DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Tips for Survivor and Raider

For DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS gamers, this information will share you suggestions and steerage on find out how to win as each Survivor and Raider, let’s test them out.


First off I do wish to point out that the present sport steadiness makes it in order that should you’re new, you typically received’t win as Survivor however as you acquire expertise and study, you’ll nearly by no means lose. This takes time and you received’t at all times have a great crew, however as time goes on the groups will get higher. And hopefully the following pointers that may occur just a bit bit faster.

Survivor Basics

These are the very very fundamentals of being a Survivor. I’ll go over extra superior stuff subsequent however this necessary to know should you don’t know.

  • THIS IS NOT A FIGHTING GAME!!! It’s in no way within the slightest a combating sport. Especially for new gamers, the aim is to not damage or kill the Raider, it’s for Survivors to outlive towards him. If you might be his degree, which means you’ll be able to at greatest combat him to a standstill till you run out of vitality, at which level you’ll die should you don’t know find out how to escape correctly. If you might be increased degree than him, you are able to do some some injury however in the end you’ll run out of vitality and it will likely be similar as above. For the fundamentals, don’t combat, run away and stay to not combat one other day.
  • Don’t lead the enemy to your teammates. If he’s received you, then you might be useless. Don’t drag teammates down with you to attempt to power them to avoid wasting you. You received’t be saved and he’ll get 2 kills as a substitute of 1
  • Rescuing Citizens is probably the most surefire approach to degree up fast whereas denying the Raider vitality for ranges. Citizen’s out and steer clear of the Raider to maintain him weak whereas the crew will get robust. You can most simply discover residents by listening for them calling for assist.
  • If versing Frieza, Namekians will probably be among the many Citizens. Namekians typically carry Dragon Balls. In additions, Frieza will get additional vitality from killing Namekians with out Dragon Balls, so rescuing them is triply necessary. Namekians converse in another way than people so you’ll be able to prioritize their voices when you acknowledge them.
  • If you choose up a Dragon Ball, etiquette dictates giving it to whoever has probably the most. You can see find out how to drop it within the backside left nook of your display screen. Drop it close to the one who has probably the most when you could have an opoortunity to allow them to summon Shenron. DO NOT STAND THERE HOLDING IT, particularly when the opposite particular person is in entrance of you, spamming Dragon Balls. Give it to them.
  • While looking chests for Power Keys, it’s possible you’ll discover a Radar. There are 3 Radars. Citizen Radar, Power Key Radar and Dragon Radar. Dragon Radar is available in 3 ranges that make all of the Radars see an additional distance away. The Citizen Radar is usually ineffective however the Power Key Radar and a Lvl 2 or Lvl 3 Dragon Radar is robust sufficient to dictate what you need to be doing that match. Power Key Radar means go discover the Power Keys whereas letting allies place them. 2 or 3 Dragon Radar means it’s time to look for the Dragon Balls nearly solely (although I like to recommend rescuing residents alongside the best way)
  • If you could have the Super Time Machine positioned, area out remodeling to combat off the Raider. The Super Time Machine is a bomb counting all the way down to the Raider and he desires it gone ASAP so maintain him distracted 1 particular person at a time to get that clock to rely down as quick as doable.
  • If you need to maintain the enemy down, right-click is your dodge. Melee assaults are the best choice to waste time so do them at any time when doable or just fly round and maintain him centered on you.
  • If you need to occur to need to combat, keep at vary and fireplace ki blasts(melee assault button at a protracted distance) if doable, particularly if in case you have a teammate holding the enemy down in melee. This does far more injury than melee does. Don’t waste your particular since it should drain your transformation quick. Save it as a remaining hit.
  • If you occur to get the Dragon Balls and be the one to summon Shenron, consider the scenario. Is your complete crew alive at degree 1 and 2 towards a degree 2 Raider? Maybe want for everybody to degree as a substitute of simply your self. In nearly every other case although, you’ll wish to make your self stronger as a substitute as a result of degree 4 is far, a lot stronger than a degree 3 as a result of no time restrict on the transformation.
  • Remember that this can be a crew sport and not a solo sport. Sometimes sacrificing your self in order that the crew wins is the most effective play. Don’t kill your self for nothing however don’t be afraid to die if the scenario requires you to take a giant threat.

