CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica

Welcome to our CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica information. This information will present you unofficial introducing the creatures from FPS recreation CULTIC. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the CULTIC recreation. If you might be a type of who discover it tough to complete the sport, let’s take you to our CULTIC information.

CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica

Unofficial introducing the creatures from FPS recreation CULTIC!

Hatchet Cultist

A believer who pledges allegiance to a cult.

The cultists who dwell within the cult facility will assault the participant with a hand ax after they discover the participant. It has an assault sample of slashing at shut vary and throwing a hatchet at medium vary, and its sturdiness is unexpectedly excessive, so watch out.

All Cultists can deal deadly harm with head assaults.

CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica Gunner Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

Cultist in blue robes.

Equipped with a pistol, this cultist will shoot on the participant when noticed. Since it will possibly shoot precisely even from a distance, many individuals are assigned to lookouts for cult services. He usually seems with the Hatchet Cultist, making him a risk to be reckoned with.

Shot-gunner Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

Cultist in crimson robes.

Armed with a shotgun and dynamite, this cultist is a really harmful opponent for gamers. The assault algorithm is identical because the Gunner Cultist, however a shotgun hit at zero vary will take severe harm, so attempt to assault from medium vary or longer the place the shotgun impact is decreased.

Machine-gunner Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A closely armed cultist with a machine gun.

This cultist, which will be stated to be a set gun battery of the cult, will fireplace an incredible quantity of bullets from a protracted distance and attempt to kill the participant. The energy of a single shot isn’t that nice, however in case you obtain bullets in succession, your bodily power will lower considerably, so watch out. Move across the space to keep away from the cultist’s fireplace and watch for his reload to present you a gap.

CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica Harvested

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

People who had been captured as sacrifices for a cult.

Entirely lined in sacks and hung the other way up from the ceiling of the cult facility, these pitiful creatures strategy the participant in quest of freedom as soon as they’re free of their restraints and carry out suicide assaults that explode their our bodies. . Harvested shouldn’t be allowed to strategy, because the scattered items of meat will trigger nice harm to the participant.

Harvested itself isn’t an enormous risk, however in case you get right into a melee with different enemies, it is going to change into an impediment that strikes round, so that you’ll should spend bullets, so watch out.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A monster who harvests sacrifices for the cult.

Harvester, who seems with an eerie engine sound, assaults the participant with a chainsaw in his hand. He has three assault strategies, together with slashing with the chainsaw he wields (instant loss of life relying on the problem), throwing dynamite, and scattering tiger traps all around the space.

Harvester’s largest risk is assaults with chainsaws, however that is simple to seize in case you hit the assault whereas preserving your distance. However, Harvester is actually a risk, as his motion accelerates every time he hits an assault, and the bear traps he scatters within the space hinder the participant’s actions.

In the unlikely occasion that you’re slashed with a chainsaw, you’ll be able to cancel Harvester’s assault by including a high-powered assault corresponding to a shotgun.

CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica Shield Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTICA cultist geared up with a

massive defend.

Equipped with a big defend with spikes, this cultist behaves like a standard cultist, however watch out as the massive defend you’ve gotten geared up offers you excessive sturdiness towards assaults. Since it handles numerous weapons corresponding to hatchets and pistols, will probably be a formidable opponent mixed with the sturdiness of the defend.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A cultist who has woke up to supernatural powers.

Ghosts, the personification of malice, use their psychic powers to assault the participant to make them lifeless. There are two strategies of assault, one is the manipulation of objects utilizing telekinesis. This is to control objects within the space and hit the participant, and will probably be activated even when the ghost is just not within the participant’s sight view.

The different is psychokinesis interference with the thoughts. When a ghost seems in entrance of the participant, the participant is tormented and slowly loses his bodily power. Luckily, ghosts have the identical endurance as different cultists, so killing them as quickly as you see them will put an finish to all of the troublesome phenomena.

Grenadier Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

Cultist in orange robes.

Equipped with a grenade launcher, this cultist fires grenades from medium vary upon sighting the participant. This grenade comes at excessive pace, making it tough to dodge, and the influence and blast will trigger excessive harm. If you see the presence of a cultist, sniping from a distance is the most secure tactic.

Also, when the Grenadier Cultist is in a dying state, it is going to carry out a kamikaze assault that may self-destruct the geared up spare ammunition. Never enable the Cultist to strategy you, as this assault will immediately kill the participant.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A corpse that was dropped at life by an unknown energy.

The corpse often wanders round, however when it discovers the participant, it is going to present its ferocity and assault. Contrary to the attribute of a corpse, it strikes rapidly, and it pounces from a medium distance to shut the space from the participant, so watch out.

The corpse actually poses a risk when they’re in teams, and dealing with them head on is synonymous with loss of life.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

An enormous monster saved by a cult.

