ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map

Welcome to our ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map information. This is the very best secure codes and doorways map on the market. Click on the map to enlarge it. Look for the world the place you’ve a blocked secure and enter the 4-digit code that we offer you.

Updated on: 10.16.2022

ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map

A helpful Map with the at the moment recognized Safe and Door Codes.

ELEX Door and Safe Codes

These require no particular expertise, mixtures or keys to open. They nearly all the time include solely junk.

One inside Lone Tucker’s quarters behind the Old Liquor Factory

Keyed Safes

Keyed chests can solely be opened with the right key. They can’t be hacked or in any other case damaged into.

Electronic Locks

Safes with this fashion of lock are available in three ranges:

Level 1 : these have a comparatively beneficiant time restrict and are simply hacked
Level 2 :these have a shorter time restrict and often solely include junk gadgets, although often they’ve higher contents
Level 3 : these the strictest deadlines and usually (although not all the time!) include beneficial gadgets

Safes Locations and Codes – ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map

  • There’s 2 big shutter doorways near volcano middle (proper of that ‘4979’ quantity), code for each doorways is = 7817
  • There is a secure in the identical constructing because the Raider Control Jet. Xacor, north of the Sourhern Pass teleporter = 6725
  • A second lacking secure code, for the secure on the backside of the collapsed dome east of the world coronary heart in central Tavar = 5731
  • Safe guarded by a Slime Drakon within the elevated parking zone between two partially buried vehicles. Just south-southeast of the Ruins of the Dome teleporter. The code is 1893
  • Tavar – West of Southern Cliffs Teleporter, west of the T-intersection within the street. Under a guard/watch tower simply south of the street = 8106
  • Small secure in parking zone, behind automotive, Northwest of Tavar Converter = 4835
  • Safe in Hangar bay by Hanger Teleporter = 9352
  • On the bottom flooring of the massive brick constructing south of Thorald (Combination: 1848, chalked on the wall by the staircase)
  • On the porch exterior Walter’s place in Ignadon (Combination: 7531, chalked on the rear wall of the constructing)
  • Ground flooring of the mutant-infested home. South of the farmhouse by the Small Farm teleporter (Combination: 3327, chalked on a desk)

All Safe and Door Codes on the Map

ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map
ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map

Plant Locations Map

Elixers will completely improve your Health, Stamina, and Mana/PSI/Stim capability. The most vital ones are Health/Stamina. You can craft them utilizing King’s Sorrels and Golden Whispers. These are distinctive vegetation that emit gentle throughout the night time. The recipes for elixirs may be bought from the Camp within the Center in Abessa after you’ve employed a Trader from Annie. However, they’re fairly costly so you may also discover the recipes on this planet.

ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map
ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map

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