‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Season 1 Episode 6 ‘Dreams in the Witch House’ Ending Explained

Here is the ending defined to Dreams in the Witch House of Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities.


For anybody confused about the ending to the sixth episode of Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities then permit us to try to assist! We’ll even be protecting the remaining episodes of Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, however right here is the ending defined to Dreams in the Witch House.

Dreams in the Witch House is the sixth episode of Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, and was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, and was written by Mika Watkins and Guillermo del Toro, and based mostly on the brief story by H.P. Lovecraft.

Years after the demise of his twin sister, a spiritualist researcher ventures right into a darkish and mysterious realm with the assist of a strong drug, decided to convey her again.

What occurred in Dreams in the Witch House?

After the demise of his sister, and her turning into trapped in the Forest of Lost Souls, Walter devoted his whole life to discovering a means into the forest, and bringing her again from the different aspect.

Walter’s search led him in the path of a Navajo man that has been to the forest himself and can assist Walter get there too, for a worth. He is obtainable a strong drug named “liquid gold,” however warned to not trigger any ripples in the forest or face devasting penalties. On one of his visits to the forest to search out Epperley, his suspicions he might convey her again are all however confirmed when he tears off a bit of her robe and brings it into the actual world.

Walter’s obsession with utilizing the liquid gold results in him shedding his membership at the Spiritualist Society, who’re afraid he utilizing the group to fund a drug dependancy. He additionally falls out along with his buddy Frank, who regardless of believing in ghosts and being a member of the Spiritualist Society has by no means seen a ghost.

His analysis ultimately leads him to the notorious Witch House the place the witch Kizieh as soon as lived, and died close by after being sentenced to hold. Walter rents a room that beforehand belonged to the witch, and is watched by an odd entity from the shadows, and a rat with a humanoid face.

One night time whereas affected by sleep paralysis, Walter is visited by Kizieh and her rat companion, Jenkins. Kizieh realizes Walter is a twin, which is required for her, and Jenkins to be let out from the home.

Ignoring all the earlier recommendation, Walter searches for Epperly as soon as extra, however she warns him he has prompted a ripple in the forest after Kizieh adopted him by way of the doorway. After being chased by Kizieh, she ultimately grabs maintain of Walter and kisses him, draining his life pressure. Epperly is ready to escape however goes again to save lots of her brother, and the pair make it again to the actual world.

Running away from Kizieh, Walter and Epperly search assist from Mariana who exhibits her prophetic work to the siblings and divulges Walter is doomed to die earlier than dawn, and the fates of Kizieh and Epperly are intertwined.

Epperly disappears, nevertheless, Walter and Mariana try to say sanctuary at the close by church, a lot to the disdain of Sister Lucretia. Frank arrives to assist, however Kizieh quickly arrives, killing Sister Lucretia after which utilizing her magic to pressure Walter to her.

Epperly returns, which meant Walter was on the brink of demise, nevertheless, she stops Kizieh from utilizing her magic by driving her wand into her cranium, which kills her.

With Kizieh defeated, Epperly is ready to transfer on from purgatory, and ascend to the subsequent stage of the afterlife. Walter is heartbroken by her passing, however deep inside you’ll be able to assume he’s blissful she is now at peace. However, Jenkins menacingly approaches the unconscious Walter.

Frank and Miriana had been in a position to get Walter into mattress, and whereas he rests they search the relaxation attic solely to find the skeletal stays of Kizieh and Jenkins. Walter, awakes, solely to find one thing is deep inside of him, consuming him alive. He requires assist, however by the time Frank and Miriana arrive it’s too late, and Jenkins has murdered Walter.

By murdering Walter, Jenkins frees himself from his corporal kind. Once Frank and Mariana go away, lamenting the demise of Walter, Jenkins takes possession of the physique, and begins a brand new life, the place he’ll dwell life to the fullest.

Why didn’t Jenkins die?

It may be assumed that Kizieh would have freed Jenkins from his rat kind had her scheme succeeded, nevertheless, the pair weren’t certain to one another. This implies that simply because Kizieh was defeated it didn’t imply Jenkins would die.

He took benefit of Walter being alone in the bed room and entered his physique when nobody might cease him.

How lengthy will Walter’s physique survive beneath Jenkin’s management?

Days, weeks, months, or years. It’s anybody’s guess contemplating Walter is definitely lifeless. He’s unlikely to age any additional, nevertheless, it’s additionally unclear if the physique will start to decay over time.

Even if Walter’s physique was to decay, Jenkins would possibly simply be capable to ratatouille his means right into a model new host.

Why did Kizieh die?

It’s unclear how her magic works, nevertheless, being stabbed by way of the head with a magical cursed wand would kill the sturdiest of folks and witches.

Kizieh’s and Epperly’s fates had been intertwined, so one needed to die in order for the different to outlive.

What did the kiss do to Walter?

Aside from stealing his life pressure, Kizieh’s kiss additionally made Walter inclined to her magic which is why she was in a position to drag his physique out of the church regardless of the relative security of the sanctuary.

Why was Mariana in the forest portray?

Marina revealed to Walter that she is compelled to color her visions by Kizieh, however this additionally doesn’t clarify why she was seen in the Forest of Lost Souls portray. If Mariana wasn’t working straight for Kizieh, then she inadvertently lead Walter to his demise by making certain he discovered the portray which lead him to the Witch House.

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