seem alongside 3 fake-outs round you.
– After a quick second, if not revealed, she is going to lunge at – and kill you.

> Similar to Amy, rapidly faucet your crucifix in all 4 instructions to ward her off.

3. 💨 Wild Dash

– Miriam will sprint throughout the room a number of occasions. This assault may be very easy.
– The dashes might be targetted both at John immediately, or a random location throughout the room.

> Keep your distance always, so you’ve gotten sufficient response time to keep away from working right into a random sprint, or sidestep one that’s immediately aimed toward John.

4. 🌚 Creep

– Miriam will seem at a location near John, and slowly transfer in direction of him.

> You are sooner than her, play it secure, kite her, and run away if wanted.
> She could teleport round you, be ready to vary the path of your kiting when she does.

5. ⭐Star Dance, then begin over with 1. 🌊

– Miriam will draw a small star round John, and teleport to its high left nook.
– She will begin dashing alongside its edges, beginning by shifting down, starting and ending the assault on the highest left nook.

> Quickly transfer out of the star to be secure, sidestep the dashing nun in the event you’re late.
* I prefer to exit the star from the underside proper as it’s being drawn, then wrap again round its backside edge, so I can focus my crucifix harm on the highest left of it, the place Miriam will cease for a short time after dashing.

Beating this combat will mean you can proceed to Chapter 3. See you there!

CH3: Clinic Ambush

Welcome to Chapter 3.

Play by the intro cutscene, which particulars the primary go to from John and Father Allred making an attempt to exorcise Amy.
After getting away from bed, head two screens to the proper, down, and into your automotive.

After arriving, instantly transfer down onto the sidewalk. From there, head left, undergo the outlet within the fence, and head proper – into the aspect entrance of the clinic.

Once inside, head 2 screens south, and one to the left. Pick up the crowbar on the finish of the c-shaped hall.

Head again to the proper, and method the boarded-up door.
You might be ambushed by a demon, and brought away on a gurney.

When being prompted to cover, transfer your sprite behind the pink curtain on the left.
Let the demon stroll in. Once it’s inspecting the physique on the highest proper, head by the center, and down one display.

From there, you’ll be prompted to cover once more – conceal on the left aspect between the opposite three gurneys on the high, till the demon walks away.

Approach the flight of stairs on the proper, and the cop you noticed earlier will present up and free you out of your restraints.
Being in a position to freely transfer once more, head up the steps, and two screens to the north.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Hospital Demon

– This demon will bounce into the room, coming into by one of many home windows, after which slowly stroll in direction of you.
– Both your crucifix and the cop’s gun will deal harm to it.

> Stay within the center, slightly below the wall, and level your crucifix at it. Should it get shut, kite across the wall. You can even deal harm by the wall within the center, if it approaches you from above.
> When the demon exits the room by a window, once more, keep within the center. It will pop into the room a number of seconds later. Stay away from the home windows, and you have to be secure.

After remodeling the demon into nothing greater than a puddle of blood, method the primary entrance, and take away the barricade.
Once exterior, the cop will set chase after some cultists who’ve set his automotive ablaze.

CH3: Secret Boss 1: The Mother

We, nevertheless, have totally different plans.
Immediately head again contained in the hospital, head two screens downwards, down the staircase, and get again onto the gurney.
Move to the left aspect of the hall and head one display north. A cutscene will play, and John might be pushed down a flight of stairs.
Now freed once more, keep on the proper aspect, and preserve heading upwards.
You will hear a crying child, and ultimately attain the Mother.

😈 Mostly Harmless: The Mother

> Position your self useless heart for your complete combat and level your crucifix at her.

– The small infants received’t harm you.
– The infants that can truly harm it’s a must to remodel first by strolling right into a nook of the room, they’ve glowing crimson eyes.

> By standing within the center, you possibly can immediately take out one half of these infants, and considerably weaken the others.

> If a child with glowing eyes reaches a nook, it would remodel, nevertheless, you’ve gotten already hit it for ~90% of its well being, and may simply end it off by turning in direction of it when it approaches you.

> Always preserve attacking the mom when not in quick hazard – by doing this, additionally, you will destroy the infants that crawl in direction of her – aswell as her protecting barrier.

