For brand-new gamers of Chrono Crosses, if you’re battling to understand the fight system, this guide will certainly assist you out.


In Chrono Cross, there is no private turn order for your personalities. Instead, your group acts in between the adversaries activities en masse– you can switch over in between participants at any moment you can strike by pushing the right or left tricks, as long as the individual you’re switching over to has endurance.

Enemies are usually set to strike after a particular quantity of time has actually occurred. Time is advanced with various assaults, various activities can use up various devices of this time. A weak strike or making use of an Element relocates time onward by 1, a solid strike actions time onward by 2, and also an intense strike by 3.

If we understood a Komodo Dragon obtains its turn after your team has actually carried out 5 activities well worth of actions, you can for that reason do any one of these prior to it obtains its “turn”.

Weak (1) + Weak (1) + Weak (1) + Weak (1) + Weak (1 )
Strong (2) + Fierce (3 )

Ect, however you can additionally do something similar to this:

Strong (2) + Strong (2) + Fierce (3 )

Now the last strike presses you a little over the 5 limitation, entering even more damages prior to the puppy can strike!

If the Pup makes it through, it will certainly strike after the tough equally as regular, however making your last strike your most significant one is a great way to get rid of solitary adversaries without taking damages!

This Komodo Dragon Pup will certainly strike in 5 even more devices of time!

But theres absolutely nothing to show this … you simply need to obtain made use of to the opponent rhythm.


Stamina is a renewable energy that usually begins at the optimum worth of “7.0” and also diminishes from this limitation with many activity usage. Stamina worth can enter into the adverse, and also if it does, that personality is incapable to act up until it contends the very least favorable endurance once more. If everyones endurance is worn down and also in the adverse variety, time will immediately proceed up until the opponent can strike, if you still do not have any person with favorable endurance, time will certainly proceed up until you do. Elements and also Techs utilize 7.0 Stamina, so your personality will certainly constantly require to recoup after their usage.

The Stamina Gauge:

Each personality has an endurance healing stat, which is the price personalities recoup their endurance scale for each and every procedure of time that passes while they aren’t assaulting. Unlike most various other statistics, their endurance healing is established from the beginning of the video game unless they use particular devices. It never ever boosts after battle. Higher numbers merely stand for “quick” personalities. Heres a checklist of which personalities recoup at what prices:.

1.2- Kid, Pierre,Razzly
1.1- Funguy, Glenn, Harle, Irenes, Leena, Luccia, Marcy, Mel, Miki, Mojo, NeoFio, Norris, Orlha, Riddel, Starky,Steena
1.0- Doc, Fargo, Grobyc, Janice, Korcha, Pip, Serge, Skelly, Sprigg,Van
0.9- Greco, Karsh, Leah, Macha, Nikki, Orcha, Poshul, Radius, Sneff, Turnip,Viper
0.8- Guile, Zappa,Zoah


Example: If you have an event of Serge, Kid and also Guile, and also Serge uses up endurance to do a “weak” strike, one device of time will certainly pass. The various other colleagues that weren’t included with the strike will certainly recoup endurance based upon their endurance price. Thus, by the end of Serges activity, Kid gains 1.2 endurance, and also Guile obtains 0.8

If Serge had actually made use of a “strong” strike, which takes 2 devices of time pass, Kid would certainly for that reason obtain 2.4 endurance, and also Guile would certainly obtain 1.6! If Serge made use of a Fierce strike for 3 devices of time, Kid would certainly obtain 3.6 and also Guile would certainly of gotten 2.4

CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION Battle System GuideWhen searching in your condition, often the video game makes you do mathematics, you can discover the endurance you recoup by splitting “Stamina Recovery” right here by 10 to obtain a portion

Stamina Rings and also Belts boost endurance. If you understand you may enter a lengthy battle I suggest making use of the personality with the highest possible endurance healing initially, and also have them utilize anElement They can establish the Field Effect to the shade of your option and also obtain promptly back right into the battle


Heres a list of just how much endurance expenses and also the number of devices of time development when you utilize an activity.

