Dark and Darker Playtest Best Team Comp (3 Players)

Welcome to our Dark and Darker Playtest Best Team Comp (3 Players) information. This information will present u the BEST crew comp in Dark and Darker!

Dark and Darker Playtest Best Team Comp (3 Players)

This information will present u the BEST crew comp in Dark and Darker!


Also referred to as:
eBarb Rage

You will want:

1. Barbarian
2. Cleric
3. Wizard

How to play

Its fairly SIMPLE:

Step 1:
Barbarian Charges in.

Step 2:
Wizard and Cleric spam barbarian with buffs/shields/heals.

Step 3:
Fill your pockets with loot, they’re all useless

About Dark and Darker

An Unforgiving Hardcore First-Person Fantasy Dungeon Adventure.

Unfathomable fortunes await the courageous and the silly prepared to delve into the devastated depths of an historical citadel. Band along with your folks and use your braveness, wits, and crafty to uncover legendary treasures, defeat grotesque monsters, whereas staying one step forward of the opposite devious treasure-hunters. Once you’ve plundered your riches, now comes the exhausting half, getting out alive. Find the hidden escape routes earlier than the ever-expanding darkness reclaims your riches and your corpse to her irresistible hoard.

Irresistibly Classic

Dark and Darker goals to seize the surprise and awe of basic fantasy journey video games. We stand on the shoulders of giants and attempt to pay respects to the traditions of the style. We hearken again to the outdated worlds the place hazard lurks round every nook, however the place braveness and journey are rewarded with untold riches.

Choose a job, occasion up!

Team up with associates and assemble a celebration to extend your probabilities of survival. Choose from a big selection of timeless fantasy roles and construct the proper three-person squad. Play as a brawny barbarian holding the frontlines whereas your sharp-eyed ranger pal fires arrows from afar and your merry bard sustains morale with a vigorous tune.

Unforgivingly Hardcore

Dark and Darker is a world of excessive dangers and excessive returns. Explore a mystical underground fortress the place the hazards are unrelenting and even the smallest misstep can lead to demise. Sound judgement reaps enormous rewards, however demise carries a heavy penalty with the lack of all of your loot.

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