Afterwards, head again exterior and into your automotive (don’t get hit by a passing automotive, please).

Flashback time! Recite the exorcism and convey the mother and father upstairs when prompted to. Move again down and choose up the crucifix to be despatched straight to the second day.

CH3: Elevator Friend / First Steps within the Hotel

First of all, let’s simply take away some components from the equation, and get rid off the elevator prankster immediately, so he received’t be an issue later within the run.
Head contained in the resort, and straight into the elevator.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Elevator Friend

> Mash the 7F Button till you possibly can see the demon flashing on the display.
> Press the 6F Button and exit the elevator.
> Step exterior, and transfer west. If you hear a sound cue, he’ll spawn on the left aspect of the display and climb down the partitions whenever you get shut.
> Instantly ward him off. After doing this a number of occasions, he’ll drop the second Elevator Game Note, which we are going to want for the key boss later.

Afterwards, we head to ground 3. Head proper, and enter room 3B.
Here we are going to discover the Key to Lisa’s Apartment, labelled as 5A. There might be a innocent schpook on the TV as you permit.

Head to 5A subsequent, head inside, and use your crucify on the seal on the door.
After that, head east into the toilet, there you’ll discover a key to the upkeep door on ground 10. Take it, and head to ground 10 subsequent.

The upkeep room is on the left aspect, use your key to unlock the door and head inside.
Approach the dumbwaiter on the proper aspect, and half methods together with your cross. Head exterior.
Head contained in the elevator, and press any button.

You will change into the sufferer of an epic non-Christian elevator prank, because it takes you to ground 4.
Head exterior, to the proper, and seize the digital camera.

CH3: Hotel Blackout

Flash anytime you wish to for now.
Head east, down the steps, into 3B, and into the bed room north of you.

There is a few spooky fluff round this space, it’s possible you’ll be even teleported into the attic the place you fought Amy, however ultimately, every thing is innocent.

In basic, this part may be very easy.
There are two risks you’ve got to look out for, although:

😈 Mostly Harmless: Altar Cultists

– When traversing the resort, you’ll ultimately attain the room with a cop poster.
> Do not flash your digital camera within the room to the left of it, or you’ll be ambushed by the cultists.
> Keep strolling straight to the left, with out flashing.


😈 Mostly Harmless: Looksie Chase

– As you make your method down a hidden set of stairs in a front room, you’ll attain an U-shaped hall.
> Keep shifting in direction of the decrease half, till the display turns darkish.
> Right away, flash thrice, and the Looksie will seem, alongside a rotoscoped animation.
> Keep shifting up the steps and push on by the small maze of crates to shake it off.


There might be a innocent Malphas jumpscare when you attain the second staircase.
Keep following the linear path, down into the basement. Pick again up your cross.

After selecting up your cross, head to the proper. Inside the room you’ll discover a pink masks.
Use your crucifix on it, and half of Alu’s seal will break.
Head left, into the room with the candles; A minor encounter is arising.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Candle Looksie

– This demon will method you from a location near the border whereas being invisible.

> Stand within the center. Look for candles lighting up, the demon might be there.
> This demon could teleport subsequent to / behind you – in that case, an audio cue will play. Quickly scan the room for lit-up candles, and level your crucifix of their path.

After banishing the demon, head again up the steps. Alu, and his seal, are up subsequent.

CH3: Breaking Alu’s Curse

As you head again up the steps, Alu will briefly possess you, and you’ll come face-to-face with Malphas, which is fortunately innocent, for now.

Before we are able to free Lisa, we should break the opposite half of the seal.
In order to do this, head as much as 2A. In there, you’ll discover the bloodied dagger it’s essential purify as a way to absolutely take away the seal.
After purifying it, head again as much as 5A, and prepare to face Alu.

😈 Minor Threat: Fight with Alu

– Possessed Lisa will slowly stroll in direction of you.

  • You can combat her within the center as effectively, however what I love to do is:

Kite again Lisa to the left aspect.
Attack her lengthy sufficient together with your crucifix, and Alu will come out.

