Chained Echoes Crystal Guide

Welcome to our Chained Echoes Crystal Guide. A information for crystal system of Chained Echoes. Updated as of v1.05.

Chained Echoes Crystal Guide

A information for crystal system of Chained Echoes. Updated as of v1.05. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Chained Echoes sport. If you’re a kind of who discover it troublesome to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Chained Echoes information.

Are crystals wanted to beat the sport?

Honestly, no. Plenty of individuals have managed to finish the entire sport whereas utterly ignoring the crystal system.

Then why do I would like to fret about crystals?

A personality can equip 5 passive abilities. Maybe 6 in case you depend the accent, although accent abilities are usually weaker than a stage 3 talent. Meanwhile, in case you maximize the quantity of crystals per weapon, you will get 3 abilities in your weapon and three abilities in your armor, supplying you with 6 extra abilities.

A personality can double the quantity of passive abilities they’ve outfitted with full use of the crystal system, to not point out having access to some abilities they usually don’t have.

  • Are you bored with dedicating a slot to a healer to maintain your injury sellers healed each flip?
  • Do you want seeing huge numbers?
  • Do you wish to crit extra?
  • Are your characters continually shifting after the enemy?
  • Do you need your multihitters to cripple your enemies with standing results?
  • Do you wish to solo the superboss with Sienna?

All these issues will be solved with crystals.

Besides, among the crystals you decide up on a traditional playthrough can result in a drastic powerboost that helps you out for the remainder of the sport in case you perceive the system even in case you don’t wish to go all out and exit of your approach to farm the optimum crystals. It’s not too troublesome to get 2 talents on every tools, which can nonetheless virtually double the variety of talents at your character’s disposal.

Crystal Stats

Chained Echoes Crystal Guide
  • Rank: The skill of a crystal principally can vary from stage 1-3. For instance, the ATK UP skill offers +10% at stage 1, +20% at stage 2, and +30% at stage 3. The stage 1 skill is unlocked for crystals which can be Rank III and Rank IV. Level 2 is Rank V – Rank IX. Level 3 is Rank X+. Higher the Rank the higher. A crystal you mine can vary from Rank I – III and mixing is required to go increased. Rank I and II crystals can’t be inserted into tools and is simply helpful for combining.
  • Purity: Ranges from 0 – 5. The purity of a crystal is what number of instances a crystal will be mixed with different crystals. Higher the purity the higher.
  • Size: Ranges from 1 – 3. An tools has as much as 4 sockets when upgraded twice. The dimension of a crystal determines what number of sockets it makes use of on a weapon.

A chunk of kit really can solely have a max of three talents, so placing 4 dimension 1 crystals will solely provide the first 3 talents. It’s troublesome to create a Size 1 Rank X crystals so in case you handle to create any you want, I counsel you save them for one of the best tools within the sport because the crystals gained’t be the identical once you take away them (extra particulars on this later).

Combining Crystals

Crystal Guide

You can mix crystals with the identical talents. For instance, you’ll be able to mix an ATK UP crystal with one other ATK UP crystal (with some restrictions) however you can not mix an ATK UP crystal with a DEF UP crystal. When you carry out a mixture, the ensuing crystal turns into synthetic (has a * subsequent to the title).

You want a Base Crystal and a Fuse Crystal for combining. There are some restrictions on the crystals you’ll be able to mix.

  • Base Crystal: Can be any crystal with a purity of 1 or increased (decide the crystal with the upper purity)
  • Fuse Crystal: Can be any non-artificial crystal (assume they’re referred to as pure crystals) with the identical skill

Combined Result

The mixed crystals could have the next stats:

  • Rank: Add the ranks of the 2 crystals collectively (e.g. III + III = VI)
  • Purity: The purity of the bottom crystal -1
  • Size: Average of the 2 crystals’ sizes rounded up (1 mixed with 1 will end in dimension 1, 1 mixed with 2 will end in dimension 2, 1 mixed with 3 will end in dimension 2, and so on.). This means it’s inconceivable for a crystal to be dimension 1 if any dimension 2 or 3 crystals was ever used within the combining course of.

Removing Crystals From Equipment

Crystal Guide
There are a few key factors about eradicating crystals from tools:

  • When a chunk of kit has greater than 1 crystal inserted, all crystals are eliminated without delay and you can not selectively take away a single crystal
  • The Rank of the crystal turns into III, V, or X relying on the extent of the power (Rank III for stage 1, Rank V for stage 2, and Rank X for stage 3)
  • The dimension of the crystal turns into 3
  • The purity of the crystal turns into 0
  • The crystal is now not thought of synthetic

There are each good issues and dangerous issues about this this.

