Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to our Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough Guide. (Includes a map for stage 1.1!) A brief information with my notes for many who need to know whats in retailer for the new replace.

Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough Guide

(Includes a map for stage 1.1!) A brief information with my notes for many who need to know whats in retailer for the new replace.

New controls

C will present your badge, which can assist with figuring out the Skin Stealers in the recreation.
I’ll open your stock. On the proper facet is a bar representing your sanity.
F will allow you to work together with objects and doorways.

Level 0

Much the similar, the enemy will spawn after a minute so it’s worthwhile to discover the ladder.

Brief walkthrough

Once you gather the items of the ladder (scattered round the place the base of the ladder) it is possible for you to to work together with it and get a key. Exit that small room and switch proper, a brief distance away is a wood door the place you’ll be capable to open it with the key. Once open theres a brief minigame the place it’s worthwhile to stability throughout some brief platforms. If you fall there are black arrows pointing to a staircase that can take you to the finish of the stage.

Level 1

This is a brand new stage, happening in a parking storage setting. There are 2 pores and skin stealers in the second a part of this stage, and they’re unable to open doorways.

Brief Walkthrough

First you’ll need to get the code for the elevator. Its attainable to brute pressure as theres just one quantity per line. The code relies off of the colour and depend of the automobiles in the storage. Once you go down the elevator you’ll must take care of the 2 entities as talked about earlier than. In every of the rooms are cupboards the place it’s worthwhile to discover 4 keys. They spawn randomly, and you will have to juke the entities to get to the door they patrol round.

Level 1 (Sublevel)

This stage may be very troublesome, being that the entire stage is darkish and there are just a few entities. You must discover a door someplace in the 4 darkish ranges. There are 1 pores and skin stealer per flooring (besides flooring 1, the first darkish flooring you are available on.) Closets are in every single place, you should definitely use them (The exit spawns randomly, in the walkthrough I’ve a map for the spawnpoint I’ve encountered the most)

Brief Walkthrough

The exit (so far as I can inform) spawns in the similar place. I’ve hooked up some maps to attempt to assist gamers discover the exit first time.

Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough Guide

The Hub

This is a protected stage, the solely hazard here’s a multiplayer bug the place if greater than 1 individual makes use of the terminal to the MEG base they are going to get caught and tender locked. There are 2 areas in the map, and for the most half its self explanatory, however I’ll go away a walkthrough under when you get caught.

Most of the doorways right here correspond to ranges, and might be unlocked by discovering their matching doorways in the respective ranges.

Brief Walkthrough

First it’s worthwhile to enter the second space and discover a door labeled MEG, there’s a terminal subsequent to it that requires a passcode. When activating it there’s the code required on the proper, which might be discovered and matched by scrolling via the 3 sections left of it. Left click on to pick out the code and it’ll lock that part, repeat for all 3. Inside there’s a terminal to the proper that it’s worthwhile to work together with to activate the energy to the room. Afterwards, use the password “itheardyou” on the computer systems and run program Gate.exe. This will unlock the subsequent subarea again the place you got here in.

The Hub Sublevel

This is the space was used pre-update. Smilers will assault when you keep in the darkish, so keep in the mild and you should definitely verify the facet doorways for drawers and objects (and the exit)!

Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough Level 2

This space solely has 1 entity however 2 decisions. Going left will take you to the Station stage, and going proper will take you to stage FUN. An entity will spawn when you try and go to stage FUN earlier than stage 3.

Brief Walkthrough

Just choose a path and stroll till the entity spawns and chases you. During the chase there will likely be an open doorway to the stage you picked.

Station stage (Level 3)

This stage is an extended one. You want to search out 9 breaker packing containers (they’ve pink lights above them) and activate them to open the exit. Be certain to verify cabinets for power bars, almond water and flashlights. This stage is split up into 3 sections, with 3 packing containers every, with canines in sections 2 and three. They might be blinded by flashing a flashlight which causes them to pause for a second.

Brief Walkthrough

The first part is protected, simply discover the 3 packing containers and activate them to unlock an enormous room close to the begin of the map. This room will likely be your gateway to sections 2 and three. After a room with 2 flashlights and some packing containers there will likely be an extended hallway the place a canine will spawn. Run again to the room you got here in on and shut the door to trigger it to run away and despawn. Continue via the stage as regular till you come right into a hallway with 3 doorways, one being a metallic hull door. Behind the door instantly subsequent to the metallic door is a canine and sure 1 of the fuse packing containers. Wait for the canine to wander deeper into the room earlier than looking for the field.

Section 3 is way more troublesome, with canines in most rooms. Use the stun mechanic to maintain them again as you verify every room for the randomly spawning fuse packing containers. These packing containers have puzzles, the 2 I encountered was matching wires and matching colours. Once you might have all 9 packing containers return to the begin of the stage to enter stage 4

Level 4

This stage has a ton of things and so far as I’m conscious no entities. Search round and replenish your stock earlier than persevering with. When coming into, go straight into a big, empty room then transfer to the left wall to open the exit to the hub.

