FAITH Chapter 1 Walkthrough & Collectible Notes

Welcome to our FAITH Chapter 1 Walkthrough & Collectible Notes information. Guide for Chapter 1 which tells you the right way to acquire the notes by their numbered order within the Notes menu, with out giving freely particulars of their contents.

We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the FAITH recreation. If you’re a type of who discover it tough to complete the sport, let’s take you to our FAITH information.

FAITH Chapter 1 Walkthrough & Collectible Notes

Guide for Chapter 1 which tells you the right way to acquire the notes by their numbered order within the Notes menu, with out giving freely particulars of their contents.

Notes within the Woods [1-9]

WARNING – Note 9 will be missed in the event you progress too far within the recreation! Do not proceed too far into the home if you wish to acquire each observe (don’t enter the attic). You are too far if the gun has appeared.

NOTE 1 – Starting Screen

“have you forgotten already?”

Placed on the bottom instantly to the north of the place you first exit your automobile.

NOTE 2 – Well

Birthday Invitation

Acquired by exorcising the properly in the midst of the forest. You can get to the properly by strolling straight up out of your automobile, or straight down from the home.

NOTE 3 – Dead Tree

Mrs. Martin’s Letter, Dying Tree

Acquired by exorcising the useless tree within the south of the forest. You can get to the tree by going to the automobile, then going one display screen up, after which one display screen left.

NOTE 4 – Puddle

Mrs. Martin’s Letter, Suspicious Hikers

Acquired by exorcising the puddle on the bottom. You can get to the puddle by going to the shed marked on the map, after which going two screens down.

NOTE 5 – Pile of Bones

Mrs. Martin’s Letter, Dead Deer

Acquired by exorcising the pile of bones. You can get to the bones by travelling one display screen left of the shed.

NOTE 6 – Graveyard

Letter from Deryl Henderson

Acquired by exorcising the headstone within the northeast of the graveyard display screen.
To attain the graveyard, begin from the properly within the heart of the map, then go two screens north and one to the west.

NOTE 7 – Stone Circle

Osbourne’s Public Lecture card

Acquired by exorcising the stone circle within the forest. To attain this space, go two screens left ranging from the properly within the heart of the map.

NOTE 8 – Shed

John’s Letter, Description of Martin House

Acquired by choosing the web page up simply close to the shed, the place you choose up the important thing to get into the home. Because going to the shed is necessary to progress by means of the sport, you must have this one mainly robotically.

NOTE 9 – Warding off the “chupacabra” (anyplace)

Letter to Father Garcia

Acquired by averting the “chupacabra” sufficient occasions. Eventually, it should drop a observe on the bottom within the spot it was at whenever you warded it off. The monster can, fairly unfairly, spawn on the identical aspect of the display screen you’re on, which may typically result in on the spot demise. Make certain to stay to the middle of the display screen as a lot as you possibly can.

Do not enter the attic till you’ve gotten this observe, as a result of you’ll be caught within the attic till you full the sequence there, and whenever you return the gun will seem which completely adjustments the surface. Note 19 requires you to have all different notes on the identical save file.

Notes In The House [10-20]

NOTE 10 – Main Foyer

John’s Letter, “greeted by the Martins”

Acquired by choosing it up off the ground within the northwest of the primary lobby whenever you first enter the home.

NOTE 11 – Main Foyer, Portrait

Family Portrait

Acquired by exorcising the household portrait in the primary lobby of the home. It is distinctly indicated with the purple color of the lady.

NOTE 12 – Kitchen

Nate’s Drawing

Acquired by exorcising the drawing on the fridge within the kitchen. The kitchen is one room north of the primary entrance.

NOTE 13 – Second Floor, Bathroom

Mrs. Martin’s Letter, “unsafe in my own home”

Acquired by exorcising the rubber duck within the lavatory, the northwest most space of the second ground.

NOTE 14 – Second Floor, Amy’s Bedroom

John’s Letter, “checking the attic”

Picked up off the ground by the desk in Amy’s bed room, which is to the southwest of the second ground.

