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Cannot close Excel on Windows 11/10

If you can not close an Excel worksheet on Windows 11/10, the options offered on this article will assist you to repair the issue. According to the customers, once they click on on the pink cross button on the highest proper facet, Excel received’t close. Some customers obtained error messages whereas closing the Excel file, whereas, for some customers, nothing occurs once they click on on the close button. There may be a number of causes of this difficulty. Let’s discuss in regards to the doable options.

The error messages that some customers obtained whereas closing Microsoft Excel are:

Microsoft Excel is trying to find an answer.

Microsoft Excel is ready for one more software to finish an OLE motion.

Cannot close Excel on Windows 11/10

If you can not close Excel on your Windows 11/10 PC, use the options offered beneath to repair the difficulty:

  1. Force close Excel and restart it
  2. Install Office updates
  3. Open Excel in Safe Mode
  4. Change your default printer
  5. Add a Close button
  6. Perform a web based restore
  7. Uninstall and reinstall Office

Let’s see all these fixes intimately.

1] Force close Excel and restart it

You can use the Task Manager to drive close packages. Close Excel through the use of the Task Manager and restart it. Before continuing, save your work. Go via the next directions:

  • Open the Task Manager.
  • Select the Processes tab.
  • Right-click on Microsoft Excel and choose End job.

After force-closing Excel, open it once more and see if the difficulty persists.

2] Install Office Updates

Outdated purposes could comprise bugs resulting from which customers expertise points. Make positive that you’re utilizing the newest model of Microsoft Office. Check for Office updates manually. If updates can be found set up them.

3] Open Excel in Safe Mode

It can also be doable that an add-in is interfering with Excel and stopping it from being closed. To affirm this, open Excel in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, some add-ins stay disabled. If the issue doesn’t happen in Safe Mode, one of many put in add-ins is the perpetrator. Now, close Excel and open it in regular mode. Now, disable the put in add-ins one after the other to determine the problematic add-in. The following steps will assist you to with that:

Disable addins in Excel

  1. Open Excel in regular mode.
  2. Open an present file or create a brand new one.
  3. Go to “File > Options > Add-Ins.”
  4. Select COM Add-ins within the drop-down and click on Go.
  5. Uncheck one of many out there add-ins to disable it and click on OK.
  6. After disabling every add-in, close the Excel file.

Repeat the above-mentioned steps till you discover the problematic add-in. Once you discover the problematic add-in, take away it and discover its various.

4] Change your default printer

According to the studies, altering the default printer labored for a lot of customers. You also needs to do that and see if it helps. Sometimes, Microsoft Office purposes are unable to entry the default printer resulting from which customers can expertise a number of points. In this case, altering the default printer can repair the issue.

Set printer as default Windows 11

Change your default printer and choose Microsoft XPS Document Writer as your default printer. It ought to work. If Microsoft XPS Document Writer is lacking on your pc, you need to set up it through the Optional Features. The following directions will assist you to with that:

Install Microsoft XPS Document Writer

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Select Category within the View by mode.
  3. Go to “Programs > Programs and Features.”
  4. Click on the Turn Windows options on or off hyperlink on the left facet.
  5. In the Windows Features, choose the Microsoft XPS Document Writer checkbox and click on OK.

The above steps will set up Microsoft XPS Document Writer on your system. After putting in it, it is possible for you to to set it as your default printer.

5] Add a Close button

If you can not close Excel by clicking on the pink cross button on the highest proper facet, you possibly can add a Close button on the Excel ribbon to close your Excel recordsdata. The following steps will information you on add a Close button on the Excel ribbon.

Add the Close button in Excel

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Open an present file or create a brand new one.
  3. Go to “File > Options.”
  4. Select the Customize Ribbon class from the left facet.
  5. Select Main Tabs within the drop-down underneath the Customize the Ribbon part.
  6. Select Home and click on on the New Group button out there on the backside.
  7. Select the newly created customized group and rename it (if you need) by clicking on the Rename button on the backside. I renamed it Close.
  8. Now, choose All instructions within the drop-down underneath the “Choose commands from” part on the left facet.
  9. Scroll down and choose Close.
  10. Click Add so as to add the Close button within the customized group you created.
  11. Click OK to avoid wasting the adjustments.

Close button on Excel Ribbon

The above steps will add the Close button within the Home tab on the Excel ribbon (see the above screenshot). Now, everytime you click on on this Close button, Excel will close the at the moment opened file. Do word that this button is not going to close your complete Microsoft Excel app.

6] Perform a web based restore

If the issue nonetheless persists, we propose you restore Microsoft Office. Running a web based restore is useful when Office purposes begin giving points and errors. The course of will take a while as a result of Microsoft Office downloads the required recordsdata to restore this system.

7] Uninstall and reinstall Office

If not one of the above fixes helped, uninstall Microsoft Office and set up it once more. Before you proceed, just be sure you have the Office activation key. You would require this key to activate Office after putting in it once more. This ought to assist.

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How do I repair Excel not responding in Windows 11?

If Excel freezes, crashes, or stops responding, the issue may be related to a third-party add-in. You ought to begin Excel in Safe Mode and see if the difficulty persists. Also, be sure that the Microsoft Office software is updated. Outdated software program could trigger some points resulting from bugs.

Why is Excel not letting me close?

If you aren’t in a position to close Microsoft Excel, first, see if Excel is exhibiting an error message whereas closing it. If sure, troubleshoot it accordingly. If you click on on the pink cross button on the highest proper facet however Excel received’t close, it’s best to test if the issue is going on resulting from an add-in or not. For this, you need to begin Excel in Safe Mode. Other fixes which you could attempt to repair the difficulty embrace updating Microsoft Office manually, repairing Microsoft Office, uninstalling and reinstalling Office, and so on.

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