DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Raider Guide (Tips, Skills & Strategy)

Welcome to our DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Raider Guide (Tips, Skills & Strategy) information. This information comprises info relating to every Raider and their playstyle, which expertise to prioritize leveling, specialised recommendation for every Raider, in addition to normal recommendation for each match you’ll play as Raider.

We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS sport. If you might be a kind of who discover it troublesome to complete the sport, let’s take you to our DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS information.

DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Raider Guide (Tips, Skills & Strategy)

This information comprises info relating to every Raider and their playstyle, which expertise to prioritize leveling, specialised recommendation for every Raider, in addition to normal recommendation for each match you’ll play as Raider.

The Raider’s Win Conditions

The Raider is a surprisingly sophisticated position to play, as is with most uneven multiplayer video games. In a format like this, 1v7, the complete tempo of the sport falls upon you and your means to effectively choose the survivors aside and destroy them. However, there’s extra to victory than merely killing all of the survivors.

First, let’s take a look at all of the methods a Raider can ACTUALLY win

  • Putting each survivor into the dying/downed state, and/or killing each survivor.
  • Destroying the Super Time Machine and forcing the remaining survivors to flee by way of the Time Machine.
  • Destroying the common Time Machine. This outcomes right away victory, no matter what number of Survivors are presently alive.

So, what components do or don’t contribute to really successful as Raider?

  • It just isn’t important for Raiders to complete off each Survivor they down. If time is tight, you may depart a Survivor to hopelessly crawl round and never get revived by their teammates. This is necessary for these end-game situations, as crawling survivors make for glorious bait.
  • Reaching Level 4 is NOT a win situation for Raider, and as a matter of reality, I see many Raiders throwing matches they may have gained in pursuit of reaching their Level 4. While Level 4 is unquestionably value it if you will get it, Level 3’s energy is VERY adequate within the overwhelming majority of instances. We’ll go over Level 4 technique, significance and worth later.
  • Summoning Shenron does NOT win you the sport as Raider. However, if you will get a profitable want of it virtually ensures you a win. Shenron can grant Frieza immortality, making it actually not possible for him to lose outdoors of the Super Time Machine, and all Raiders may be granted their subsequent Level (In most instances, Level 4) and principally safe victory. However, chances are high if you may make a want as a Raider, you had been already going to win anyhow.

So, then how can the Raider really lose?There’s solely two methods a Raider can lose

  • The Raider hits 0 HP, and is defeated by the Survivors.
  • The Raider fails to destroy the Super Time Machine earlier than it finishes charging.

That’s it. Those are the one two methods a Raider can lose. Chances are when you can destroy the Time Machine, the remaining Survivors will rapidly collapse even when they nonetheless are well-equipped to defeat you, because of the stress and state of the sport.

Now that we all know the win and lose circumstances as a Raider, let’s go over which Raider suits you one of the best!

Cell – Welcome to Hell

The Posterboy for the sport, and the Raider the sport is clearly impressed by and designed round. Despite this, Cell is probably going total the weakest Raider, however not at all is he weak or underpowered, however slightly his very simplistic and easy-to-understand design and gameplan provides him much less overwhelming benefit over Survivors that the opposite two Raiders possess. His perfection is kind of balanced.
If you wish to play the most straightforward and straight-forward Raider that’s good in just about each state of affairs, choose this man.



  • Has the best transition of all of the Raiders into Level 1 to Level 2, typically being inside the first 20 seconds of a match at occasions.
  • Comes outfitted with a Power Charger-esque passive, that means he’ll passively acquire Evolution for so long as he’s in Level 1. This ensures you gained’t be trapped within the weakest Level 1 state within the sport for lengthy.
  • Solar Flare permits for constant and huge quantities of harm towards Powered-up Survivors, letting you combo straight right into a Super Attack.
  • Equipped with Ki Sense, permitting him to simply discover Survivors by way of partitions and from a distance. Powers up the upper his stage will get.
  • Can use Ki Control to quickly make himself sneakier.
  • Fairly respectable Super Attacks, together with his Level 3/Semi-Perfect State having a really robust line-up of Supers.
  • His passive for gathering Evolution Energy will all the time be utilized, and may be very efficient when leveled.


  • Has the weakest Level 1 within the sport. While he can nonetheless struggle significantly better than one would possibly anticipate, his lack of mobility makes it extraordinarily laborious to catch participant Survivors, particularly in the event that they possess change energy of any diploma.
  • Lacks passives that assist in gaining Evolution Energy past his Level 1, making him need to work a bit tougher than different Raiders for that vitality.
  • While Ki Control is nice, it could possibly really feel very underwhelming in comparison with the passives of different Raiders.
  • Afterimage is a reasonably underwhelming evasive ability, because it requires you to manually cancel it and it doesn’t stun or stagger survivors in any approach. He will get one other at Level 4, however he doesn’t want one on this section, actually.

Basic Gameplan

Prioritize NPCs in your Level 1; They’re the best targets and supply juicy quantities of Evolution Energy. Don’t neglect to make use of your Area Destruction when it seems like a great time, as you acquire the choice to in a short time. From there, prioritize Survivors and choose up any stray civilians they missed alongside the best way. Use Solar Flare -> Super Attack for many harm in 1v1 survivor encounters.