The good:

  • You can freely take away and insert dimension 3 crystals to new tools.
  • You can protect the dimensions and rank of dimension 2 crystals by fusing the eliminated crystal right into a dimension 1.
  • Since the eliminated crystal is now not synthetic, you should utilize it as a Fuse Crystal once more. This makes it simple to create Rank Xs with out requiring excessive purity and excessive rank crystals

The dangerous:

  • Any dimension 1 crystals won’t ever be dimension 1 once more after being eliminated. I extremely counsel that you probably have a Rank X, dimension 1 crystal with a capability you want, put it aside for the last word tools.

Making Rank X Crystals Easily

An simple approach to make Rank X crystals with out requiring extraordinarily excessive purity crystal and excessive rank crystals is to create some synthetic Rank III and Rank V crystals by way of fusing, insert them into a chunk of kit, after which take away them from the tools to create Rank III and Rank V crystals that may now be used as Fuse Crystals.

Usually I make a Rank III and Rank V fodder, get a crystal with purity 2 or 3, then mix these two into into it. The ensuing crystal shall be dimension 3. If I wish to decrease it to dimension 2, I add a dimension 1 crystal as effectively (if there’s extra purity left) and I’ll have a Rank X dimension 2.

Example: I’ve the observe crystals:

  • AGI UP II, Size 3, Purity 0 (Crystal 1)
  • AGI UP I, Size 2, Purity 1 (Crystal 2)
  • AGI UP III, Size 2, Purity 0 (Crystal 3)
  • AGI UP II, Size 3, Purity 1 (Crystal 4)
  • AGI UP I, Size 1, Purity 0 (Crystal 5)
  • AGI Up I, Size 3, Purity 3 (Crystal 6)

I can flip all these into an AGI X, Size 2 by doing the next:

  • Combine Crystal 2 (base) with Crystal 1 to make a AGI III, Size 3. This crystal is synthetic now. Insert it right into a weapon/armor after which take away it to show this right into a AGI III, Size 3 that’s non synthetic (Crystal 7).
  • Combine Crystal 4 (base) with Crystal 3 to make a AGI V, Size 3. Insert and take away to create a non-artifical AGI V, Size 3 (Crystal 8)
  • Combine Crystal 6 (base) with Cry 7 to make a AGI IV with Size 3, Purity 2.
  • Combine the results of the above with Crystal 8 to make a AGI IX with Size 3, Purity 1.
  • Combine the results of the above with Crystal 5 to make a AGI X with Size 2, Purity 0.

How to make Size 1 Rank X crystals?

Every Crystal within the fusion course of will have to be dimension 1. You’ll want a crystal of not less than purity 3 (although 4 and 5 are most well-liked) because the Base Crystal. I’d counsel you retain an eye fixed for crystals you’re with a dimension 1 and rank II or III.

The purity of your base crystal is the variety of instances you’ll be able to mix different crystals into it, so work out what number of fusions you want.

To get Rank X with 4 crystals, you want both:

  • III + III + III + I
  • III + III + II + II

With a kind of crystals being purity 3 to behave as the bottom for the fusions. Purity 4 and 5 crystals are extra lenient. Size 1 Rank X crystals must be saved for final tools because you want 2 dimension 1s and both a dimension 1 or 2 to suit 3 talents into a totally upgraded piece of kit.

How do Crystals Respawn?

Each crystal node generates extra crystals after half-hour, so that you’ll simply have to attend half-hour and are available again later.

When Should I Farm Crystals?

I’d not advocate farming crystals within the early sport. As you play by way of the sport, you will get two upgrades that make farming crystals loads simpler.

  • The first improve permits you to mine 3 crystals as a substitute of two from each node.
  • The second improve permits you to select whether or not the crystals you mine belong within the Status, Offensive, Defensive, or Utility class to slender down the pool as a substitute of randomly getting crystals from all 4 swimming pools.

I extremely counsel ready till these two upgrades earlier than going out of your approach to farm crystals, however do accumulate any crystals in case you discover an lively node. Might discover one thing helpful.

Good Locations to Mine Crystals?

These are some routes that get you an honest variety of crystals and requires no battles.

  • Isle of Messages: Has about 10 nodes
  • Shambala Northeast: Has about 3 nodes clumped collectively and is an efficient place to succeed in Isle of Messages from.
  • Fiorwood West and Northwest: The elevated wood bridge has about 6 nodes.
  • Ograne Grottos: There’s a clump of 4 crystals nodes within the northwest with 1 extra node alongside the best way from the quickwarp level.

Which Abilities are Good?

Before I’m going into which talents are good, do be aware that many talents don’t stack. For essentially the most half, assume that talents which don’t present up on the standing web page don’t stack. However, standing crystals like ATK UP, AGI UP, and so on. do stack.

