Cattails Catching and Gathering

Welcome to our Cattails Catching and Gathering information. Having a tough time understanding collect meals or what to collect? Here’s a information we’ve tried to place collectively that tells simply that.

Cattails Catching and Gathering

Having a tough time understanding collect meals or what to collect? Here’s a information we’ve tried to place collectively that tells simply that.

How do you Catching and Gathering Food in Cattails?

Catching Prey
When I first began enjoying, even with the tutorial I used to be a bit of dumb and struggled to catch meals a bit extra then I’d preferred to have.

Due to that cause, I appeared for guildes on catch issues however wasn’t capable of finding any. Which brings me to create this guilde. Hope this helps anybody who struggled like me!

– To begin, if you come throughout an animal, you’ll need to begin shifting, often known as crouching.

– One you’ve began that, if you get in line of sight of the prey, you’ll see the circle fill with a blue color.
Catching and Gathering
– Once it hits a full circle, it’ll flip purple briefly then to blue once more and that’s if you hit area!
Catching and GatheringCatching and Gathering
You could not catch your prey the primary time nevertheless it shouldn’t take lengthy after that to get the dangle of it.

I want you luck! If the written model right here doesn’t make that a lot sense, a video with visuals beneath could make extra sense!


As far as gathering meals goes, simply click on on it and it’ll go into your stock so long as it’s not full.
Things from bushes will go in your stock if it’s not full, whether it is, it’ll inform you and not go away the bush.
–> If you allow one thing on the bottom, prey or provides out of your stock. It will keep on the bottom till you come again.

What Improves your Cats Hunger?

Easy Mode
– Licorice Root: 7%
– Mouse: 33%
– Frog: 43%
– Field Mouse: 33%
– Crow: 48%
– Dove: 48%
– Winter Blueberries: 19%
– Bass:
– Trout: 45%
– Salmon:
– Catfish:
– Rasberries: 30%
– Bluejay:
– Cardinal:
– Harvest Mouse:
– Toad: 42%
– Sea Bass: 45%


What Improves your Cats Health?

Easy Mode
– Marigold
Imrpoves well being time beyond regulation.
– Goldenseal
Improves well being time beyond regulation


What Gives XP?

Easy Mode
– Marigold: 2 XP
– Goldenseal: 2 XP
– Licorice Root: 2 XP
– Catnip: 2-4 XP
– Valerian: 2 XP
– Lavender: 2 XP
– Blackberries: 2-4 XP
– Snake Lily: 2 XP
– Winter blueberries: 2 XP
– Rasberries: 2 XP

– Crow: 1 XP
– Mouse: 1 XP
– Dove: 1 XP
– Gray Squirrel: 1 XP
– Frog: 1 XP
– Toad: 1-4 XP
– Rabbit: 1-4 XP
– Harvest Mouse: 2 XP
– Bat: 1 XP

– Sleeping: 5 XP
– Get 3 process tokens and buy the 25 XP
– Getting “rid” of a cat from one other colony: 2-4 XP

(Hard for me to pay attention to animal XP because it vanishes fast)


How a lot do issues promote for?

Based off the shopkeeper Ember
Easy Mode
– Blackberrues: 2 Mews
– Winter Blueberries: 2 Mews
– Valerian: 3 Mews
– Goldenseal: 2 Mews
– Rasberries: 3 Mews
– Licorice: 3 Mews
– Lavender: 4 Mews
– Marigold: 4 Mews
– Snake Lily: 5 Mews
– Catnip: 15 Mews

– Southern Damnselfly: 1 Mew
– Red Ladybug: 1 Mew
– Painted Butterfly: 1 Mew
– Azure Butterfly: 1 Mew
– Tiger Butterfly: 2 Mews
– Orange Ladybug: 2 Mews
– Green firefly: 2 Mews
– Frog: 2 Mews
– Mouse: 3 Mews
– Field Mouse: 3 Mews
– Harvest Mouse: 3 Mews
– Gray Squirrel: 3 Mews
– Squirrel: 3 Mews
– Toad: 3 Mews
– Trout: 3 Mews
– Salmon: 4 Mews
– Sea Bass: 4 Mews
– Crow: 4 Mews
– Rabbit: 4 Mews
– Turtle Meat: 4 Mews
– Dove: 5 Mews
– Bass: 8 Mews
– Cardinal: 48 Mews

– Red Rose: 1 Mew
– Scallop: 2 Mews
– Ruby: 6 Mews


Mines – Cattails Catching and Gathering

Easy Mode

You’ll randomly have kinds of mouses or presumably different animals get away of the rocks.
Don’t guess on discovering meals an excessive amount of as I discovered it was fairly uncommon.
Bring therapeutic provides and meals.
Starting at Level 1
– Rock Debris
– Mole Coins
– Iron Ore

Starting at stage 21
– Gold Ore
Catching and Gathering

Starting at 31
– Topaz
Catching and Gathering

Starting at 41
– Sapphire
Catching and Gathering

Starting at 51
– Emerald
Catching and Gathering

Starting at 61

Catching and Gathering


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