  • Alu will now cut up up and ship himself alongside 4 fakes into the 5 empty gray vessels, one Alu for every vessel.

The actual Alu strikes sooner than his fakes.
When he pops out, merely focus your consideration on the empty gray vessels within the center and the 2 on the proper. If one of many Alus strikes method sooner in direction of them, its him.
If you didn’t catch any demon that’s sooner on the proper aspect, examine the remaining two vessels on the left.

Either method, pacify the vessel the place the quick one is – he’ll come out – and you’ll deal harm to him.
– After some time, he’ll re-possess Lisa. Rinse and repeat till he’s defeated.

* Should you fail to obviously determine Alu as he dashes to the vessels, rapidly run as distant from Lisa as potential.
When Alu possesses John shortly after, you’ve gotten some respiratory room as soon as Alu takes over your physique. Mash your motion keys away from Lisa to combat the possession – Alu will attempt to get John to kill Lisa, and also you want Lisa alive to achieve the second Secret Boss.

CH3: Secret Boss 2: The Daughter

Once Alu is defeated, Lisa will run out of the world.
Follow her out of the room and method her for a cute little cutscene;
Saving Lisa has additionally opened the seal blocking the hall to the Secret Boss.
Let’s head there subsequent!

Get to the key ground by finishing the elevator recreation, which suggests going to the flooring on this order through the elevator:
> 1, 4, 2, 6, 2, 10, 5, any ground.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Pink Elevator Lady
– When reaching ground 5, your second-to-last vacation spot within the elevator recreation, a pink woman could be a part of you within the elevator.

> Ignore her, and proceed as per normal by urgent any button on the elevator panel.
– When reaching the key ground, she is going to ask you the place you might be heading.
> Ignore her, and rapidly make your method out of the elevator.

– Move out of the elevator, head east, after which up. Push forward by the hall, and you’ll discover Tiffany, remodeled and empowered by the Second Death.

😈 Minor Threat: Tiffany, the Daughter

Remember the Maze Demon from Chapter 2? Well Tiffany is mainly that man, however rather a lot tankier, and he or she has a screensaver assault.

> When she teleports round you, kite round her.
– Usually, she doesn’t teleport very near you.
> Patience is essential right here. The decrease her well being will get, the extra she is going to teleport round you, at an diagonal angle with an ever-increasing tempo. Don’t get baited into strolling nearer to her, await an honest alternative to reach, e.g. as soon as she comes solely from a small angle.

– After dealing some harm to her whereas she is teleporting, Tiffany will sprint throughout the room in a screensaver-like sample.

> This assault may be very telegraphed. If she threatens to crash into your location, transfer away, shifting parallel to a border.
> If she herself dashes across the room whereas shifting almost parallel to a border, take initiative and rapidly swap sides ought to she get shut and threaten to brush you away.

– After defeating her and strolling out, she is going to attempt to ambush you one final time.
> Do not get caught abruptly right here, rapidly flip round and level your crucifix at her till she dies.

After that, head again to the elevator, bounce down the holes till you attain ground 7, then instantly head to ground 1 through the panel, exit the resort, and head to your automotive.

Flashback time!
Starting within the basement, make your method as much as the attic. Ignore the gray spirit typically lurking behind the furnishings. a cutscene will play when you attain Amy within the attic.
Afterwards, John will get up again at his home.

CH3: Entering the Daycare

From John’s mattress, head two screens east after which exit the home to the south, and enter your automotive.
(Try dodging the letters for a small time save)

Arriving on the daycare, head one display to left, after which instantly north, whereas staying near the fence.

Walk across the constructing and enter its courtyard through a gap within the fence on the highest left, then
enter the door to your proper.

After heading inside, instantly transfer to your proper, and downwards.
Unlock the stairway to the underground by altering the colours of the symbols on the bottom.

Red Star, Orange Moon, Purple Chalice, Dark blue Bird.

Push onward, down the staircase that simply opened up.

Head by the actually loud gate, to the proper, and down the flight of stairs.

After arriving on the backside of the stairwell, head north and have a look at the picture of Miriam till arms seize it and pull it away. Enter the outlet that has simply opened up behind it.