Your Level 3/Semi-Perfect Form is probably going the place you’ll spend probably the most time in a match you’re discovering your self being pretty profitable in your endeavors. Gravity Impact is a really strong damaging choice for a Super Attack, and Full Power Energy Blast Volley is an extremely oppressive software that virtually ensures you’ll rapidly incapacitate a low DC-energy Survivor, rapidly punching by way of their vitality, barrier, after which downing them. Keep every thing you’ve realized, from Solar Flare Combos to one of the best occasions to make use of your two specialised Super Attacks in thoughts when preventing DC3 and ESPECIALLY DC4 Survivors.

As tempting as it could be, rigorously tempo your self to your Perfect Form within the end-game. My groups have managed to finish up successful towards loads of Cells which are doing very properly within the end-game, however then lose focus of the target chasing their Level 4. This is a typical Raider trait, however Cell Players understandably lose focus probably the most because of the very nature of the character, his aesthetics and lore.

Skill Priority

1. Life Absorption: Gets you extra Energy out of absorbing NPCs and Survivors. Level this up till you are feeling you may very simply get to Level 3, no less than.

Cell’s skills from there are as much as you. If you end up getting hit quite a bit, spend money on Afterimage or Solar Flare. Solar Flare can also be good for simple harm as we’ve talked about earlier than, so quicker cooldown means extra harm and management over fight conditions. Both your Ki Detection expertise may also be very useful, too. Cell’s Auto-Evolve CAN be good, however finally it’s should extra value it to spend money on Life Absorption initially, as Auto-Evolve is barely helpful in your Level 1, after which turns into irrelevant.

Little Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to go after Level 0 Charge Survivors in your first type, so long as they don’t use a capability to get away. In that case, don’t pursue.
  • Level 3’s Full Power Energy Blast Volley thingy mabob is able to doing many issues, from shutting down Survivors making an attempt to struggle you or retreat, in addition to masking the Super Time Machine.
  • Try to not lose sight of the methods you may really win. Getting absolutely sidetracked into changing into Perfect might purchase the Survivors valuable time they should acquire the higher hand.
  • You get your first Area Destruction quick. You could make your Ki Sensing skills much more helpful by prioritizing areas the place it could be straightforward for Survivors to cover in, as between your Ki Sensing and lack of room, they gained’t have many locations to cover from you.
  • Be positive to make the most of your Afterimage evasive and cancel it rapidly and rapidly retaliate with an assault or Super, because it doesn’t knockback or stun survivors for you.

Overall, if Cell is ideal in a method, it’s steadiness, as he’s positively probably the most sincere and easy Raider within the sport. If you need good outcomes, you must play good. If Survivors play good as properly, Cell will seemingly be the one to battle probably the most. While Cell can actually steamroll (he’s a Raider in spite of everything) Cell typically has probably the most “balanced” kind of matches. If you’re in search of matches for pleasure, problem or to easily have a simple expertise, Cell is your man.

Frieza – Glacial Prestige – DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Raider Guide

Frieza might be probably the most well-rounded and constant Raiders within the sport. Frieza possesses no actual notable flaws that the opposite two Raiders within the sport possess, and is usually robust in just about each state of the sport. His most notable flaw is his lack of ability to trace Survivors in addition to the opposite two Raiders by way of Ki Sense, making him need to depend on Zarbon and Dodoria, in addition to your individual gamesense and sight.
Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide


  • Gains Evolution Energy from sustaining harm, which is extremely useful in any respect levels of the sport. I’ve achieved my Final Form like this a number of occasions now, and every time it considerably threw the steadiness of the match in my favor.
  • Gains Evolution Energy if the Survivors make a want. Can positively be useful, and if upgraded might show tremendous helpful as an on the spot counter-argument to a Level 4 Survivor.
  • Replaces many civilians on the map with Namekians. Namekians have an opportunity of holding a Dragon Ball, permitting Frieza far more constant methods of acquiring no less than one early on. If they don’t have one, Frieza will get bonus evolution factors. Either Frieza can impede the Survivor’s means to make a want (or make one himself), or he beneficial properties a considerable amount of Evo Points.
  • Frieza can end off enemies from extremely distant, and within the air, together with his fundamental execution being extremely fast and clear. This is extremely helpful in saving time and permitting Frieza to each collect vitality and keep on the transfer.
  • Zarbon and Dodoria are INCREDIBLY useful. Frieza is unable to sense ki and loses his Scouter upon Level 2. However, Zarbon and Dodoria are greater than prepared to do the scouting for you, and each can deal very respectable harm to Survivors and even drive them to pop their DC early. They may even defend areas for you, which is extremely necessary must you destroy the Super Time Machine. Unlike your Scouter, your two most loyal private guard stick with you thru all levels of Evolution. Functionally, each are similar.
  • Has an extremely helpful evasive ability that usually permits Frieza to immediately go on the aggressive and get a clear hit in the appropriate conditions.
  • Similar to Cell, has extremely robust Super Attacks, particularly in his Level 3 and (not like Cell) his Level 4.
  • In my opinion, presently the strongest Level 1 by way of fight capabilities. Although, his solely competitors is Spopovich.
  • Should he collect all of the Dragon Balls, he can want for immortality; making Survivors solely approach of defeating him by way of finishing the Super Time Machine, which shall be almost not possible if Frieza is immortal.


  • His lack of ability to make use of Ki Sense is notable, and you could have bother discovering Survivors. However, good gamesense, utilizing your Area Destructions, a eager eye and efficient use of Zarbon and Dodoria as scouts and fight assistants can significantly scale back this draw back.