NOTE 15 – Second Floor, Amy’s Bedroom, Pink Doll

Mrs. Martin’s Letter, “weird looking doll”

Acquired by exorcising the pink child doll in Amy’s bed room on the second ground.

NOTE 16 – Basement

Letter from Layton, “San La Muerte”

Acquired by exorcising the bedframe close to the sheet and doll within the basement, one display screen north of the steps.

NOTE 17 – Basement, Ritual Circle

John’s Letter, “enduring the ritual”

Picked up off the bottom within the basement on the display screen with the ritual circle of blood, within the left nook.

NOTE 18 – Attic Passageway

John’s Letter, to Molly

Picked up off the bottom within the passageway to the attic, which doesn’t open till a set level within the story.

NOTE 19 – Second Floor, after defeating the boss and coming back from the attic

Ceremony for Opening

Can be picked up off of the bottom on the primary display screen of the second ground after you’ve gotten defeated the possessed, however provided that all the earlier notes [1 – 18] have been collected. As far as I perceive, the opposite 18 notes have to be collected on the save file you’re enjoying.

*Revised Oct 22, 2022
Arcticsnow has written that Note 19 shouldn’t be actually missable and you may return to the second ground after getting collected the opposite notes to get it (beforehand this information said this was completely missable). With this in thoughts, you don’t have to fret about locking your self out of any notes in a playthrough.

The following observe is just accessible after the gun seems:

NOTE 20 – First Floor, Mirror

John’s Letter, Request of Release

Use the gun to interrupt the mirror in the home (one display screen to the left of the place the gun is picked up). When the gun is used on this method it should respawn, so you’ll have to shoot the mirror 3 occasions.

Congratulations, you’ve gotten acquired all 20 notes in FAITH – CHAPTER 1!

Notes from Different Endings [SPOILER WARNING]

Story spoilers forward. The following notes aren’t viewable within the notes menu and aren’t counted within the complete of 20 notes. [The “Lore Master” achievement only seems to count Notes 1 – 20]

EXTRA NOTE 1 – Report of an Arrest

  • Automatically opened after the ending whenever you use the gun to shoot the possessed whereas she lies on the bottom. [Ending 1 of 5, “Murderer”].

EXTRA NOTE 2 – Letter to Cardinal Gifford

  • Automatically opened after the ending the place you employ the gun to shoot the person by the shed [Ending 2 of 5, “Father and Son”].

EXTRA NOTE 3 – Invitation to a Get-Together

  • Automatically opened after the ending the place you employ the gun to shoot the dying fox [Ending 3 of 5, “The Offering”]. If you wait a short time on this display screen, a novel track will play.

EXTRA NOTE 4 – Report of an Accident

  • Automatically opened after the ending whenever you use the gun to shoot a deer [Ending 4 of 5, “The Hunter”].

EXTRA NOTE 5 – Report of a Chupacabra

  • Automatically opened after the ending the place, whereas approaching your automobile, you shoot the monster accosting you. [Ending 5 of 5, “When Faith Endures”].


Some miscellaneous data that’s related to gathering these notes.

Going again to missed notes

When the gun seems you possibly can nonetheless exorcise the totally different pages out in case you have missed any. If you weren’t already acquainted in the event you waste the gun bullet it should respawn in the primary lobby. This means you possibly can simply waste the bullet and get a web page you missed in the event you come throughout one. You can ‘catch up’ for Note 19, though Note 9 is unavailable by this level.

Faster replays with Turbo Mode

If you missed Note 9 or simply wish to begin contemporary to seize all the pieces, take into account replaying the sport on Turbo Mode to do it shortly. This does make the sport a bit harder however nonetheless beatable.

Turbo Mode merely makes the sport run sooner. You can set it to x2 or x4 velocity. I wouldn’t suggest setting it to x4 velocity as a result of Michael may be very exhausting to answer. x2 velocity, then again, makes the sport considerably sooner however nonetheless very doable.

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