Keep heading north. Once you attain the intersection, flip left into the chair puzzle room, after which instantly north – don’t fear, the cultists in listed below are hitting vessel-puberty and received’t harm you, though they are going to stroll as much as you and signal creepy chants.

In right here, you’ll discover idols that manipulate the puzzle.
Activate two of them, after which stroll again out south, simply as a way to instantly head again north once more.

Repeat this course of 2-5 occasions, and an acolyte-admin will bless ambush you with a particular injection.

The final location through the ensuing journey is the attic the place John chased after Amy.
Starting from there, head again down south, down the steps, and to the doorway.

A cutscene will play the place Amy turns off the lights; This additionally marks the tip of your journey.

Now you might be prepared. (for Gary’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-Dungeon.

CH3: Gary’s CBT-Dungeon, West

After waking up, head eastwards two screens after which north, strolling previous the moloch, till you attain the save level.

Now, we might want to accumulate three keys for the moloch.

Let’s go left first. Head all the best way to the left till you choose up the primary key, down a small set of stairs.

After selecting up the important thing, head proper (the statue room will loop 2 occasions) till you possibly can see an acolyte.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Acolyte West
> Carefully make your well beyond him, hugging the highest wall, and you must make it out with none bother. Don’t trouble combating him, it’s an pointless danger.


CH3: Secret Boss 3: The Profane Spirit

Now we head to the proper aspect. On our method there, simply previous the satan’s statue, we are going to come face-to-face with the Profane Spirit.

😈 Mostly Harmless: The Profane Spirit

– The Profane Spirit will spawn on a random location on the display border. Do not get caught by it, you might be solely a bit of sooner and the spirit is kind of giant.

> Play it secure, when it will get shut, change the display, ideally alternate between the lengthy horizontal hall and the upside-down T-Intersection with the satan’s statue.
> It will retain the harm it has taken even when switching screens.
> Walk a bit of into the room in case it spawns proper behind you. If it does, run to the opposite finish of the hall, then retrace your steps.

CH3: Gary’s CBT-Dungeon, East

After taking down the Spirit, the Seal of the Unholy Trinity needs to be absolutely eliminated now.
Let’s get the important thing on the proper subsequent.

Past the T-Intersection on the proper, right here you will note a single acolyte standing menacingly in the midst of the room.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Acolyte East

Just as we’ve practiced it within the west, we are able to once more stroll previous him if we simply keep out of attain and hug the highest wall.


As we swap screens to the proper, we arrive on the Red Light Green Light Game.
Pick up the notice so it doesn’t get in the best way later.

😈 Mostly Harmless: 🔴 Red Light Green Light 🟢


– This key piece is straightforward, simply don’t. get. grasping.

A couple of ideas for consistency:

> The white line within the picture is the “Point of no Return” (concerning the pupil of the attention on the wall).
If you might be on high of it, and you might be working to the left because the acolyte begins chasing you, you’ll escape him by the pores and skin of your tooth.

> If you get caught strolling earlier than the purpose of no return, run instantly to the left to flee.

> A second demon will spawn when you choose up the important thing. Make a cease simply earlier than the important thing to get a head begin, then cease simply earlier than the proper torch in your method again.
> Afterwards, simply make a run for it to the left as soon as the acolyte turns round. Before his subsequent “Red Light”, you might be effectively previous the “Point of no Return” and may run to security.

But wait! We usually are not carried out but. On the best way again, we are going to encounter two acolytes and take considered one of them out as a way to proceed.

😈 Threat: Return of the east Acolytes:

Practice this technique beforehand! It feels actually satisfying and easy to tug off, and is considered one of my favourite components of the run.
You can respawn the acolytes by switching rooms to the proper.

I want to take out the underside one, right here is the way you do it;

1. After coming into the room, transfer downwards and align your self with the underside Acolyte in a straight horizontal line; Keep your distance from it.

2. Look to the left, and slowly inch your self ahead whereas holding up your crucifix. Stop shifting as soon as the Acolyte begins shifting by itself.

3. If you’ve gotten gotten shut sufficient, the Acolyte will slowly transfer in direction of you with out truly remodeling, and you will get some free early harm in.

