FAITH Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Welcome to our FAITH Chapter 2 Walkthrough information. Instructions to finish the sport, and learn how to get all endings and notes. As mild on story spoilers as doable.

We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the FAITH sport. If you’re a type of who discover it tough to complete the sport, let’s take you to our FAITH information.

FAITH Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Instructions to finish the sport, and learn how to get all endings and notes. As mild on story spoilers as doable.



You begin play as Father Garcia. The controls stay from the primary sport; you’ll be able to transfer (default WASD) and maintain up the crucifix (default spacebar).

[Note 1: Picked up from the left of Father Garcia’s bed.]

Move downstairs at your individual tempo, as there aren’t any collectibles to exorcise on this space. Just be sure you’ve picked up the be aware earlier than persevering with on.


After the dialog, use your crucifix whereas dealing with the demon.
When the lights exit, transfer upstairs and thru the open door for a cinematic.



In the Stone Circle

We now return to taking management of John Ward. Grab the be aware on the high of the display screen and proceed on. Go to the display screen to the precise the place the deer comes from, and exorcise the deer within the tree for one more be aware.

[NOTE 2 – From exorcising the mangled deer in the tree.]

Travel as much as the cemetery entrance. The gate door opens while you method it, and within the display screen instantly north exorcise the tombstone to the highest proper for a be aware.

[NOTE 3 – From exorcising the tombstone at the top right of the entrance screen]

Go to the north as soon as extra, and seize the be aware in entrance of the tomb entrance.

[NOTE 4 – From the ground in front of the tomb.]

The Save Family Tomb

In case it’s not clear from Note 4, getting into the tomb display screen will save your progress. This is a secure zone, don’t fear in regards to the figures inside.

Approach the mirror for a cutscene. Now we have to tackle 3 completely different demons.
I’ll warn you when you’re prone to dying, however make certain to avoid wasting typically.

You are free to take these demons on in any order, however for the sake of consistency this information will listing them so as of the be aware numbers.

Demon 1 – The Fog Maze

Going to the left from the tomb will lead you to an space with statues. Take a be aware of how they’re pointing and in what order. That can be 1) proper, 2) up, 3) left, and 4) up once more.

When you progress one display screen up, you will discover your self in a fog maze. Move by the maze within the instructions that the statues have been pointing.

You will know you may have completed this appropriately while you see a demon flicker on the pedestal. You are allowed to depart at this level by taking place again to the statues, and it’s possible you’ll wish to return and save.

Danger – Approaching the pedestal will lock you into the realm for a boss combat.

This demon will transfer in the direction of you. If it touches you, you’ll die. Damage it by elevating the crucifix in the direction of it. Its assault sample is easy: it would slowly pursue you and teleport to a unique location randomly. Stay in your toes and be prepared to maneuver rapidly.

When this demon is defeated, it would drop a be aware on the backside of the maze. If you permit the maze earlier than choosing it up, the be aware will disappear. If you haven’t saved but however you want the be aware, make sure you die earlier than the subsequent save and do the boss once more.

[NOTE 5 – From defeating the demon in the Fog Maze.]

Demon 2 – Mist Demon

From the statue space left of the Save tomb, transfer one display screen down to seek out your self in a room with mist clouds rolling over.
You might wish to save earlier than persevering with. Dying will return you to earlier than the fog maze.
Danger – Advancing additional south into this room will lock you into the realm for a boss combat.

The Mist Demon is small and never as aggressive as you would possibly count on, however it would nonetheless kill you if it touches you. It prefers to remain within the mist clouds, and can keep in a cloud till it takes sufficient harm or the cloud begins to succeed in the sting of the room. Its screech signifies that it’s about to maneuver to a different mist cloud, seemingly wherever within the room it might transfer in a straight line to. Make certain that you simply aren’t in the midst of a doable path when it strikes. Also remember that typically the Mist Demon will change its thoughts midway by shifting and go to a unique cloud as an alternative.

When the Mist Demon is defeated, one other be aware will drop on the high of the display screen. Again, make sure you decide this be aware up earlier than you permit as a result of it would disappear after you do.

[NOTE 6 – From defeating the Mist Demon south of the statues.]

Demon 3 – Cord Demon

Ensure you’ve saved, after which go to the precise of the tomb. You can see on the opposite aspect of this walkway there’s a purple cranium, however now we have to go down a display screen to wrap round up there.
Go down a display screen and exorcise the second tombstone downwards for one more be aware.