Actually, that’s just about Frieza’s solely notable draw back. I wouldn’t say Frieza is overpowered, however he is in all probability probably the most persistently highly effective Raider. However, you positively have to be as sensible and as assured because the character himself to realize good outcomes, and nonetheless must work to your victory.

Basic Gameplan

As with most Raiders, hunt for NPCs in Level 1. However, you may positively struggle and win towards Survivors in your first type; be happy to take them out in the event that they’re out of place, and particularly in the event that they’re DC Level 0. If you must select between a Namekian NPC and a Human NPC, all the time choose the Namekian to execute first. Always attempt to execute downed Survivors from the air as properly, as it could possibly make it tougher for Survivors to interrupt. Don’t neglect you’ve a Scouter that may assist find civilians quick.

Once you attain your Second Form, get within the behavior of utilizing Zarbon and Dodoria as your Scouter shall be destroyed below the stress of your sheer energy. They make glorious scouts for you, and also can help ought to a battle get bushy. You additionally now acquire entry to your Escape/Combo Break means; remember to put it to use, particularly when outnumbered.

Frieza’s third type is extremely highly effective, being extremely quick and having INCREDIBLY robust Supers. Crazy Finger Shot is a tremendous aggressive and offensive software that may do loads of harm and assist out immensely when being teamed up on, and Death Beam is a VERY quick and VERY HIGH harm choice. Death Beam is superb at sniping fleeing Survivors as properly, and may be very correct. It is unquestionably value it to apply it to even common/unpowered Survivors as a result of how briskly a Survivor can escape; it can seemingly down them from tremendous distant and is extremely laborious to keep away from at any vary.

Skill Priority

1. That Actually Hurt! – Your most constant passive for gaining Evo Energy, and is extremely useful late-game particularly. Turn their efforts towards them!
2. You Really Know How To Piss Me Off! OR Make Me Immortal! – Both present Evolution Energy. YRKHTPMO is nice for getting out of Level 1 quicker, and “Make Me Immortal!” helps quite a bit with getting some further boosts earlier than the DC4 comes after you.
3. You’re Not Leaving Here Alive! – More vary is nice. It actually isn’t THAT a lot of a precedence, however is unquestionably value selecting up when at comfy ranges to your different skills that grant vitality. After all, this finally helps with vitality acquire too.
4. Anything Else – Invest in these extra, or your actives. I’ll be sincere, although, like most lively skills I don’t see a lot of a purpose to spend money on Frieza’s actives. Zarbon and Dodoria are completely superb at 18 seconds, and you actually shouldn’t NEED Break Strike that usually; in spite of everything, getting harm simply makes you stronger.

Little Tips

  • Your Supers in Level 2 and three are glorious at each selecting off weak/depowered survivors.
  • Level 3 may be very environment friendly at coping with a staff of DC-Powered Survivors, even when that staff has a semi-competent DC4. Make use of Crazy Finger Shot to create house and apply stress, and use Death Beam for quick bursts of harm.
  • Frieza’s Death Slicers for his regular ki assaults in Level 4 are extremely oppressive; they house in on their targets, they do large harm, they journey quick, and you may throw them out tremendous quick. Use them
  • Zarbon and Dodoria transfer quicker than you in most situations. Use them to assist interrupt Survivors which may be doing targets within the distance.
  • Zarbon and Dodoria can quickly shield and patrol areas. Use them to protect recognized areas of Power Key placement areas, the Super Time Machine and Time Machine Stations. They don’t keep perpetually, and can finally return to you. Be positive to redeploy them.
  • Generally you need to be utilizing your Escape Ability on cooldown, however at occasions it could be value it to let your self take harm to achieve Evolution Energy.

Overall, you can positively think about Frieza the strongest/strongest Raider within the sport, possessing a really highly effective package in all types that provides him very constant outcomes. If you’re seeking to persistently dominate your Raider matches, Frieza is your most strong alternative.

Majin Buu – Heartless Destruction

Buu is described as a “high-risk, high-reward” character by the builders. Starting weak as Spopovich, your job is to gather vitality after which convey it to Buu to revive him. Your first two types, Spopovich and Buu, are pretty weak. However, upon reaching your Level 3 and reworking into Super Buu, you’re SIGNIFICANTLY extra highly effective. Hitting Level 4 is virtually an ensured victory, between the sheer energy of Kid Buu and Buu’s Total Absorption passive.