4. The Acolyte will remodel. Sidestep its grappling hand upwards, it shoots out immediately as soon as the Acolyte has completed its transformation.

5. Immediately after sidestepping the hand, look again on the Acolyte, and end it off. It could begin charging at you in case your sidestep was a bit of gradual, however you’ll take it down earlier than it may possibly attain you.

After taking out the underside one, rapidly slip into the exit on the left, shifting in from the underside.
The higher Acolyte will begin remodeling within the course of, however it received’t be capable to attain you in the event you ignore it and hurry out.

CH3: Gary’s CBT-Dungeon, North

Back on the T-Intersection, we’re heading north, for the ultimate key piece.
Head up, left, up, stroll previous the cages with acolytes in them, and enter the mirror room.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Mirror Demon

– A demon you possibly can solely see within the mirror will method you.

> Head into the very high left nook and level your crucifix to the proper. The demon will go down earlier than it may possibly attain you.

After grabbing the ultimate key piece, head again down previous the cages, then again to the Moloch.

Left, down, proper, proper previous the portray, and down when you attain the save level.

CH3: Partake within the Dark

Enter the Moloch’s door by first inserting the keys into the scales on his hand, and eventually on the door within the center itself.

After heading inside, stroll down the steps, and head north.

Follow the linear path to the south, till you discover a lantern. Wrap across the right-side wall and seize it.

Now, observe the linear path again up.

😈 Mostly Harmless: Pigeon Lady

– In listed below are the birb jumpscares.
– At the final one, when the birb will not be locked away behind a fence, be careful!
– A cutscene will play, exhibiting a purple woman uncannily approaching you.

> Immediately look north and lift your crucifix to pacify the very weak demon.

Keep heading north, intently observe the blood path, and you’ll attain one other door seal.
Let’s crack it open!

😈 Minor Threat: A Forest, Nowhere

> Use your crucifix on the seal-holding demons on the finish of the blood paths, one in every path.
> For this one, you simply actually need to intently observe the blood trails on the bottom and eyeball it.
> Stay in your toes, since you might need to circle round some stray demons that spawned near the paths. You are method sooner than them, although.

– You can take a shortcut on the left aspect, don’t get misplaced on the best way again!


No Johns have been harmed within the making of this map.

Enter the Door. Keep heading north, meet Gary and a few ominous white man.
Pick any choices through the interview with Gary, which is able to lead to Gary wanting you to go
not alive.

CH3: En garde! (Gary) – FAITH Good Christian Boy Achievement Strategy

😈 Major Threat: Gary

-Regarding the crucifix retrieval:

– We are going for a kill as safely as potential.
– Do not let your self deliberately get hit – as daunting as it might sound to get a bit of further harm in when Gary is shocked as you choose up your crucifix, I like to recommend not deliberately going for it, as a result of the crucifix could even spawn immediately on the high center, even behind Gary, which could immediately finish your run.

> If you have been in a position to get it again after a success – by all means, go for the additional harm.

> Again, at all times attempt staying near the center.
This will give us the most effective likelihood to get our crucifix again, ought to it get dropped, as a result of we are able to cowl as many potential crucifix spawns as potential, earlier than Gary can end us off.
Also, you’ll not be cheap-shot by a trident spawning in your face, and you’ll have respectable room to dodge Gary’s unholy summons.

📋 Moveset:

Gary will select a random transfer from this moveset, often beginning together with his trident throw.
He may do the identical transfer a number of occasions in a row.

🔱 Trident Throw:
– Gary will align himself on the left or proper border at your vertical degree, and throw his trident in a straight horizontal line throughout the room, at shoulder degree.

> Since we’re standing within the center, we are able to simply sidestep it.
> When Gary reappears on the opposite aspect to catch it, stroll as much as him and get a bit of harm together with your crucifix in.

👺 Unholy Summon:
– Gary will sprint throughout the room and lift his trident, slowing you whereas he’s taking a look at you.
– A random demon sprite will spawn in a random nook of the display and slowly fly in a straight line in direction of your preliminary location – which was decided when he raised his trident.
– When Gary has misplaced about half his well being, this assault will spawn two demon sprites as a substitute of 1. However, this received’t change our method all that a lot.