[NOTE 7 – From exorcising the tombstone along the pathway to the purple skull.]

Continue across the bend and up a display screen, then exorcise the purple cranium itself; a gateway to the north will open to the subsequent boss encounter.

You might wish to save earlier than persevering with.

Danger – Advancing into this room will lock you into the realm for a boss combat.

The Cord Demon’s enviornment is kind of cramped, so that you don’t have lots of area to maneuver. This shouldn’t be a lot of an issue as a result of most of your motion must be vertically up and down.
The demon will transfer in from the precise, so get some harm in with the crucifix whereas sustaining your distance. Eventually it would teleport to the left aspect of the display screen and cost to the precise in a wave sample. You can keep away from this by shifting up or all the way down to the alternative aspect of the place it’s headed. It will trip between charging in a wave sample, and charging at you straight. When it prices at you straight once more, simply keep your distance and put in harm as you’ll be able to.

After sufficient harm, the Cord Demon might be defeated, and one other be aware will drop. Once once more, guarantee you may have picked up the be aware earlier than leaving the display screen as it would disappear.

[NOTE 8 – From defeating the Cord Demon.]

We now return to the Save Family Tomb.

Returning to the Save Family Tomb

Upon returning to the tomb you’ll get a checkpoint, and a cutscene will happen while you stroll as much as the mirror. If you need the great ending, you don’t want to fret about this half. If you need the third ending or simply need Note 9, then there’s something we should do earlier than we proceed onward.

Please check with the part “FIRST SECRET EVIL – TO CONJURE HIS DEMON” for extra particulars on this heinous ritual.

Quick Aside about Endings

There are three endings to the sport. There are three evil acts you are able to do over the course of the story. The good ending requires you do none of them. The second ending will happen in case you do some however not all of them. The third extra ‘secret’ ending will happen in case you do all three.

Please pardon these sections of the information being situated on the finish. Part of the explanation for that’s Steam guides have a brief character restrict per part for some motive. The different half is that it makes them fast to check with for individuals replaying the sport that solely need assistance with these sections.

Unlocking the Gate

Back to the gateway. Grab the important thing off the bottom in case you haven’t already.

Continue north. A tree will pop up and reveal itself to be a demon. It is not going to damage you. None of the bushes are demons that may assault you. It is completely secure; you must let your guard down. I promise.
There is nothing to fret about right here.

Keep going north and you’ll attain the subsequent part, the Church.


NOTES IN THIS SECTION: [10-18, Note 16 only from a secret evil]


There’s a be aware proper in entrance of the church, so decide it up.

[NOTE 10 – From the ground in front of the church.]

Before heading into the church, we’ll go up a display screen to seize the be aware within the corn area. Exorcise the scarecrow and you’ll get a be aware.

[NOTE 11 – From exorcising the scarecrow in the corn field.]

We can’t do something additional within the corn area for now, so let’s return to the church.

Inside the Church

Danger – You might be hunted on this space.

There’s a be aware simply by the doorway to the precise, so decide it up.

[NOTE 12 – From the ground just by the entrance of the church.]

The be aware provides us directions on learn how to deal with the demon skulking round right here:
“Walk the church from room to room
And maybe you will see her
She will move when you do
But never try to trick her!”

To keep away from her tormenting you when you seize the collectibles, let’s cowl learn how to do away with her first.

Demon – The Spindly Lady

You might have observed the candles on the bottom, and so they lie on the ground in the identical sample of each room within the church. They function a type of mini map indicating presence in rooms.
If you’re within the entrance room, you’ll all the time see the candle on the backside center, as a result of that candle represents the doorway room. What would possibly confuse you is that you simply see one other candle lit: if the Spindly Lady is in one other room, the candle for that room will mild up additionally

Recall the be aware, which says that [the Spindly Lady] solely strikes while you do. What this actually means is that the demon will transfer to a unique display screen each time you progress to a unique display screen (it’s not about you shifting inside a single display screen.)

This signifies that if just one candle is lit, you and the demon are at present occupying the identical room, and you’re in peril. You can inform the Spindly Lady is close by when your display screen distorts and aberrates. When that is the case, rotate round to face her with the crucifix and attempt to get her out of hiding.

First although, let’s briefly go over learn how to meet up with her. Before anything, you must know that shifting between rooms too quick will end in her leaping out and killing you immediately (this appears to be an ‘anti-cheese’ mechanic), so don’t trip. The demon will transfer to a unique room each time you do. When she does so, she is going to solely transfer to a room adjoining to the room she is at present in, however she isn’t constrained by partitions and doorways like you’re. To the most effective of my understanding, the Spindly Lady picks a room at random each time she strikes, however normally might be shut or adjoining to the room she was final in.