A hybrid of a corpse and a gorilla, this large will cost and assault the participant with an eerie growl. Brute has a monotonous assault sample of approaching and punching, however there isn’t any doubt that it’s an enemy to be reckoned with due to its agile actions and very excessive endurance, opposite to its look.

Brute first appeared in “E3: Mine city”, however the rating on the time of its look is of top quality paying homage to Dario Argento’s film, so it’s price listening to.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A high-ranking cmember of a cult.

Equipped with gear to get rid of intruders, the Adept will pursue you wherever to torment you. The Adept is armed with a shotgun and a Sten submachine gun, each of which will be successfully fired at shut vary.

Also, for the reason that Adept carrying physique armor has excessive defensive energy, countermeasures with highly effective firearms can be important.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A predator that mimics people.

At first look, Debower appears to be like like a big, half-naked man, however when the participant approaches it, his torso splits vertically, revealing his hideous true nature. The assault methodology of the debower has two patterns of approaching and biting, and spitting out digestive juices from a medium distance.

It is a tough enemy with excessive endurance and assault energy, so make sure you cope with it whereas avoiding its assaults effectively.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A Skeleton that was dropped at life by an unknown energy.

The assault algorithm is identical because the aforementioned Cultists, however due to its agile actions, it’s harmful if attacked by multiple.

T26 E4 Super

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

An American heavy tank owned by a cult.

This tank, which has rushed into the chapel backyard to utterly get rid of the participant, is provided with a robust 50-caliber essential gun and a machine gunner geared up with a machine gun, and tries to annihilate the enemy with its overwhelming firepower. do.

The essential gun of the T26 E4 Super takes plenty of harm when hit, however it may be neutralized if it jumps into the tank’s bosom. However, the machine gunners on prime of the tank will reap the benefits of that chance and inflict intense fireplace on the participant. This machine gunner can also be answerable for the chapel raid workforce, and if he radios help, a number of cultists can be summoned to the chapel, so watch out.

The T26 E4 is powerful, so it takes little or no harm from gunshots. Try to deal harm centered on dynamite that may be obtained within the chapel space and destroy it.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A cult combatant skilled as a sniper.

Equipped with a sniper rifle, this cultist is often positioned on a hill with an excellent view, but when he sees the participant, he’ll shoot on the participant precisely. A sharpshooter geared up with a pistol in case of shut fight boasts the identical accuracy as a rifle, so watch out.

On the opposite hand, for the reason that sharpshooter doesn’t transfer from the sniper place, it has a cute level corresponding to not noticing the participant’s presence till this one assaults.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A closely armed combatant armed with a flamethrower.

Equipped with an enormous gas tank and bulletproof armor, the Incinerator fires flames to incinerate the participant. There are two strategies of assault by the incinerator. One fires a flame that attracts a parabola like a cannon, and the flame burns a variety concurrently it hits, inflicting nice harm to the environment. The second is to shoot flames over a number of traces like a beam, and though the facility is low, it’s tough to keep away from.

If you are available contact with the flames fired by the Incinerator, you’ll slowly lose your well being on account of burn harm. Because it’s closely armed, let’s deal harm whereas disturbing the Incinerator, which is tough to show in a small flip.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A swimsuit of armor dropped at life by an unknown energy.

The armor is often enshrined as a powerful inside, however when it detects the participant, it is going to assault with the broadsword it has in hand. Contrary to its sluggish look, its actions are agile, and its slashing assault that pounces on the participant is formidable, so attempt to assault whereas shifting round.

CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica Cult Conjurer

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTICConjurer (perhaps Supreme Leader of Cult)

Conjurer confronts the participant on the deepest a part of the excavation website, muttering “It is done…” with satisfaction to the participant who factors his gun at him. And within the subsequent second, he was shattered and died by the fingers of an evil god who appeared from the darkness.

Conjurer solely seems within the occasion scene the place the ultimate boss seems, however the way in which he accepts his personal loss of life as obedience is a scene that symbolizes this mad loss of life cult.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

An abominable evil god worshiped by loss of life cults.

Abomination falls asleep within the ruins of the cult facility, however is woke up by the summons of the cult cult and overwhelms the participant. Abomination, which boasts the biggest measurement on this work, makes use of many assault strategies that make use of its attain, corresponding to “crushing with its long arms” and “throwing drums and rubble” that make use of its physique. Also, so as to help this evil god, cultists geared up with firearms will shoot from the scaffolding of the ruins, so the battle with the Abomination can be a recreation of time.

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

Abomination’s weak level is the guts in its chest, and the participant’s assault is blocked by the thick ribcage, but when a specific amount of injury is completed to the top, Abomination will faint and the guts can be uncovered from the ribcage ( 2nd picture) If you intention for that likelihood and hit a high-powered weapon, will probably be attainable to defeat this evil god.

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