> When he raises his trident, instantly give attention to dodging in a straight cardinal path or sidestepping the approaching demon.
> Once you might be out of hazard from the demon sprite, sharply flip twice or circle again across the demon (in the event you sidestepped), and use the complete vary of your crucifix to hit him from the aspect for a giant chunk of injury.

– It is raining spiders. From the highest of the display downwards.
– You received’t be capable to hit Gary for its period.

– There might be proportionally extra spiders in every row the extra harm Gary has taken.
> This is a relatively skill-based micro-dodging maneuver. The Spiders could transfer erratically, so in the event you can see any opening of their rows, stroll in direction of it, however attempt staying near the center. (This was the assault that dropped my crucifix more often than not)

🤡🤡🤡 CLOWN TIME!!! (low well being or prolonged fight period) 🤡🤡🤡
– Gary could spawn his clown cameo for a brief period within the higher half of the world.
– It will transfer horizontally on the highest half of the display. After hitting the aspect borders thrice, it would leap downwards.
– It will disappear must you drop your crucifix. Also, touching it would drop your crucifix, too.

> No room for negotiations right here, transfer to the decrease half to dodge it, and keep within the center there.
> If he throws his trident throughout Clown Time, hug the underside wall as he throws it, then transfer again to your authentic place. (Hope you have been standing middle-ish!)

Afterwards, Gary will eat Garcia’s holy lead and run off into the crucible.

Now, that was the second hardest enemy within the recreation, and just one final hurdle is in your method – and that’s Astaroth. Good job! Give your self a pat on the again.

Follow Garcia to the Sabbath Altar. Immediately stroll on high of the outlet within the center, and enter the crucible.

Turns out the crucible is definitely Amy’s home! Head to the attic by climbing the steps on the proper, and enter the door on the left as soon as you might be upstairs.

Step contained in the attic to enter the ultimate enviornment.

Gary, now Astaroth, will re-introduce you to his mother.

CH3: FINALE: Astaroth’s Hate Crime

😈 𝐌 Ꚛ 𝐑 𝐓 𝐈 𝐒: Astaroth and Malphas

Practice this boss in Chapter Select. Lots. Even after beating the chapter, you’ll restart at Phase 1 of this combat, and also you need to really feel comfy sufficient so you possibly can improvise round it.


Here it’s. The true remaining boss of this run.

Phase 1: Astaroth

📋 Moveset (Astaroth)

⛧ Passive: Satanic Seals, Movement

– These will spawn each few seconds within the path John is trying, and a few will spawn proper at your toes, slicing off your path. You can not stroll over them, and if you’re not cautious – or unfortunate, they are going to lure you and permit Astaroth to nook – and finish you.

– We need to give us the most effective shot to have the ability to stroll round these seals (across the left- and proper aspect, so don’t stick too near the border) whereas kiting Astaroth, so consider it as if you’re strolling alongside the tracks of a versatile ring.

– The ring will mean you can run circles across the enviornment, which is mainly required as a result of the world is so small and Astaroth so giant.

– Astaroth’s seals will alter the form of stated ring. Generally, you need to keep away from areas enclosed by them, aswell as having to squeeze your self near the world border; if one improper seal spawns in your path there, it’s possible you’ll be trapped in a useless finish.

– It will even provide you with a sense of the place you possibly can simply get cornered, so at all times attempt to consider it!

– Astaroth will destroy all seal he walks over, so stroll intently round them, in the event that they don’t lead you right into a useless finish. Also, in the event that they don’t get destroyed by Astaroth, they are going to vanish on their very own after a while, clearing up area as you loop again round into the realm they spawned in.


-Example 1: The Ring

-Example 2: Here, there are a whole lot of seals on the left aspect, and it might solely take one unfortunate seal to get cornered (yellow route). Once I attain the intersection, and the left aspect hasn’t cleared up considerably, I’d preserve kiting within the smaller, inexperienced ring. Also, our option to the proper previous Astaroth’s mother obtained blocked off 🙁

-Example 3: Still a pleasant ring to dodge in. If the yellow spot is evident when i attain the intersection, I can stroll a pleasant and massive lap. If it does seem although, I can intently stroll across the higher seal to let Astaroth destroy it as soon as he rebounds from the proper aspect. The backside proper nook is a dying lure ready to occur.