Because there’s some randomness to this, it’d simply be value slowly strolling across the church with out a lot technique, simply guaranteeing you’re watching the candles for her presence. And when you’re in the identical room, be prepared to make use of your crucifix.

Either approach, you’ll ultimately come throughout her, and in case you’re quick sufficient you’ll reveal her. When she is revealed, she is going to teleport thrice. After the third teleport she is going to cost in your path. Dodge her assault, and maintain the crucifix in the direction of her to empty her well being. She will repeat her assault sample in a loop.

After sufficient harm she is going to disappear, and all of the candles will exit. You will now not be pursued whereas within the church. A secret passageway will open up within the nave the place the benches are. If you simply want to proceed with the story, you’ll be able to proceed on down, however first we’ll get the opposite notes.

The Church Demon Defeated

First let’s go seize some notes within the western room of the church. By the confessional sales space there’s a purple cranium, so exorcise it for a be aware.

[NOTE 13 – From exorcising the skull by the church’s confessional booth.]

Then, enter the confessional sales space by the left door. After a short cutscene, you will discover your self in a room with a portray.

[NOTE 14 – From exorcising the painting on the other side of the confessional.]

Leaving by the door, we might be again on the confessional sales space. Return to the doorway room, after which transfer one display screen as much as the north the place the stairway passage is. Move up once more to the stained home windows, after which exorcise the second stained glass window from the precise.

[NOTE 15 – From exorcising the stained glass window in the church, second from the right.]

There’s one other elective secret we will do. If you need the be aware, or the third ending, go to the “SECOND SECRET EVIL” part first.

It’s time to go to the church basement; be sure you have collected all the notes up till now if you wish to collect all of them, as a result of we gained’t be capable of return.

Church Basement

You will earn the achievement, “Who’s Watching Me Now?”
Pick up the be aware on the bottom.

[NOTE 17 – From the ground just by the entrance to the church basement.]

In the subsequent room down, there might be a small circle of blood on the ground. Walk over it and you will notice it nearer. You will use this picture to get by the subsequent part safely.

Warning – Doing the puzzle incorrectly right here will end in your dying.

In the subsequent room to the precise, many symbols lie on the bottom. You need to stroll over them within the right order to progress. If you stroll over one within the incorrect order, you will need to run again to the attention image or you may be killed after a short time.


The symbols on the blood circle are laid out like hours on an analog clock. The be aware mentions the priest’s watch was caught at 2:00, which is a touch that we’ll be beginning on the H-shaped image. You then comply with the symbols clockwise. Step on them in sequence. Don’t be confused by the shortage of suggestions, it means you’re doing it appropriately. Stepping on the ultimate image will take away the hand blocking your path, so now you can safely stroll additional to the precise.

Unfortunately some these days are usually not acquainted with analog clocks and discover these puzzles irritating, so right here is one other picture that clearly lays out the order in case you want it.


You will enter a room with statues and blood on the ground. Walk up the steps and end up exiting an outhouse. Go down one display screen, and comply with the trail to the precise the place the deer got here from.

In the middle of the ritual circle is one other be aware. Pick up the be aware to complete off this part.
[NOTE 18 – From the center of the ritual circle.]
(Attempting to view the be aware once more will solely show, “You can’t seem to remember this note.”)



In the Shadows

In your altered state, go down one display screen, proper as soon as, after which up. Enter the bridge.
Another element to getting Ending 3 happens right here, and can also be part of getting the Pendejo! achievement. Again, doing so will lock you out of the great ending. Please check with the part, “The Third Evil – To Walk As His Demon” for particulars.

To proceed with the principle story, preserve going up. After going underneath the bridge you’ll return to regular, so if you’d like the key ending don’t go too far.

The Candy Tunnel

You will get the achievement, “Sewer Count: “
Go one screen to the north and exorcise the skeleton near the center of the room.

[NOTE 20 – From the skeleton to the north of the Candy Tunnel entrance.]
No, you haven’t missed Note 19, we’re getting that one next.

Go back south and you will wind up in a different room from the entrance somehow. There’s another skeleton to exorcise here.

[NOTE 19 – From the skeleton to the east of the Candy Tunnel entrance, or to the south of the skeleton for note 20.]