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide


  • Spopovich is definitely fairly robust, and is able to throwing arms fairly properly. Making environment friendly use of the Yamu lively means and Super Attack, and even comboing/stringing them along with sure assaults can rapidly propel Spopovich to the required vitality he must revive Buu.
  • Incredible mid-to-late sport if Buu can obtain his Level 3 and develop into Super Buu.
  • Unlike different Raiders, reaching Level 4 is BASICALLY guaranteeing you’ll win.
  • “Turn Into Candy!” is definitely what most can in all probability classify as a damaged perk, as upgrading it considerably reduces the “high-risk” a part of Buu’s gameplay design as talked about earlier, whereas solely rising the reward as properly. With sufficient upgrades, you may guarantee just about 1 survivor down provides you half your Evo-Energy for 2->3 and 3->4. This principally halves the quantity of effort and downs the opposite two Raiders within the sport wants, permitting Buu to rapidly propel himself by way of the degrees. While it’s similar to Cell’s passive perk, Buu’s “Total Absorption” perk and the facility of each his Level 3 and 4 make it way more oppressive than Cell’s excellent type. Ultimately, this can be a good factor when you’re enjoying as Buu!
  • Angry Shout might be one of the best evasive total as a result of how versatile it’s.
  • Go-Go Gum is improbable for stopping your goal from escaping or permitting for simple burst harm on a goal.
  • Gains Ki Tracking at Level 3.
  • Gains HP upon efficiently turning individuals to sweet. Pretty nifty.
  • “Total Absorption” is principally a assured victory, because it forces each Survivor right into a small house towards you, and at this level they’re additionally in all probability a lot smaller in quantity. You’ll positively have the ability to safe just a few free downs right here.
  • Kid Buu is the strongest Level 4 Raider by far, who follows proper after the completely oppressive Total Absorption. Vanishing Ball does absurd harm, and Assault Rain will assist in cleansing up any stray survivors in an especially overkill vogue.


  • Very weak early sport. Spopovich’s solely technique of finding prey is with Yamu, and Innocent Buu has no distinctive technique of finding individuals. If Survivors play sensible (which chances are high, one or two of them gained’t), Buu might not have the ability to attain his Level 3.
  • Despite Innocent Buu possessing just a few highly effective skills, he’s nonetheless finally a Level 2, and as such, it may be very straightforward for him to be ganged up on and pummeled throughout a Super Time Machine occasion. This is how I witness most Buu’s die, however chances are high when you can hit Level 3 earlier than that, you’ll be superb.
  • Has the longest execution time by far, making it very laborious to safe Evolution Points from Survivors in the event that they continuously interrupt you, and makes it close to not possible to safe them throughout a Super Time Machine occasion, as chances are high most Survivors shall be equipped and all close to one another.

[/h1]Basic Gameplan[/h1]

Like the remainder, in Level 1 prioritize NPCs normally. However, with correct ability and tremendous utilization, Spopovich can suck a LOT of Evolution Energy from careless Survivors, and Spopovich can nonetheless do very properly towards Level 2 Survivors.

Upon reaching Level 2, you really need to ship the vitality to Buu to revive him. Keep in thoughts the ability stage of the Survivors you’re going towards; in the event that they’re sensible, they’re going to take the time it takes so that you can revive Buu and attain Level 2 to get well in any approach they will, which is able to sometimes be reviving any downed teammates. Plan for that chance.

In Level 2, it’s fairly fundamental. Find Survivors, particularly in the event that they’re remoted, and soak up them. The quicker you attain Level 3, the higher. Use Go-Go Gum to make catching and preventing Survivors simpler.

If you end up in a Super Time Machine Event as Innocent Buu, (which many do) use Angry Shout and Angry Explosion to drive Survivors off and away from the machine. You can really down Survivors with Angry Shout as properly! In most instances, do NOT attempt to end off and eat Survivors you down except you might be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you’ll not be interrupted, and as properly for have the time for the animation to play, your very lengthy transition animation to Level 3 to play, and so forth.

Upon reaching Super Buu, you’re now simply approach stronger than you had been earlier than. Play the way you usually would, actually. It’s laborious for Survivors to do a lot towards you when you proceed to play sensible right here. It’s much more value it to attempt to go from Level 3 to 4 throughout a STM Event, as Total Absorption will pause the timer.

And when you develop into Kid Buu? Just kill them.

Passive Skill Priority

1. Turn Into Candy! – Self-explanatory; as talked about earlier, with sufficient Levels, one Survivor down can fill half your meter. It’s busted.
2. Majin Buu Resurrection – Prioritize after you are feeling comfy with the vitality gained from “Turn Into Candy!”
3. Everything Else – After you attain comfy Evo-Energy ranges, you may both make investments extra in both or start focusing in your most most popular lively expertise.

Little Tips

  • Don’t neglect about utilizing Yamu that can assist you collect vitality in Level 1!
  • Use Go-Go Gum to cease fleeing Survivors!
  • Use your ki blasts! They’re extremely oppressive on Buu!

Overall, Majin Buu possesses the very best highs, in addition to the bottom lows of Raiders. Teams that coordinate properly sufficient will trigger any Raider just a few points, however Buu can positively really feel them the toughest as a result of his very middling Level 2. However, reaching Level 3 as Buu can in a short time sway the match in your favor, and Level 4 can very simply safe you whole annihilation.

The Dragon Balls and their worth

The Raider does NOT want Shenron in any respect to win. However, you must nonetheless all the time attempt to have ONE Dragon Ball available always, and it could be value even hiding it when you’re feeling enjoyable.

Survivors get MUCH extra helpful needs than the Raider, specifically giving one Survivor entry to Level 4 Change Power. A Smart and Skilled Level 4 is VERY Dangerous, and poses a critical risk assuming their staff helps the Level 4 in preventing you. The finest solution to forestall that is to easily forestall having all 7 Dragon Balls fall into the arms of the Survivors.

Frieza has the best time acquiring this primary Dragon Ball, as Namekian NPCs spawning across the map means he’ll seemingly get one in his first type as he gathers Evolution Energy.

