Chrono Survival Ability Synthesis

Welcome to our Chrono Survival Ability Synthesis information. A listing of the skills able to synthesis and the modifiers required to synthesize them.

Chrono Survival Ability Synthesis

A listing of the skills able to synthesis and the modifiers required to synthesize them.

Abilities List, A-Z

Ability Modifier Synthesis
Arrow Crit Damage Deadly Arrow
Axe Penetration Adamantite Axe
Boomerang Accumulation Metal Boomerang
Chakrum Max Target Endless Chakrum
“Chicken” CDR White “Chicken”
Coin Toss Accumulation Double Coin Toss
Cross Giant Holy Cross
Claw Giant Bite
Club Power Spiked Club
Crossbow Range Combat Black Crossbow
Dark Spiral Max Target Perfect Spiral
Dynamite Count Bunch of Dynamite
Fan of knives Crit Chance Daggers
Feather Push Iron Feather
Fist Shot Count Ora-Ora-Ora
Hammer Penetration Adamantite Hammer
Holy Burn Holy Fire
Mind Blast Power Mind Blast
Monkey Summon Power Gorilla
Pistol Split Revolver
Meteorite Poison Corrupted Meteorite
Music Split Drums
Pyromancy Freeze Ice Flame
Rainbow Unstable Bright Rainbow
Robot CDR Evil Robot
Saw Stun Electric Saw
Scythe Frenzy Reaper’s Scythe
Shield Sweeping Strike Spiked Shield
Shuriken Split Fan of Shurikens
Slime Burn Fire Slime
Slime Damp Water Slime
Slime Poison Poison Slime
Slingshot Power Powerful Slingshot
Spear Range Combat Black Spear
Spirit of Earth CDR Elemental of Earth
Spirit of Fire Skillful Summon Elemental of Fire
Spirit of Nature Power Spirit of Nature
Spirit of Water Skillfull Summon Elemental of Water
Snake Giant Hydra
Staff Burn Staff of Fire
Static Field CDR Vacuum area
Sword Burn Fire Sword
Telekinesis Count Mass Telekinesis
Tomahawk Execution Bloody Tomahawk
Tornado Damp Typhoon
Trident Damp Poseidon’s Trident
Water Shot Poison Poison Shot
Wolf Summon Power Dire Wolf
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