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Can I delete the TEM .tmp files in Windows SystemTemp folder?

In this submit, we are going to clarify what are the TEM .tmp files that you could be see in the SystemTemp folder of the Windows listing in Windows 11/10.

What are TEM .tmp files in Windows SystemTemp folder

When you navigate to the following location C:WindowsSystemTemp you may even see it containing some sub-folders in addition to some sub-folders, in addition to some files. You may even see many files which are named one thing like tem1234.tmp.

Now in the event you open these files, you will note that the content material of all these temp files is sort of all the time:

INFOMSG: Successfully transformed 1 licenses from real authorization tickets on disk.

These files often seem after you’ve gotten upgraded your Windows with the subsequent Feature Update or Version change.

TEM tmp files

These files are created by ClipSVC (Client License Service) and Clipup.exe which is the Client License Platform migration device, whereas doing its job.

There is nothing a lot that you must do.

If you want to delete these .tmp files you possibly can go forward and delete them.

If you want to cease their creation, open Task Scheduler, go to Microsoft/Windows/Manangement/Provisioning and disable the Logon process. This has been identified to assist. But I have no idea the way it will have an effect on your OS throughout the subsequent Feature Upgrade when Windows checks for licensing and activation.

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What are Temporary Files in Windows 11/10

Temporary Files in Windows are these junk files whose use is barely momentary and turn into redundant as soon as the process in hand is accomplished. Such momentary files are created to carry information quickly whereas a file is being created or processed or used.

How to repair A important error occurred whereas changing real authorization tickets on disk licenses?

If you see A important error occurred whereas changing real authorization tickets on disk licenses, Error code: 0x80041014.ERROR: Failed! Error 0x!08X, then Run Disk Cleanup Tool, Run Windows Update after which Windows Activation Troubleshooter in that order and see if it helps.

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