Not solely that, however typically the place you CAN make a want as a Raider, you had been seemingly already going to win the match anyhow, and Shenron is way extra of only a cherry on high. However, when you DO purchase all 7 sooner or later for no matter purpose, make that want as quick as you may! I’d say it’s just about all the time value it to want for extra energy/greater Evolution stage above all else.

Wishing for Level 4 with Shenron will SKIP your Total Absorption passive means! Only make the want to develop into Kid Buu when you’re sure you gained’t want it! Thankfully, you do get entry to Assault Rain as Kid Buu, however Total Absorption is unquestionably one thing Buu desires to have activate!

Dealing with Survivor Skills and Counterplays

Survivors have many various technique of preventing again, similar to Dragon Change and varied expertise. However, in addition they have far more than that which may be utilized to counter your assaults.

  • Solar Flare, Bulma’s Flirt, Stun Trap, and different paralyzing skills – Simply utilizing your evasive ability will finish the stun prematurely, considerably lowering the time Survivors can acquire from it.
  • Grappling Hook – You usually can’t do a lot about this aside from hope the Survivor can’t discover one thing to grapple onto in time. You can chase them down in fact, however generally it gained’t be value it to take action. If their barrier is damaged, be happy to throw ki blasts their approach, or when you’re Frieza, ship one in all your henchmen to attempt to end them off.
  • Kaioken – A really inconsistent escape choice for Survivors, as you may typically catch them earlier than they get previous the start-up of the transfer in the event that they attempt to put it to use too late, which many will. Smart Survivors will use their grapple first after which use Kaioken, making it very troublesome so that you can catch them. Should Survivors use it aggressively, you both simply need to dodge or take the hit, though taking the hit gained’t do a lot aside from lose you a second or two, which doesn’t matter except you’ve let the STM refill too far.
  • Saiyan Pod – Either extraordinarily straightforward or extraordinarily troublesome. If Survivors name it down in entrance of you, you may merely destroy it. However, in the event that they’re sneaky about it or they do handle to get in it, you’ll simply need to hope you see the place they land.

WIP; gathering extra expertise and watching extra footage

Area Destruction – Strategy

Area Destruction is a crucial a part of success to Raider, and neglecting to make use of your Area Destructions earlier than remodeling into your subsequent Level will certainly harm your success in the long term.

The important issues you have to find out about Area Destruction is

  • While there could also be exceptions primarily based in your technique, choice, or playstyle, you usually don’t wish to destroy areas the place a Power Key has not been situated, signified by the realm being a darkish grey with a dotted define. Doing so makes the Survivor’s job simpler, as now they don’t need to set that space. It could also be finest to even allow them to set the Key, and THEN destroy the realm.
  • Destroying areas the place the Power Key has been discovered may be a good suggestion, as by doing so you may forestall them from setting it and probably catch them inside the realm if the Survivor is careless.
  • Destroying areas the place the Power Key has already been set, marked with Gold, is completely superb. I’m not sure if it does really have an effect on the Super Time Machine progress, however doing so nonetheless limits their motion immensely, and no space being destroyed is way worse.

However, above all else, what you want to remember along with your Area Destructions is HOW it limits your enemy Survivor’s motion skills, and their means to run and conceal from you. We’ll undergo good examples of areas in only a second, however briefly;

  • Areas which have a number of vertical house usually are not good for you, and profit Survivor’s significantly as they simply have issues they will grapple onto, in addition to have house to cover in.
  • Areas with loads of cowl for the Survivors to cover below, similar to areas with Skyscrapers, Giant Mushrooms or different massive buildings are good areas to destroy, as they considerably scale back the Survivor’s means to cover. In the case of areas with buildings/cities they, they could be value to checking for NPCs first that Survivors might have missed.
  • Areas with cave techniques are good decisions to destroy, particularly if a Survivor is presently inside. The Survivor might battle to get out in time, and areas with caves or tunnels in them present glorious hiding spots for Survivors.
  • Destroying 2/3 Areas all subsequent to one another GREATLY reduces the whole house Survivors need to maneuver round, and may make from doing from the leftmost aspect to the rightmost aspect troublesome. You’ll additionally have the ability to rapidly scan these areas from above.
  • Destroying 2/3 areas ACROSS from one another can create a chokepoint to Area X, forcing them to need to go out and in of it to be able to enter sure areas. Cell and Super Buu/Kid Buu could make glorious use of this because of their Ki Sensing skills stopping individuals from sneaking out and in much more.

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

For instance, by destroying Area A on this map, I can both select to destroy neighboring areas after, after which start to field enemies in at Area B-C, C-D OR D-E by the point I attain my Semi-Perfect Form/Level 3 to repeatedly field in Survivors in sure areas and on one aspect of the map.

Alternatively, I might select to destroy Area C after, forcing Survivors into B, D or E. If they’re in space D or E and wish to go to B, they’d be compelled to journey by way of Area X, that means I can then play in direction of the middle of the map and attempt to spot Survivors from afar first and/or forestall them touring from these areas.

Area Destruction – Key Areas – DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Raiders

Keep in thoughts, my opinions usually are not regulation, and you could have your individual opinions on these items! Not solely that, nevertheless it’s necessary for YOU to evaluate the gamestate and make good selections about which areas are most value destroying primarily based on the context of your match! These usually are not common legal guidelines, or one of the best decisions 100% of the time!

Highland RiverEach space in Highland River is fairly helpful to destroy, however all for various causes.