This is how I personally take into consideration my motion throughout this battle, so take this Ring technique with a pleasant grain of salt; Improvise and adapt your personal motion preferences as you see match.

Now for his different different two assaults, Astaroth will at all times cease in his tracks and wind up.

> Get some long way whereas being inside attain of a secure spot for the screensaver assault – or to have the ability to sidestep as soon as he lunges at you.
– Safe spots for the screensaver assault are behind Astaroth’s mum, and on the very backside center.

🦈 Lunge:
– Astaroth will cease in his tracks.
– After a brief windup of ~ 2.5 seconds, Astaroth will cost to your location in a straight line.

> Sidestep or preserve working away in a straight line! You will want far, as a result of Astaroth’s hitbox is huge.

📺 Astaroth’s Screensaver

Yes i do know, it’s not likely an extraordinary screensaver. It’s Astaroth’s one, duh.

– Astaroth could restrict your subject of view throughout the assault. If the room darkens as he winds up, you immediately know it’s the Screensaver assault.
– Astaroth will wind up for ~4 seconds, or longer than for his lunge.
– Astaroth will wildly sprint throughout the room from left to proper – and vice versa.

> This assault may be very quick and unpredictable. Quickly attempt to get to one of many two secure spots.
> Don’t overlook to level your crucifix in direction of the center to deal a bit of additional harm.

– If the secure spots are blocked, typically, the very high and backside are safer than the center.

> Right after every assault is an efficient alternative to get some further harm in, as Gary will stand nonetheless, or method you from a distance.

Once you’ve gotten dealt sufficient harm to Astaroth, he’ll freeze, and Malphas will enter the world.

Phase 2: Astaroth + Malphas

Once we enter Phase 2, considered one of two issues will occur:

1. Malphas will spawn on the left aspect! 🙂
> This means we have now a number of seconds to reposition ourselves proper above the left torch, and get huge harm in on Malphas, without having to fret concerning the arrows. When Astaroth arrives, we are able to hit each for a short while, keep near the underside and stroll proper to dodge the incoming arrows, after which upwards to dodge Astaroth and weave inbetween the subsequent batch from Malphas.

2. Malphas will spawn on the proper aspect… 😬
– Malphas will spawn virtually immediately
> Salvage the scenario by rapidly strolling to the proper torch and getting a bit of injury onto Malphas from beneath, simply earlier than Astaroth calls for again full consideration. Quickly stroll to the left and stick with the underside aspect to dodge the batch of arrows Malphas might be capturing at you, then stroll upwards to dodge Astaroth and weave inbetween the subsequent batch.

> Afterwards, you will want to improvise once more; Your seal spawns could range rather a lot.
> Depending on their positions and distribution across the enviornment, you possibly can preserve kiting round within the backside half, or it’s a must to loop round on the high and weave inbetween a batch of Malphas’ arrows. Again, if it helps you, consider the Ring!

Generally spaking:

– Try to finish this section as rapidly as potential. Moving beneath Malphas is unquestionably price it, as you possibly can deal huge harm to him in a single go.
– Malphas is not going to transfer previous the torches, so in the event you keep within the backside third of the world and on the aspect he’s capturing from, he received’t be capable to attain you together with his arrows.
– Malphas will swap sides after capturing three batches of arrows.
– After having switched sides as soon as and capturing his arrow batches, Malphas will immediately cost at you from the highest of the display and attempt to stomp onto you. This is a good alternative to deal harm to each Malphas and Astaroth, who will nonetheless be chasing after you.

CH3: FINALE: SUPER MIRIAM – FAITH Good Christian Boy Achievement Strategy

The worst half is behind you, time for the epic finale!

At the tip of Phase 2, Astaroth and Malphas will fuse along with Miriam’s physique, forming the true remaining story boss, SUPER MIRIAM.

