Emily is Away How to Get a Good Ending

Welcome to our Emily is Away How to Get a Good Ending information! We have ready all particulars for you.

Emily is Away How to Get a Good Ending

No jokes or memes, a information on how to get the precise good ending from Emily is Away <3. We will replace it once more, comply with us!

Emily is Away How to Get a Good Ending

What do I Need to do Then?

Now, right here’s the difficult half. We stored taking a look at save information and making an attempt to deduce what precisely brought on good endings, however that wasn’t it, with some code digging on the Discord we discovered the sport has a flag for a “firstCharacter”, seems that the second save file you get after beating the sport isn’t simply beauty or simply one other slot, it’s a requirement for the nice ending.

The common gist is:

  • Your first ever playthrough is completely at all times doomed to failure.
  • Whichever woman dumped you in your first playthrough unlocks the chance to receive the “good” ending for the opposite woman.
  • Small choices like musical desire/quiz solutions don’t have an effect on the your last ending consequence. Only selections in Chapter 4 matter to get the pleased ending.
  • As lengthy as you don’t deal with Emily/Evelyn in a actually unhealthy method, your second playthrough will most definitely be the nice finish. As far as we all know, both fully ignoring Jeff/Steve or bringing it up and dropping as soon as she asks you to will work, you’ll discover that her angle in the direction of him will change and be completely different from the unhealthy ending playthrough. Just don’t be an fool.
Emily is Away How to Get a Good Ending

What this implies is, if you need to have the nice ending with Emily, then begin a new sport with Evelyn, get the unhealthy ending, then begin a new sport with Emily and play usually for the nice ending, and the opposite method round for Evelyn.

Playing Again Sounds Like a lot of Trouble, is There Something I can do to Make it Faster?

Yes, there is. There’s two methods to go about it.

Modifying the save file:

  1. Pick the woman you would favor to get the nice ending with
  2. Play by way of together with her, at all times making an attempt to take her facet
  3. Do not speak to Jeff/Steve, and solely convey them up fleetingly with Em/Eva
  4. Get the not so good ending
  5. Go to C:Users[YOUR USERNAME HERE]AppDataLocalLowKyleSeeleyFacenook – Welcome to Facenook (in case your AppData folder is hidden, press the Windows button + X, click on on run and sort “appdata” to get to it)

For Mac customers it’s positioned at ~/Library/Application Support/com.KyleSeeley.Facenook-WelcometoFacenook/Player.json

For Linux customers it’s positioned at ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/978460/pfx/drive_c/customers/steamuser/AppData/LocalLow/KyleSeeley/Facenook – Welcome to Facenook

  1. Open Player.json
  2. On line 1, edit firstCharacter to be the alternative, so if firstCharacter: 0, change to 1 and vice versa. To put it into easier phrases, if you need to play Emily’s good ending, set it to 0 and if you need to play Evelyn’s good ending, set it to 1 (if 0 doesn’t work for Emily, strive 2, each work for individuals)
  3. Save the file, reload your save and replay chapter 5, and it is best to get the nice ending

Emily is Away How to Get a Good Ending – Cheat Engine Speedhack:

  1. Select the sport’s exe on Cheat Engine, tick the field that claims “Enable Speedhack”, set it to one thing excessive like x20, click on apply.
  2. Keep mashing 1 and Enter to get previous dialogue shortly (ensure that to allow Text Assist on the sport’s settings so it varieties for you, it’s the gear icon on the prime proper), however ensure that to choose the woman you wouldn’t need to get the nice ending with
  3. Absolutely no choice issues, you simply want to end the sport, so mash it to your hearts content material. Sometimes the sport bugs out and stops development due to the speedhack, but it surely each time it bugs out, it conveniently auto saves for you, so you’ll be able to return go to the menu and proceed the sport
  4. Once you end the sport (took me 20 minutes with a x20 speedhack), shut Cheat Engine and begin a new sport on save file 2, now play usually with the woman you need to get the nice ending with
Emily is Away How to Get a Good Ending


Your first playthrough at all times ends in failure, it doesn’t matter what you do. To get the nice ending, both play once more with the alternative character (it takes one failing for the opposite to succeed) or simply edit your save file so the sport thinks you’re in your second playthrough.

How to Get a Good Ending

Extra Useful Information Found by Data Mining

Not actually pertaining to the nice ending, but it surely’s nonetheless helpful information that would go right here.

Emily is Away <3 is separated by 5 endings and 14 subendings, the subendings are the final squares present in your timeline.

How to Get a Good Ending

9 subendings are from endings 1 to 3

How to Get a Good Ending

5 different subendings are from endings 4 and 5

You’re ready to get all subendings with both Emily or Evelyn.

On the code, the subendings are labeled as such. Thanks to AdamGaffney96 as soon as once more for locating this!

  • TogetherPlayerBroke = 11,
  • TogetherOtherBroke = 12,
  • TogetherOnBreak = 13,
  • UltimatumApologized = 21,
  • UltimatumDenied = 22,
  • UltimatumUpset = 23,
  • BrokenWontTalk = 31,
  • BrokenDeniedFault = 32,
  • BrokenAdmitFault = 33,
  • Broken2WontTalk = 41,
  • Broken2DeniedFault = 42,
  • Broken2AdmitFault = 43,
  • Together2Realistic = 51,
  • Together2Forever = 52

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