Area D

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

Area D is a really robust option to destroy. The buildings make for glorious cowl, and it connects two different robust areas for Survivors (Area C for hiding, Area E for each evasion and hiding).

Area E

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

Area E supplies the Survivors with a number of vertical motion choices and loads of locations to cover, and connects to Area X, D and A in a really helpful approach for Survivors.

Area A

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

A big lake of water and a cave system, and likewise the very best up space on the map total. It connects very properly into Area X and E as properly. Quite troublesome, and price contemplating.

Area B
Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

Frieza’s airship and the tunnel close to it present a number of cowl and provides to the Survivors. However, every thing outdoors the cubby Frieza’s ship is positioned is usually not very advantageous for Survivors, and isn’t very lined.

Area C

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

Between all of the areas within the Highland River, Area C is the obvious instance of a hard space. Lower elevation mixed with the mushrooms makes it very troublesome to identify Survivors beneath it, and the caves present safety to Survivors touring from C to D. I typically destroy this space, personally.

Green CoastA map I see little or no of. To be sincere, it feels very helpful to the Raider, as every thing feels fairly small and open! That being stated, right here’s some information on areas I deem all the time value contemplating.

Area D
Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

It’s as if Area A and B of Highland River had a toddler. Lots of canopy within the cave system, and Frieza’s wonderful ship. Not to say, a number of vertical peak to it! Definitely value contemplating.

Area B

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

The City of the map. Despite it beginning in ruins, it’s nonetheless pretty robust of a place for Survivors as a result of how far it’s out of the best way, all the duvet, and the terrain surrounding it as properly. It’s positively value contemplating eliminating, and supplies Survivors a VERY protected pocket throughout the Super Time Machine occasion.

Waterfront WarzoneThe largest map within the sport, which has advantages and drawbacks for each side of the match’s battle. You can’t be in every single place without delay, so it’s positively value downsizing the map along with your highly effective blasts. However, like Highland River, virtually each Area is powerful in a roundabout way.

Area C

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

The City of the map. It’s positively value looking for NPCs your self earlier than destroying, however this space supplies a LOT of house for Survivors, in addition to locations to duck and conceal. Worth consideration after ensuring it’s away from NPCs, otherwise you merely don’t care about any assets which may be in it.

Area D

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

Provides a LOT of vertical obstructions for the Survivors to make the most of for each hiding and mobility. It’s not nice for Raider, that’s for positive.

Area E

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

Area D’s little brother. On it’s personal, it’s fairly straightforward to take care of. However, it connects to 2 VERY robust areas. Worth consideration, however in all probability one I’m much less inclined to choose except I’m sure I might attain Level 4.

Area A

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

I closely advocate destroying Area A in just about each occasion. It has every thing; safety, vertical obstructions, and LOTS of canopy. Destroying this space additionally destroys the Lookout, which a wise Survivor can use very successfully to cover from you in sudden methods…

Area B

Big Bad Bosses - Raider Gameplay Guide

I’ll contact on Area B a bit, as I do assume in some conditions it may be a really robust Area to destroy, however the space itself isn’t all that worrying for Raider. Lots of open house, regardless of the caves and in comparison with the remainder of the map, and it may be straightforward to identify Survivors from a distance. It’s not that unhealthy, however I can’t fault anybody for destroying it, that’s for positive.

Camping Areas and Survivors

Camping Survivors

From all of the expertise I’ve gathered, from watching movies and enjoying as each Survivor and Raider myself, that is usually NEVER value it. Camping one single Survivor you catch and down will actually solely handicap you within the long-run, as Survivors being revived advantages you greater than something, as Survivors are usually simpler to catch the second time round on TOP of providing you with even MORE vitality when you down and end them off a second time.

Not solely that, however you continue to are enjoying towards different human gamers. It’s not very enjoyable for that Survivor to get camped, both. Neither of you profit that a lot from it.

However, do NOT really feel unhealthy about being compelled to remain in an space by reckless Survivors. If Survivors preserve leaping in making an attempt to rescue their downed teammate and start preventing you, that was their alternative and never yours. The struggle will seemingly naturally keep in that space, making it troublesome for anybody else to discover a protected time to go in for a revive. Not solely that, however you’ll even be in a great place to capitalize on Survivors making an attempt to revive a fallen ally.

That being stated, I’d not advise staying in a single space for the only goal of stopping the enemies from reviving a single Survivor.

Camping Areas

The survivors WILL inevitably do Power Keys. Eventually, it’s solely a matter of time earlier than another space is left. This is ideal because the Raider, as now you KNOW the place Survivors must go to be able to proceed with their targets.

When all however 1 Area Key is ready, it’s time to camp that space. I do know “camping” is usually fairly boring and seen as low ability, however not like tenting particular person survivors, it advantages you significantly to take action. This is without doubt one of the few conditions in which you’ll drive Survivors to return to you, and have the ability to have a a lot simpler time finding them. Not solely that, but when the Survivors coordinate, they WILL get that Power Key off. Don’t give it to them without spending a dime, it’d be silly to take action.

The Raider’s objective is to impede Survivor progress and destroy it if potential.

If a staff begins to struggle and lose for management of the realm, it can snowball extremely laborious for you, as you’ll get extra Evolution Energy, extra downed Survivors, and probably find yourself killing fairly just a few within the course of. By defending this space, you’ll naturally find yourself tenting any fallen Survivors by proxy. However, once more, weigh your choices and work out whether or not or not you really need a Survivor to die on the bottom or not. Letting Survivors revive one another is usually a medium-risk, high-reward play for you.