Note that you just can not put two of the identical talents on the identical piece of kit even when they stack, however you’ll be able to put one on weapon and one on armor.

This consists of Increased Critical Damage, as a result of important injury appears to max at 200% and also you begin at 150%, so a stage 3 shall be sufficient and characters which have already got it as a passive don’t want it. Remember that when you take away a dimension 1 crystal, it’s going to by no means be dimension 1 once more so that you’ll have to be cautious to your remaining setup and go for crystals which can be helpful for quite a lot of conditions if you wish to get 3 talents into one equip.

For the extra situational crystals, it’s fantastic to maintain a few dimension 2 and dimension 3s and equip and take away as wanted, however I’d not advocate them on a remaining setup with 3 talents.

AGI UP (Status):

  • Effect: Increases AGI by (15%/17%/20%)
  • Notes: AGI is essentially the most universally helpful stat within the sport and this is among the greatest crystals. A personality’s AGI softcaps at 50 and may go increased with in-battle buffs. With sufficient velocity + buffs, your characters can go a number of instances earlier than your enemy. One crucial be aware is that AGI scales in a different way from different stat crystals and supplies a whopping 15% enhance at stage 1 and is upgraded to twenty% at stage 3 whereas most different stats present 10% at stage 1 and 30% at stage 3, so it’s one of the vital environment friendly crystals at Rank III. I attempt to put this on just about each piece of kit except the character can already attain 50 AGI with simply 1 and their passives.

HP Drain (Utility):

  • Effect: Drains HP once you deal injury.
  • Notes: The solely Utility crystal on this checklist and the best to search out as soon as you’ll be able to slender down the crystals you mine due to that. It’s fairly simple to create dimension 1 Rank X copies of this crystal. Note that this not solely works for bodily injury, it really works for magic and summons (Cres) as effectively. A powerful sufficient attacker will principally absolutely heal with a strong assault you probably have this. This doesn’t stack, so ensure that your character doesn’t have already got this as a passive.

ATK/MAG UP (Status):

  • Effect: Increases ATK/MAG by (10%/20%/30%)
  • Notes: This will increase the bottom stats and doesn’t embody the stats gained from tools. From my testing, it normally ends in a 20% injury improve or so at stage 3. Do be aware that at stage 1, the enhance is fairly meagre.

Crit Rate Up (Status):

  • Effect: Increases important fee by (5%/10%/15%)
  • Notes: Increases important fee. Very good for bodily injury sellers and even magical injury sellers in case you give them the accent that permits magic to crit.

Crit Damage Up (Status):

  • Effect: Increases important injury by (30%/40%/50%)
  • Notes: Increases the important injury. Base important injury is 150%, so with a lift, you’ll be doing double injury for criticals. There’s a cap at 200%, so these are just about not stackable.

<Weapon> Master (Status):

  • Effect: Increases injury dealt by (10%/15%/20%)
  • Notes: Increases injury dealt. This doesn’t stack. These are usually more durable to search out than the stackable stat boosting crystals.

<Armor Type> Bonus (Status):

  • Effect: Decreases injury acquired by (10%/15%/20%)
  • Notes: Decreases injury acquired. This doesn’t stack. These are usually more durable to search out than the stackable stat boosting crystals.

Call of Nature (Status):

  • Effect: Raises stats firstly of battle for each free equip slot.
  • Notes: This is a bit state of affairs, but when your character does probably not want an adjunct or a category emblem, this talent will present a pleasant enhance to all of your stats (ATK/DEF/MIND/AGI/CRIT RATE). Do be aware that the bonus is barely noticeable in case you’re nonetheless carrying 3/4 equips and is basically solely price it in case you solely equip a weapon and an armor (or only a weapon you probably have some approach to keep away from dying). This crystal could be very uncommon and more durable to advocate however it’s an possibility. Personally, I’d in all probability enhance crit fee/crit injury for injury sellers as a substitute or go for uncooked stats. Sienna and Mikah have this passive, so I’d counsel you experiment with them earlier than deciding to go for this or not.

One factor you’ll discover is that there are plenty of Status Type crystals on this checklist. Unfortunately, many of the different crystals are extra situational, although you probably have a method that requires one of many different crystals, be at liberty to mess around with these as effectively. There are plenty of talents within the Status Crystals pool, so it’s a bit more durable to get a number of crystals with the identical skill. I simply wished to focus on the extra secure, universally helpful crystal

Another enjoyable combo you’ll be able to carry out is having characters inflict Wet/Dry/OIl/Heavy (assault crystals and actives) and granting your characters the matching aspect with assault crystals to deal large injury.

Crystals which have an opportunity to inflict stats (Attack Crystals) work greatest with characters which have multi-hit abilities because the probability is per hit.

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