Brief Walkthrough

There are two puzzles on this stage. The first utilizing 4 venting machines. On these merchandising machines are footage of things in that room, click on the quantity that matches what number of of that merchandise is in that room. After, you’ll come throughout an enormous button that’s labelled “Reset cameras”. This is reset the 4 cameras on this map that you’ll have to keep away from. Turn proper from the button and try and make your means via the stage to search out the safety room and exit. You can use facet rooms to evade the cameras, which it’s worthwhile to keep away from getting noticed by or the exit door will shut.

Level 5

This is a lodge break up up into 3 sections. The first is protected, the place you will discover extra objects and bug spray. Some instinct will likely be wanted to get via the first puzzle and fetch quest.

Brief Walkthrough

The buttons under the work in the first room should be activated so as of youngest to oldest. Next, take the bug spray and spray the deathmoths to get Bug Jelly. Feed this into the dumbwaiter to get keys to unlock the door to the subsequent part.

Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough Level 5 Section 2

This is a continuation of stage 5, however darker and filled with rooms. There are 2 entities (a canine and a pores and skin stealer) that roam the halls. You can enter most rooms and inside you will discover letters, you’ll need these to get to the subsequent stage. Smiler’s will often change the work, however they’re innocent.

Brief Walkthrough

When you first enter there’s a PO field furnish with 7 packing containers open. These room numbers have letters in the corresponding rooms. Room numbers begin at 201, which is to the proper of the place you first got here in on. Find and seize all of those letters and convey them again to the PO field furnish. Once they’re all in they are going to spell out “Look Up”. Looking up the code will seem on the ceiling to the door simply to the proper of it.

Level 5 Section 3

This stage is a isn’t as dangerous as earlier ranges. Use the thermometer given to you at the begin to navigate your means via the stage. There are (feminine) deathmoths (which might really hurt the participant) and pretend doorways on this stage.

Brief Walkthrough

This stage is only a maze. Use your thermometer to detect feminine loss of life moths and pretend doorways as each give off warmth. It is kind of wander till you discover a new checkpoint (there are 3 counting the preliminary spawnpoint), and there are a number of sections the place you’ll need to sneak previous deathmoths to get to the subsequent flooring).

Level FUN

This stage revolves round hiding below tables to keep away from the entities on this stage, not a lot else.

Brief Walkthrough

When you first enter you’ll be pressured to get the entity’s consideration in the first room they’re in. Simply run again and conceal below the desk and they’ll return to their unique place permitting you to sneak previous them. You will then come throughout 3 of them, which you’ll sneak previous by hugging the proper wall. Once you get previous these 3 there will likely be an enormous room filled with creatures. Move to the again wall and you will notice an extended hallway. Trigger the entities and head down this hallway to discover a desk. This will get the entities dealing with away from you so you may dash via the massive room to the different facet and down a corridor till you see a desk in your proper. All that’s left is to sneak previous the final man and also you’ll be residence free to stage 7

Level Poolroom

This stage is protected and imo fairly peaceable. So lengthy as you keep in the white-tiled areas you’ll be alright. Your sanity wont drain right here, so do be happy to wander round and soak up the sights.

Brief Walkthrough

To exit simply preserve taking proper turns till you come to the “Level !” door.

Level !

Nothing to essentially say about this stage, run to the finish of the corridor whereas dodging carts, opening doorways, falling lights and basic litter. Theres a portion the place it’s worthwhile to duck right into a hallway on the left, however aside from that this stage is fairly easy.

Level 9223372036854775807

Cool staircase, would actually blow to must be the one who walks up all these… oh wait…

Brief Walkthrough

There will likely be a observe on the wall, go to the flooring depicted then bounce down the heart of the staircase

Level 94

This stage is pretty massive and protected, nevertheless it does have entities (they arrive out at night time). Be certain to be inside and hiding when night time begins to come back.

Brief Walkthrough

Your objective is the King’s citadel, which you’ll attain when you observe the street proper at the first fork you attain. Just preserve following the proper most roads till you see the citadel in the distance.

Level 94 Section 2

This is a reasonably easy part, as long as you retain a flashlight on you, and also you aren’t afraid of clowns. The first room is a form puzzle with the packing containers on the floor.

Brief Walkthrough

The part begins with an empty room with 4 packing containers on the flooring. Match the packing containers to the corresponding shapes on the floor. After, you’ll be put right into a “boss battle”. All it’s worthwhile to do is swivel your flashlight round to dispel the clown, as he cant get shut if you take a look at him. Repeat this till the timer for the curler coaster in the heart reaches 99, the place you may then get in and escape.

Escape the Backrooms Walkthrough Level 6

Level 6 is a darkish stage, the place flashlights don’t work past a sure level. There are not any entities in the space the place your flashlight works however there’s a scare, the place an entity seems then walks away. There is a checkpoint with a movement sensor / dot mild combo earlier than you enter the darkish(er) space of this map.

Brief Walkthrough

From what I can inform, all the hallways lead again to the checkpoint, so take a while to collect objects earlier than persevering with on. The darkish space can solely be navigated with the instrument offered, the place you may press left mouse to splay the partitions with dots. The movement sensor will present the place entities are, and so they can’t see so crawl to scale back sound! The creature wanders forwards and backwards via the solely hallway that goes to the exit, so you’ll need you hug the wall to sneak previous it. After, it’s a maze to search out the exit to stage 7

Level 7

This stage may be very brief, with an exit again to the hub up the stairs and the ending cutscene set off down the stairs. This is all for this replace! Thank you for studying.

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