That being stated, when you’re assured sufficient in your means to defend the STM, it’s completely superb to allow them to set the facility key in alternate for ending off/absorbing fallen Survivors for evolution factors and to achieve your subsequent stage.

Or, you can simply not defend the realm in any respect when you’re feeling very assured!

How a lot must you prioritize acquiring Level 4, and Level 4 Tips

Level 4 is principally a assured victory as a Raider, as the one factor that may actually cease you at that time is a really succesful Survivor that is aware of how one can struggle properly particularly as a DC4 Survivor, however in addition to a coordinated staff with adequate assets to again them up and help them within the battle. The chance of this particular state of affairs taking place is virtually nonexistent, nevertheless.

Level 4 is extremely helpful, however how helpful is it on sure Raiders?


  • Of all of the Raiders, he’s the one I’ve see attain Level 4 the least.
  • Not solely that, however his Level 4 has two very formidable Supers. Gravity Impact does strong single goal harm, and Full Power Energy Blast Volley (or no matter you name it) is superb at defending the STM, coping with teams, stunlocking and dealing excessive quantities of harm to a single goal, and extra. It’s very versatile.
  • Level 4 on Cell is improbable for defending the Super Time Machine because of his barrier in addition to acquiring the Super Attack “All Clear.” Be positive to make the most of each ought to you end up on the defensive, or seeking to preserve Survivors off the STM!


Defending Area X and Super Time Machine Destruction

Basic Information and Strategy

Chances are, the Super Time Machine will all the time no less than have the charging course of begin. This is when you may anticipate each Survivor to converge on Area X, and start making an attempt to hurry the method up. Do what you may to complete up your present enterprise, most certainly a struggle with a Survivor, and head to that location. However, in case you have the flexibility to rapidly down or end off a Survivor BEFORE going to Area X, take that chance. It’ll make defending the machine simpler, and drive somebody to revive that Survivor or take them out utterly.

Enduring the Onslaught

At Area X, be able to be double, triple, quad and past teamed. This is regular, and the Super Time Machine occasion when you may anticipate Survivors to be at their bravest and most altruistic. The sooner you may drive the Survivors to pop their Dragon Change, the higher, as it can make them reliant on the Supply Pods despatched by Trunks to get their cooldown again. These Supply Pods make EXCELLENT bait, and all the time be mindful the place they land and if any Survivor goes to resupply at one.

As lengthy as you retain individuals off of the Super Time Machine, can effectively drain Survivor assets, and even down a few of them, you’ll be in a great place. Be very cautious about which Survivors you end off (except it’s their first down and also you’re enjoying as Frieza; he’s extremely quick together with his executions) as doing so to get extra Evolution Energy not solely opens you as much as be interrupted, however will play a change animation must you hit your subsequent Level.

If Survivors usually are not actively preventing you, ALWAYS be destroying the Super Time Machine. It’ll pause the Timer and helps you accumulate progress in case a Survivor interrupts you.

Squeezing in further actions and exploiting Survivor downtime

If Survivors are all downed, out of vitality or not interfering, in addition to the Super Time Machine having loads of time left, be happy to make use of an Area Destruction to make their survival tougher when you do efficiently destroy the Time Machine.

Same with executing any remaining Survivors for Evolution Energy. Only accomplish that when you’re positive you’ve the time, and all the time plan for doubtlessly being interrupted.

If you’re Buu and at Level 3, it could be value it looking for Survivors and soak up them, as doing so can set off your “Total Absorption” passive, forcing the Survivors to struggle you on YOUR phrases and pausing the STM. If you kill all of them inside you, you win!

Dealing with Level 4 Survivors

DC4 Survivors have the potential to be what pushes the snowball of your defeat down the hill. It’s necessary to be VERY on guard when battling one. You’ll seemingly encounter one when you haven’t been holding on to no less than 1 Dragon Ball. Should one seem, it’s necessary to stay calm and assured. The STM is probably going taking place right now as properly, and remember to keep on that till the Survivor begins getting shut. Note WHICH path they’ll arrive in, as properly.

Battle of Fate

You’ll must take care of the Level 4 Survivor as rapidly as you may. Not solely can they rival your Level 4 in energy, however they’ve teammates to again them up, and belief me, the harm can add up FAST. You’ll must rapidly dispatch the Level 4. Not solely can Level 4 survivors theoretically go Toe-To-Toe with a Level 4 Raider in CQC, however since they gained’t be dropping HP over time, the Level 4 Raider is FAR higher at defensive play and stalling than Level 3 and beneath Survivors.

It must be famous that except a Level 4 is being backed up by their staff, they really gained’t be that a lot of a difficulty. If the Team doesn’t assist the Level 4 push, the ball gained’t get rolling. Despite this, Level 4s will nonetheless be troublesome and have to be handled as soon as they get into a super vary to your battle to start.

