CULTIC Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our CULTIC Achievements Guide 100%. The solely information that achievements want. 100% – All secrets and techniques included! We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the CULTIC sport. If you might be a type of who discover it troublesome to complete the sport, let’s take you to our CULTIC information.

CULTIC Achievements Guide 100%

CULTIC Simple/Easy Achievements

Stack ’em Up
Get 2 or extra headshots with a single Lever Action shot

100% Achievement GuideMelon Popper
Pop 250 enemy heads

100% Achievement GuideNot immediately, thanks!
Deflect 25 thrown hatchets

100% Achievement GuideHail Mary
Decapitate an enemy with a hatchet from over 20 meters away

100% Achievement GuideThe Gungineer
Fully improve a weapon

100% Achievement GuideOw.
Forget to thrown the dynamite.

100% Achievement GuideNo Scope Cope
Headshot an enemy from 50 meters away with the pistol

100% Achievement GuideHere’s lookin’ at you
Kill an enemy with an eyeball

100% Achievement GuideHere’s lookin’ at you
Defeat the Abomination. (Final Boss)

100% Achievement GuideHow
Clear a map with out taking any harm

>>>Quicksave is your pal<<<

100% Achievement GuideIt is finished.
Clear Chapter One on Extreme

>>>Quicksave is your pal<<<

100% Achievement GuideHeh heh heh… thanks
Spend $15,000 within the store in a single Survival match


100% Achievement Guide
Ma’am I do my very own plumbing
Clog a bathroom with physique components

100% Achievement Guide
Don’t inform David
Obliterate an enemy with the cleaning soap

100% Achievement Guide
Rescue Mission
Rescue a teddy bear from a map.

100% Achievement Guide
There’s no time for resting.
Rest on the Throne.

100% Achievement Guide
Prop Sniping
Kill an enemy with a chair from over 25 meters away

100% Achievement Guide
Great Minds Think Alike
Kill a Ghost with the prop they’re at the moment holding

100% Achievement Guide
Return to Sender
Reject an incoming TNT supply

100% Achievement Guide
Barrels O’ Fun
Kill 5 enemies with an explosive barrel
100% Achievement Guide
My deepest disgrace
Discover my deepest disgrace

Secret Hunter I

I’ve created an separate information for this. (Found beneath)

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