Once you’ve got both, go north to the ‘satin lives’ room, then one screen to the right, then one screen south.

The graffiti on the wall here suggests you read the graffiti on the pillars. This is a hint for an upcoming danger.
Reading from each of the pillars forms a complete message:
“When you see it, DON’T MOVE”.

Danger – Failing to heed the above recommendation will end in your dying!

Go one display screen to the precise and, after advancing into the room one thing will come out. Just ignore your intuition to maneuver and keep utterly nonetheless. Wait for it to depart after the cutscene, after which proceed north.

“Pelo” Room

Enter the outlet within the sewer grate. First we’ll get a be aware by going proper. Go one display screen to the precise, and decide up the be aware on the proper aspect of the display screen.

[NOTE 22 – From the room following the right sewer pipe.]
No, you haven’t missed Note 21, we’re getting that one subsequent.

Return left to the doorway, and now go a display screen to the left. The path to proceed on is up the place the arrows are pointing, however we will get one other be aware by persevering with left.

Keep going left and ultimately you’ll decide up a be aware which you could’t see behind the wall.
Danger – You might be ambushed after returning to the precise!

[NOTE 21 – From the leftmost area of the sewer pipe behind a wall.]

Going proper, when you’re seen across the leftmost grate, one of many individuals painted purple will cost at you; repel them along with your crucifix. Continue proper again to the place the upwards arrows are, and go up.

Continuing by these empty hallways and rounding the elbow will grant you a checkpoint.

Go down a display screen, then proper a display screen into the room with a blood path on the ground.
Going down a display screen right here will result in a darkish room with solely a flashlight seen on the backside proper nook.

Danger – You are about to be ambushed by a demon!

Flashlight Demon

Once you seize the flashlight, and return to the door, the combat begins. You can’t exit the room till the demon right here has been defeated. At the beginning, the demon will stand in entrance of the doorway; get some harm in with the crucifix.

The room stays in darkness, and you’ll solely see in a brief vary the place John is dealing with.
This demon encroaches upon you. It will teleport randomly whereas it chases you. It additionally swaps between this and hiding in a nook. When it modifications its methodology, it would taunt you. Either one thing like “Here I come”, when it begins to chase you, and “Hurry up and catch me!” when it begins to cover, which is your cue to begin trying round once more. The purple youngsters operating round simply function a distraction, so far as I can inform.

Like different demons within the sport, your display screen will distort and aberrate when the demon may be very near you. This is a bit tougher to learn right here as a result of you’ll be able to solely see a lot of the display screen. However, it’s invaluable if the demon is in your blind spot, as a result of 1) you recognize you’re in quick hazard and 2) you recognize the demon shouldn’t be the place you’re pointing your flashlight, which implies you must most likely transfer ahead first. This additionally serves to point if the demon has teleported as soon as once more behind you, if the aberration stops abruptly.

Eventually the demon will yield and you’ll proceed up. At the highest you’ll attain a sewer grate with purple eyes painted round it. Now that you’ve the flashlight, it’s time to enter.
Continue by the halls rounding the nook. Eventually you should have reached the Hidden Sanctum.


[NOTES IN THIS AREA – 23-25, but Note 23 requires having done all 3 evils.]

Sanctum Entrance

Reaching the doorway to the hidden sanctum awards the achievement, “Crashed Your Party”.

The high of this room has a door which is locked.

To the precise of this room, you’ll be able to see a message in blood on the ground.
“They hate the light”
This is a touch that the demons you’re about to come across might be repelled by your flashlight.

Shadow Demons

Passing by the precise door by the message will take you right into a room with mentioned demons. There appear to be three of them, and also you’re going to want to rotate round a bit as you progress to repel them again.

This room is a straightforward sq. with some braziers within the center, one other exit to the precise which is blocked off by a demon hand, and a portrait on the high. To unlock the exit, that you must exorcise the portrait. Of course, this implies you will be unable to thrust back the demons whereas doing so. Make certain all 3 of them are far sufficient away and rapidly exorcise the portrait as quick as you’ll be able to. Weave between the three demons while you’re completed, and circle round to the exit on the precise aspect.

If the demons are in a spot that makes attending to the precise too harmful, you may also simply exit again to the left and return in while you’re prepared. The door gained’t lock once more.

Once you’re by to the subsequent display screen, there’s a key to the precise of the room. This room doesn’t have the demons in it, for what it’s value. There’s a passage to the north which is simply related if in case you have fulfilled the circumstances for the third ending. If you may have, go up and seize Note 23 there.
Otherwise, the be aware might be blocked off by 1 to three stones, one for every evil you haven’t dedicated: to conjure his demon (the pentagram), to serve his demon (the confessional) and to stroll as his demon (killing as a demon).