  • Attack– Weak|Costs 1.0 Stamina|1 Unit of Time Passes
  • Attack– Strong|Costs 2.0 Stamina|2 Units of Time Passes
  • Attack– Fierce|Costs 3.0 Stamina|3 Units of Time Passes
  • Element– (Any)|Costs 7.0 Stamina|1 Unit of Time Passes
  • Defend|No Cost|Until personality is re-selected by gamer
  • Escape|No Cost|Until following opponent strike (Affects every person as soon as picked)

If you run out endurance, you immediately most likely to the following individual with endurance. If you protect with every person, I think the video game will certainly pass 1 device of time requiring you to choose the following personality.

Landing assaults

Heres some extra details you may discover valuable. Landing regular physical assaults back to back without a disturbance gives a hit % benefit, you do not obtain any type of hit % for missing out on.

  • A solid strike is normally 2.5 x the quantity of power as a weak strike. Landing it offers 3x the hit % to your following strike as a weak strike would certainly.
  • A tough strike is usually 4x the power as a weak strike. Landing it offers 7x the hit % as a weak strike would certainly, to your following strike. In enhancement, if you utilize a Staff/Rod you’ll strike every person.

All struck % gains entail a formula that offers reducing returns the more detailed you are to 99%

The last point effectively striking your challenger does is offer you grid degrees, which you can take the “MP” source in various other video games to cast the “Elements” magic system in this video game. You do not obtain any type of degrees if you miss out on, landing a Weak strike offers 1 grid degree, Strong offers 2 grid degrees, and also Fierce offers 3.

CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION Battle System Guide A reduced degree Serge, all 3 aspect bars/columns he has actually are illuminated, a mathematical “Lv” worth to the left verifies the optimum degree he can cast.

Elements: Grid Levels and also Allocating

Before you can utilize an Element, you should have it outfitted.
CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION Battle System GuideFrom the food selection, most likely to Elements > > Allocate > > Select the personality you intend to alter.


CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION Battle System GuideThe grid gets on the left, this is the magic spells you plan for and also can utilize in battle. The right is primarily the choice you can conform.

The Grid is little in the beginning, it expands in a set pattern for each and every personality based upon the teams ★ degree. (you might of seen it after a battle, extra on that particular later). Each degree can consist of a column of Element spells. If your grid is “charged” at degree 5, and also you invest a degree 2 grid spell, you’ll decrease to grid degree 3.

Your optimum grid degree increases to the highest possible Element grid degree you have actually designated. If you do not have actually a component slotted in at grid degree 8, although you have a vacant aspect port there, you will not hold 8 degrees. Just inspect your grid after a manager battle and also you will not have issues right here.

You might keep in mind that placing a component in a grid might create plus or minus adhered to by a number after it, like “Fireball +1” or“Ultra Nova -1” Each Element has a base degree. Putting it in greater or reduced degree columns will certainly boost or lower the power and also impact of that Element by 25% (that’s additionally why the video game stops points like -4 aspects … since that would certainly be 0 )

As a guideline: A greater base suggests a far better aspect. That Fireball +6 simply isn’t that endangering contrasted to that snake pit -1. In the instance of the base degree coinciding, points that solitary target have a tendency to do somewhat extra base damages on that particular solitary target, however most individuals worth something that can strike even more adversaries at the same time, which will certainly complete even more damages with numerous adversaries ideally clean them out completely.

Elements: Color & &Field system fundamentals(* )every person recognizes that this video game has a rock defeats paper essential system, every opponent and also gamer personality has their

Most “innate color” basic concept is that a shade injures its contrary, and also making use of a component versus a customer of the exact same shade is not as reliable. The on that particular in a little bit.
More magic:

The Elemental (

Blue, Water, Ice, Evasion) < Flu (Red, Fire, Magma, Physical Attack)Burns (
Green, Wind, Plants, Evasion) < Poison (Yellow, Earth, Lightning, Physical Defense)Sprains (
White, Light, Meteors, Magic Defense) < Sleep (Black, Gravity, Cats, Magic Attack)Death is both the shade you protect with, and also the default shade of all your weak/strong/fierce assaults.