Strategy and Tips

  • Use your evasive expertise to keep away from harm and escape of combos. Do your finest to capitalize on these sudden shifts within the momentum of battle evasives offer you, as properly.
  • Throw Super Attacks on the Level 4 Survivor. They don’t passively lose vitality, however their max vitality nonetheless isn’t that nice. A number of well-aimed Supers will end them off.
  • Do attempt to see when you can squeeze in just a few assaults on Survivors who’re NOT aiding within the struggle. ALWAYS Down survivors who lack a barrier.
  • Chances are many individuals will attempt to do the Super Time Machine whereas the Level 4 distracts you, therefore the recommendation above. However, know that if you do divert your consideration, if the Level 4 is wise they WILL take that point the place you aren’t taking a look at them to shut the gap and assault you laborious. Every good Survivor will do that, however the punishment is far larger towards a Level 4. Keep this in thoughts.
  • Each Raider of their Level 3 State has nice skills for coping with teams. Frieza has Death Beam, his evasive, Zarbon + Dodoria and most notably Crazy Finger Shot, as he maintains his mobility and turns into a really cell risk for a small time frame. Cell has Gravity Impact, and ESPECIALLY Full Power Energy Blast Volley, which is nice at coping with each the STM and DC’d Survivors. Pretty a lot all of Super Buu’s package will assist, apart from Ill Bomber and Ki Sense.

Post-STM Time Machine and Final Escape

The Time Machine is the Survivor’s final probability of escape. Take a second and chill out, as at this level, you’ve principally already gained. That being stated, do be aware of the blue beacons within the sky, and attempt to place your self in a approach which provides you sight of all of them. If you’re fortunate, you may need unknowingly destroyed all of the areas they might find yourself situated at!

If you see a Survivor booting up the Time Machine, think about on whether or not or not it could be value it to interrupt them.

If you do interrupt the Survivor: You can seemingly simply down them, and end them off, and make sure the Time Machine gained’t come into play but. However, you could be giving different Survivors time to make use of it elsewhere and escape.
If you shut in on the Survivor, however DON’T interrupt them, similar to by capturing Ki Blasts: They might absolutely boot up the Time Machine and get on it. BIG MISTAKE. You’re now seemingly in an easy place to destroy it. NOW begin firing your Ki Blasts and doing every thing in your energy to break and kill them.

If you destroy the Time Machine, that’s an INSTANT Victory, and kills EVERY remaining Survivor on the map.

Little Tips:

  • Use Zarbon and Dodoria to protect the assorted Time Machine areas. There’s normally 3, and so they can cowl two for you, for a brief time frame!
  • Make good use of your Ki Senses right here as Cell and Buu!

The Time Machines energy up earlier than the Area Keys are achieved?! What do I do?!

Ideally, at this level, you’ve destroyed a number of areas. Follow Trunks’s recommendation; “Forget about the Area Keys!”

Well, possibly not utterly. But the Time Machine is unquestionably a way more urgent matter you’ll must juggle, and must be your precedence in stopping as a result of it being a a lot simpler and quicker approach of Survivors to flee your wrath.

The Time Machine is a way more high-risk, high-reward approach of escaping now. Always control when blue beacons might seem, sometimes begin being conscious of once they would possibly seem when there’s roughly 10 minutes left in a match. Trust me, that point will fly, begin being conscious early.

Outside of that, the recommendation above applies.

Saiyan Saga/Great Ape Vegeta & Season 2

Breakers is confirmed to have a “Season 2”, which is able to add Saiyan Saga Vegeta as a Raider to the sport.

We don’t know a lot about how he’ll work, however I’ve two main theories.

1. Raditz -> Nappa -> Saiyan Saga Vegeta -> Great Ape Vegeta
2. Saiyan Saga Vegeta -> He will get angrier because it goes on -> Great Ape Vegeta

With how Majin Buu is presently carried out and what’s principally prolonged dev time for Saiyan Saga Vegeta, the one main villain of an arc in Z that’s lacking within the sport, I’ve to imagine he’ll function like Option 1. However, I could possibly be fallacious! Regardless, I, in addition to many others, are excited to see how he’s carried out!

Once he’s carried out, this part shall be up to date and shall be slotted proper below Majin Buu.

Core Takeaways of the information

  • Utilize your evasive expertise when being melee combo’d by Survivors, or when hit with a shocking transfer (Solar Flare, Bulma’s seduction, Trap Device, and so forth). Not doing so is usually one of many largest weaknesses of Raiders, and opens them as much as being defeated far simpler.
  • Utilize your Super Attacks, particularly throughout DC fights, and don’t be afraid to make use of them on non-Dragon Change’d survivors, as their cooldowns are very fast and the strikes are sometimes very quick, simply with the ability to choose off distant/retreating Survivors.
  • Keep in thoughts how your Area Destructions will have an effect on the best way survivors will journey to and from sure areas, and the way it all intersects at Area X.
  • Don’t greed for Level 4 within the end-game; doing so can typically result in fixed interruptions and dropping concentrate on the principle goal or giving the Survivors sufficient time to refuel and staff up on you, leading to your defeat
  • Pay shut consideration to which areas are accomplished, are being accomplished, or not being accomplished. This provides you intel on areas to destroy, and may tip you off to Survivor areas.
  • Prioritize expertise that offer you frequent evolution vitality. For Cell and Buu, it’s their fundamental evolution expertise. For Frieza, it’s primarily points-on-taking-damage and a teensy little bit of on Namekian kills. This can assist guarantee extra constant outcomes in your Raider gameplay.
  • Let Survivors revive one another, and do attempt to play good. Weigh the professionals and cons of letting sure Survivors dwell, and know when to easily simply down a Survivor however not end them off. Remember, extra Survivors alive, extra potential for evolution vitality.

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