Recommended Survivor Skills

Active Skills: Grappling Device, Capsule (Single-Wheel Motorbike), Charming Pose, Saiyan Pod Remote, Trap Device.

Passive Skills: Emergency Transformation(solely whereas studying), Barrier Auto-Recovery, VIP Special, Expert Driver [Speed Boost], Expert Driver [Jump Boost], Wall Kick

Grapple for straightforward escape throughout the map. You begin with it.

Motorbike for excessive pace transport throughout the map for an escape or fast zone change. Add on Expert Driver’s for quicker pace and increased leap.

Charming Pose for a quicker model of Solar Flare that can be utilized to stun the Raider for only a second then Grapple far distant.

Saiyan Pod received nerfed since beta but it surely’s nonetheless nice should you plan it forward of time. Easy journey anyplace on the map.

Trap Device is nice in caves as a result of it’s received a low cooldown and the Raider has to get shocked by it to succeed in you within the cave more often than not. Run right into a cave, drop it, cover wait for the stun then Grapple out. You could even be capable of drop one other on the cave exit for an additional stun when he leaves

Emergency Transformation will prevent should you aren’t good at remodeling earlier than you get hit. Once you study although, it may be put apart.

Barrier Recovery is nice since you don’t have to hold across the Barrier capsules anymore.

VIP Special for low-cost Cooldown Drinks and Energy from the merchandising machines

Wall Kick is a bit tough however when you study it, you’ll be able to rise up partitions in a short time.

Advanced Survivor Tips

You ought to know the fundamentals by now so the following pointers are extra geared in the direction of utilizing your basis and expertise to maximise effectiveness.

  • If the Raider finds you, maintain him busy for so long as doable. Fight him for a second, fly right into a cave, drop a lure or wait for him to enter and use charming pose, bike out of there at excessive pace, get somewhat distance then grappling hook distant. It received’t be very lengthy however seconds rely, particularly to start with.
  • Use the tactic above to harass the Raider in case you are at his degree or above. 7 folks poking him and protecting him distracted provides up the time. Only do that should you’re assured in your escape expertise although, in any other case you’ll simply be feeding him.
  • If in Comms, give all Dragon Balls to whoever has a excessive degree Dragon Radar and maintain the Raider off of them.
  • You can drop Dragon Balls from excessive within the air. If the enemy has one, combat him to make him drop it, choose it up, fly excessive and drop it earlier than flying away. He will lose observe of the ball and that may give your allies a chance to get them.
  • Don’t Summon Shenron if the Raider has a Zone Destruction prepared to make use of. He can block Shenron with it. If he’s saving it, go to an space the place you’ve discovered the important thing (or one you don’t wish to look for it at) and Summon Shenron and simply seize the balls once more. Be able to combat on this case although trigger he’ll need the Dragon Balls.
  • People hardly ever search for, should you’re out of cooldowns then fly as excessive as you’ll be able to to run. He could lose observe of you and even when he kills you, he can’t end you off till you end slow-falling to the bottom.
  • While the Super Time Machine is charging, maintain it between you and the Raider always. If he begins making an attempt to go round, use Charming Pose or just dodge away. He will possible attempt to melee at that distance and dodge rolls keep away from melee assaults simply. Lay traps, dodge and Charming Pose to maintain the Raider chasing so long as doable. He will finally simply begin destroying the machine however many received’t begin till after killing the Survivor close to it.
  • Against Kid Buu’s Super Special Attack, probably the most surefire approach to dodge the blasts that just about cowl the map is to cover below one thing that may’t be destroyed. The blasts received’t penetrate even should you’re contained in the AoE.
  • When absorbed by Buu, use senzu beans to revive others if in case you have any, in any other case discover Fat Buu ASAP and then resurrect after escaping.
  • Don’t combat Spopovich. He appears weak and if the Raider is dangerous he will probably be weak, however a great participant on Spopovich can finish the sport with out leveling no downside. Keep him from getting vitality from you or Citizens so delay Majin Buu as a lot as doable.
  • When going through Buu, the most effective alternative to combat is towards Fat Buu as a result of Super Buu is as robust as Frieza and can hunt gamers down in addition to Cell. Keep Buu at low degree so long as doable. This is true for all Raiders however particularly Buu.

That’s all we’re sharing right now in DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Tips for Survivor and Raider, if in case you have something so as to add, please be happy to go away a remark beneath, you may as well learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique writer Athrek

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