Your “Innate Color” if you see an opponent with a So shade, you either intend to have a red personality, like Blue or Kid– added and also slap it literally, or have any one of your celebration participants utilize a red Zappa.Element this is possibly things you currently learn about!

But’s beginning learning more about the

Let system. Field Effect you begin a battle, 3 shades will certainly show up agent of the place you’re dealing with in. Whenever a kaleidoscope, every single time a component is made use of, the shade of that aspect will certainly show up in the internal ring, pressing the external shade out.Like this photo, yellow is the internal shade, blue is the external shade.
CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION Battle System GuideIn I made use of an additional If or technology, blue would certainly vanish, pressing environment-friendly and also yellow an action towards the external side to give way for the brand-new shade.Element ua71fc414d8852adb21310d2db8b5753c {extra padding:0 px; margin: 0; padding-top:1 em!important; padding-bottom:1 em!important; size:100%; display screen: block; font-weight: vibrant; background-color: #eaeaea; boundary:0! essential; border-left:4 px strong # 34495E! essential; text-decoration: none;}. ua71fc414d8852adb21310d2db8b5753c: energetic,. ua71fc414d8852adb21310d2db8b5753c: float {opacity: 1; change: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; text-decoration: none;}. ua71fc414d8852adb21310d2db8b5753c {change: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; opacity: 1; change: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms;}. ua71fc414d8852adb21310d2db8b5753c.ctaText {font-weight: vibrant; shade: acquire; text-decoration: none; font-size: 16px;}. ua71fc414d8852adb21310d2db8b5753c.postTitle {shade: # 000000; text-decoration: underline!important; font-size: 16px;}. ua71fc414d8852adb21310d2db8b5753c: hover.postTitle {text-decoration: underline!important;}

CROSS: CHRONO 100% THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION video game focuses on a factor system based upon the shades of the assailant and also protector and also theAchievement Guide

This Field Effect factor deserves 12.5% added damages on your strike, the strike can be punished need to you wind up with factors in the adverse.Each the standard weak/strong/fierce assaults it functions similar to this:

For with 1 factor

  • Start +1 for each and every time the assailant’s shade shows up in the F.E. unless the target is additionally that shade
  • -1 for each and every time the assailant’s contrary shade shows up in the F.E.
  • -1 if the assailant coincides shade as the target
  • the

For and also Tech, the factor system is somewhat modified: Elements with 0 factors

  • Start +1 for each and every time the
  • ‘s shade shows up in the F.E. unless the target is additionally that shadeElement -1 for each and every time the
  • ‘s contrary shade shows up in the F.E.Element +1 if the assailant and also
  • coincide shadeElement -1 if the assailant and also
  • are contrary shadesElement -1 if the target and also
  • coincide shadeElement result is increased by an additional 1.5 if the strike is the contrary shade of the protector.

This sum up, you intend to strike the opponent with the shade they’re weak versus, while additionally filling the area with aspects you such as to utilize, while attempting to stay clear of allowing the opponent transform the area to their shade.


Side secures some
Innate Color from usage. Elements are can not be designated unless the individual coincides certain Some Elements as thatInnate Color Element makes This that transforms Pip an actually effective personality if you construct him right.Innate Colors, stood for by having a ★ in their name, are not just
Summon Elements secured, however need you to flooding the Innate Color with their shade to be made use of. Field Effect additionally eat a ★ from your ★ They too, however unless you are exceptionally irresponsible individual of summons, you will certainly never ever lack celebrities in this video game, due to the fact that merely mosting likely to an Level or bed recuperates ★ degree to complete.Inn

‘s all we are sharing today in

That CROSS: CHRONO, if you have anything to include, please do not hesitate to leave a remark listed below, you can additionally review the initial post THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION Battle System Guide all the credit scores mosts likely to the initial writer here, EVEN MORE VIDEO GAME OVERVIEWS FOR YOUfrowningmirror


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