Go again to the principle entrance and unlock the door now. Continue by, and after a cutscene, go up one other display screen.

The 91st Psalm

Another transient scene will play, after which proceed north as soon as extra.

Reaching the ultimate room will grant you a checkpoint.

Approach the demon to start.

First Phase

Father Garcia will start to recite the 91st Psalm. Your first precedence is to maintain each your self and him alive. The boss demon doesn’t pose a risk to you but, however the purple individuals will emerge from the 6 completely different doorways within the chamber. Ward them off with the crucifix and they’ll flee instantly.
If they contact Father Garcia, he’ll die. This doesn’t grant a right away sport over, however you’ll have to proceed the psalm by your self, and you may be locked into a unique ending (Father Garcia should survive for the great ending!)

You can velocity issues up by utilizing your crucifix on the demon as nicely, simply don’t get too grasping. Sometimes you’ll be able to angle your self in a approach that allows you to thrust back many purple individuals in a single spot whereas additionally dealing harm on the similar time, so reap the benefits of that.

Second Phase

You are granted a checkpoint for the second section when you attain it!
After a time the boss demon will blackout the room. This section is a one-on-one battle. She will teleport round randomly and cost at you. She repels fairly rapidly as you ward her off with the crucifix, however teleports typically. Sometimes, she teleports simply to zoom off in one other path.
You can actually get away by standing your floor within the heart of the room, and rotating round to verify all angles of assault. Keep her away and after sufficient harm the section will finish.

Third Phase

You are granted a checkpoint to this section when you attain it!
Father Garcia will return for a section just like the primary, however now the boss demon poses an lively risk to the each of you. Also, Father Garcia will keep by your again and aid you. Don’t be deceived in case you see the boss skim previous him, she is going to kill him if she will get too shut. [10/23/2022 – SihAlex has pointed out that this seems only to be on the 4th attack when she is moving directly to you, which is consistent with my own experience.] Try your finest to maintain him out of hurt’s approach in case you’re going for the great ending. However, in case you’re going for the third ending, it’s irrelevant whether or not or not Father Garcia survives.

Continue heading off the demon along with your crucifix. She will use quite a lot of assaults on you:

– Moving up and down in a wave-like sample, just like the Umbilical Cord demon close to the beginning of the sport. Employ the identical technique, shifting to the aspect of the room away from her ‘line of attack’. It appears that she all the time makes use of this assault first.
– Surrounding you on 4 sides with one ‘real’ picture, like Amy does as her predominant assault within the first chapter. Try to search for the copy that doesn’t flash just like the others, and rapidly maintain the crucifix to it. If you missed which one was which, simply rapidly attempt every copy as quick as you’ll be able to and hope you luck out.
– Drawing a blood pentagram on the bottom and quickly shifting between the factors of the star, like Amy does in her final section within the first chapter. After speeding for some time, she is going to pause, which helps you to get some further harm in. Make certain to flee from the pentagram as quickly because it seems, and stand clear from it. She can draw the pentagram in numerous areas of the room, not simply the middle. Also, when she begins this assault, she might teleport to a unique level on the star at random.
– Chasing you straight and teleporting to a unique spot away from you randomly, just like the mirror demon within the first chapter or the confessional sales space demon on this chapter. Get harm in as you’ll be able to however make distance if she will get too shut. Frustratingly, she will teleport actually on high of you, and there’s nothing you are able to do in case you get that unfortunate.
– Zooming round rapidly seemingly in a random method, not even essentially in the direction of you.

After she finishes her assault, otherwise you deal sufficient harm, she is going to freeze in place for some time earlier than beginning her subsequent assault. She will reply to the crucifix being held as much as her, nevertheless it isn’t clear if that truly does something. Either approach, be sure you again up each time this occurs as a result of if she decides to hurry round, you may be killed in case you’re too shut.

Keep the stress on and ultimately you may be handled with a cutscene, and the achievement “These Dreams Go On”.

After the cutscene, there’s a be aware on the bottom to the left.

[NOTE 24 – Picked up from the ground to the left after the final cutscene.]

Go to the precise and you’ll attain a display screen with a letter on the underside; don’t decide it up but, as it would begin the ending. If you’re on the third ending, you’re going out the again door to the north as an alternative regardless.