Here, due to the ability of John’s religion and dedication, we are able to get hit ten occasions earlier than we die.
This respiratory room, mixed with SUPER MIRIAM’s spectacular assaults, make method for a extremely enjoyable and distinctive remaining story boss.

Also, SUPER MIRIAM’s battle theme SLAPS. Let’s take her down!

😈 Minor Threat: SUPER MIRIAM

First of all, after dealing sufficient harm to her, the demons will cut up aside, which is your cue to rapidly gentle your self on hearth utilizing one of many torches, after which run straight into Miriam’s physique to finish the combat. (Miriam is the nun within the center)

> Don’t mess this up; If you don’t make it to Miriam’s physique in time after setting your self on hearth, you WILL INSTANTLY DIE.

Moveset, on this order:

My God, take this cup from me…

➡️ Arrow Rain

> Move near the proper aspect of the display to dodge many of the arrows.
> Weave inbetween the skull-circle or tank it, extra on these later.
> Sidestep the one hearth ball while staying on the proper aspect.

This abomination’s energy is simply too nice.

🚧 Detour:

– Starting from the highest left, SUPER MIRIAM will sprint on an U-shaped path throughout the display.

> Luckily, you have been already standing on the proper aspect border of the display and robotically dodged it.
> Deal a lot of harm to her, as she is going to hover round on the high proper nook for some time, earlier than returning to the center.
> When SUPER MIRIAM strikes again into the center, instantly transfer upwards, proper beside her, and preserve chugging within the harm.

And but, it isn’t the tip…

🖥️ Variant: Off-Screen Detour

– SUPER MIRIAM will exit the world through the highest of the display, and shortly after come barreling by the center, from left to proper.

> Move diagonally away from the center, and he or she received’t be capable to attain you.

Perhaps some divine intervention eventually?

💥Skull Bomb

– SUPER MIRIAM will hearth skulls downwards, which is able to splinter up into 8 skulls every.

> This assault is mainly trivial too, as you might be standing near the highest. You could need to dodge one or two stray skulls, however that’s about it. Time to deal harm!

Yes, Lord, I really feel Thou artwork with me.

🔘 Variant: Skull Circles

– SUPER MIRIAM will ship rotating rings of skulls at you.

> The trick right here is to aggressively dodge by the gaps between the person skulls, which suggests actively strolling in direction of the center of every ring when you see a gap.
> If you react early, and the ring flies in a handy path, it’s also possible to sidestep your complete ring!

Thy saving grace transfigures me.

⭕ Fire Ring

– After firing her Skull Bombs (or Circles), SUPER MIRIAM will transfer again into the center, and summon a fireplace ring that may shut in round her.

> Stay proper beside her as she strikes, so you possibly can preserve dealing harm to her because the circle closes in.

> She will even hover across the center and shoot skulls immediately at you from the display border, so make small sidesteps inside the circle as wanted.

The energy to save lots of myself and people i like.

💀 Bullet Hell

– An unusually excessive quantity of Skull-Danmaku will fill the display, as SUPER MIRIAM dashes from left to proper on the high aspect of the display.

> Graze the Danmaku whereas trying north to wreck SUPER MIRIAM (enjoyable).
> Alternatively, transfer into the highest proper nook as soon as the assault begins, so that you don’t have to fret concerning the skulls, and may deal free harm to her as soon as she comes near the proper aspect.

But alas, I can’t go on like this perpetually.

🔥 Flame Thrower, then begin over with ➡️ Arrow Rain.

– SUPER MIRIAM will hearth directionally aimed hearth balls straight at you, rising from the corners on the highest half.

> Move again into the center when SUPER MIRIAM winds down after her Bullet Hell assault.
> Stand nonetheless for so long as potential. Then, simply earlier than the flames hit you, transfer horizontally in a straight line to dodge the incoming flames.

– This is often the place the battle ends and also you get an opportunity to burn Miriam’s corpse, and finish the combat.

The spirit is prepared however the flesh is weak.
How typically we overlook… Faith with out works is…

𝐌 Ꚛ 𝐑 𝐓 𝐈 𝐒 .

Finally, put Amy to relaxation, and drive away with both Garcia or Lisa, each choices will depend as a very good ending.

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