First, go one display screen upwards and seize the letter there.

[NOTE 25 – Picked up from the ground in the kitchen north of the first letter].

Now you’ll be able to return down and seize the ultimate letter which can finish the sport. The letter will change relying on whether or not you bought ending 1 (the great ending) or ending 2.

Congratulations, you may have accomplished FAITH – Chapter 2!


First Secret Evil – To Conjure His Demon

Doing the next will earn you Note 9, and is critical for the third ending, that means that it’s going to additionally lock you out of the great ending.

First, don’t neglect to seize the important thing off the bottom as a result of we’ll want it later.
After the cinematic, you may be leaving a path of blood behind you. We’re going to return to the beginning of the sport — in case you recall, we began in a circle of stones. So journey down all the way in which again there.

Danger – Read the directions absolutely since you are about to get attacked!

Note 5 tells us that the conjuring ritual requires us to begin drawing from the highest left stone, after which go to the underside [middle] one. From there we full the star. That means the trail goes: the highest left, the underside center, the highest proper, the underside left, the underside proper, after which again to the highest left. If it doesn’t work, attempt to make the image once more; you’ll know you’ve completed it when the star is drawn into the bottom with thick strains.

Now, stand your floor within the heart of the star. A demon will let loose a shriek and cost you from a random path. Just ward it off by elevating your crucifix in the direction of it. After a number of rounds, the demon will disappear and you’re free to say the be aware.

[NOTE 9 – By defeating His Demon after conjuring it with your blood.]


2nd Secret Evil – Return to the Corn Field

Now that the Spindly Lady has been handled, the kid hiding within the corn area will come out however runs away after we get shut. The youngster runs away since you’re them, so go one display screen to the north after which again down. As lengthy as you don’t take a look at the kid now, it would proceed to comply with you.

Danger – Boss combat incoming.

With the kid in tow, transfer all the way down to the church (rigorously steering across the aspect so that you don’t take a look at the kid whereas doing so) and enter. Go to the confessional sales space and stroll previous the curtain. The youngster might be grabbed by a hand that pops out from the curtain. Walk in entrance of the curtain your self and one other hand will come out and seize you.

Demon – Confession Booth
This demon is just like the mirror demon within the first chapter, though with an additional mechanic.
It goes with out saying that if this demon touches you, you’ll die.
You are in an enormous sq. enviornment, and the boss will teleport randomly. This can typically imply it teleports proper in entrance of the place you’re strolling, so be vigilant and able to activate a dime.
Every time it teleports, its velocity might change. When it’s shifting sooner, take into account simply operating and ready for it to decelerate, and when it’s going sluggish, attempt to get in further harm. Just don’t depend on it teleporting earlier than reaching you.

After sufficient harm, it would blackout the room. It will then reappear however as a very black sprite, making it laborious to see. Try to make out its form because it strikes over the bones, after which maintain the crucifix to it. It will screech and return to the middle, and restart its common assault sample.

This occurs a number of instances, however ultimately it would screech and disappear, leaving a be aware.

[NOTE 16 – From defeating the demon in the confessional booth.]

Grab the be aware and you may be despatched again in entrance of the confessional sales space while you end studying.


When you’ve gotten outdoors because the spider demon, don’t go previous the bridge simply but, as it would return you to regular. Instead we’ll take a brief detour right here to satisfy one other evil for the third ending, and in addition progress the Pendejo achievement if you’d like.

Note that that is the third and last situation to the key ending. If you probably did the pentagram and the confession sales space demon earlier, after which do that one, it’s my understanding that you may be locked into the third ending.

Anyways, now that you simply’ve escaped the darkish, transfer again down. You gained’t end up again within the darkness, however additional down the ditch. Keep going to the underside and you will notice a gap on the left aspect of the wall. Go by it, after which transfer up. Eventually you’ll attain two individuals caught on the aspect of the highway with a damaged automotive.

Danger – Time delicate gameplay incoming.
Also hazard – truck incoming. Ouch.

When they see you they are going to flee. If you contact them they are going to die. While they flee you’ll be able to nonetheless catch as much as them in case you’re quick sufficient. It’s my understanding that you must kill each of the individuals for it to depend in the direction of the ending. There’s no be aware for this particular evil although.

After, if and provided that they’ve each been killed, the truck will driver into body a short time later. If you need progress on the Pendejo achievement for this sport, let the truck hit you. Otherwise, scarper again down and you’ll proceed on underneath the bridge to progress the sport as regular.

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