Black Desert Beginner Guide

Welcome to our Black Desert Beginner Guide. We’ll embrace a common step-by-step what to do on a recent account -> seasonal -> mid to finish sport guides. We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Black Desert sport. If you’re a kind of who discover it tough to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Black Desert information.

Black Desert Beginner Guide

Do your major quest!

Reasons to do your major quest.
1. Contribution Points
2. Energy/Knowledge
3. Overall data of the map and cities
4. Quest equipment (offers you a lift for seasonal begins)
5. Basic armor (Naru pen)

Honestly, tempo your self. Talk to each “?” you see, alt+tab and youtube some guides when you are “auto-running” to your subsequent quest goal.

If you’re extraordinarily affected person, and need extra storage… you may make ALT’s and do a number of the quests to begin getting extra stock slots on ALT characters.

Black Desert Loot information for Beginner

I extremely suggest monster zones, these days you may simply click on it on the map and it’ll present what the spot is sweet for, what uncommon gadgets you may get and so forth.

For instance; if you happen to hate questing -> grinding for Asula equipment or engaged on the Tri Asula necklace is an effective begin… however the entire beginning “newbie” equipment aren’t value it anymore since Seasonal grew to become a factor. (You want a Tri Asula necklace finally for considered one of your Journals I consider).

“Recommended AP” is normally a bit too low for that spot, in all probability higher to be 10-20 AP greater so you may “1 shot” the monsters.

Pay to “Win” and Cash Shop information

Honestly I’m penning this as a result of I maintain seeing newbies drop $100 and purchase bizarre stuff.

Here is considerably of a precedence checklist I assume. But a majority of the time it’s greatest to attend for gross sales.

1. Tent “$40”, at all times use your 20% off coupon on the tent
2. Value Packs, once more in all probability greatest to attend for gross sales or use a coupon on…
If you’re tremendous broke; you may stockpile gadgets and liquidate all the pieces on market with the “LOYALTY 1 day Value Pack” or simply wait till you get a free 7 day one from each day logins and so forth.
3. Pets – in all probability greatest to go up tiers 1 at a time for every pet..


Tier 2
Tier 1
Tier 1
Tier 1
Tier 1

Tier 2
Tier 2
Tier 1
Tier 1
Tier 1

This method you may doubtlessly get fortunate; and get a random Tier 3 pet.

If you land a Tier 3, you may truthfully attempt to roll for a T4 and evolve the pet (Makes all pets loot 15% sooner).

4. Worker Lodging / Town Storages

Probably one of many higher investments for “long term”. Every hardcore lifeskiller caps out their lodging from Cash store as a result of it pays off in the long term by saving CP (which can be utilized for different issues).

5. Artisan Memories

Arguably one of many greater whale investments right here. People will say RNG is RNG when you find yourself enhancing -> however if you’re consistently failing TET on stuff = you get greater failstacks for greater stuff later down the street.

6. Outfits to Crons

Whales do that to have a number of makes an attempt for tet/pen blackstar FYI
The remainder of the 90% of the playerbase will simply pre-order outfits and watch for a whale to purchase 10+1 at a time bundles to promote in the marketplace to allow them to purchase it…

If there’s stock slots on sale, put it in your Shai (To fish)
If there’s weight on sale, put it in your Shai and Main
Processing outfit is wonderful.

Seasonal speed-run

1.Have your good friend/guildmate energy stage you to 61
(Loyalty store 530% exp scroll, each day 200% scroll merged right into a 600%, occasion 200%, black spirit 20%, Food buff, Seasonal Crystal 50%)
No huge deal right here if you happen to don’t get boosted to 61, you may AFK practice on seasonal server too.

2. Collect the entire rewards and faucet your gear to tet, then use the seasonal move “stone” for pen weapon.

3. Enhance all gear to “TRI” -> speak to Fughar
Fughar offers 1 “40” failstack, so it is best to find yourself with X4 from armor and X3 from Weapons.

4.Enhance all gear to “TET” -> speak to Fughar
Same factor, besides “60” failstacks.

5. Get the 140 failstack from seasonal move merchandise.

6. Graduation Reward precedence
Obviously new gamers will choose the “30 AP” necklace.
Then will probably be the Pen Capotia BELT “17 AP”
And for the remainder it’s in all probability greatest to go for the 100 stacks

Need extra supplies?
Platoon weeklies and Velia Rifts are one of the best ways to get mats.
Always choose 600.
Second weekly must be ore (for equipment)

Seasonal Enhancing Tips/Gear

In the final half I discussed Fughar offers you a 40 failstack.


  • Step 1; Turn Pri to Duo WITHOUT Refined stones
  • Step 2; Turn to Tri WITH Refined
  • Step 3; Tap with Fughar’s 40 failstack
  • Rinse repeat to Tet
  • Step 4; Tap to PEN with Fughar’s 60 failstack

I truly didn’t use the 60 failstacks, as a result of they’re extra helpful for different issues, however if you’re quick on time, I assume it’s value it to simply get it over with.


  • Keep in thoughts, in all probability greatest to make use of the 40 and 60 on equipment…
  • Also remember you get a free PEN EARRING AND RING only for leveling to 60.
  • You don’t “need” the necklace but it surely’s good to have.

Honestly if you’re actually lazy you may simply watch for the “next” Seasonal.. stage as much as 60 once more and find yourself with one other earring and ring.. then select a belt.

If you don’t care or need extra stuff for ALT characters.. certain.

  • Step 1; Collect the 40 and 60 fails
  • Step 2; “Fail” on Armor with small stacks
  • Step 3; Use “fails” from armor on equipment.

Failstacks and why you don’t need to waste them.

In the earlier sections I discussed that I saved the 60 fails from Fughar for a motive.
This is as a result of you may construct fails on seasonal gear “easily”, and roulette it prefer it was nobodies enterprise.

So each time you grind you may flip within the seasonal drops for vendor silver, and alternate 500 stones for a “40” fail.

Once you’re out of seasonal right here are some things you need to use the “Advice of Valks/Fails” for.


  • 20 -> Pri
  • 40 -> DUO
  • 60 -> TRI
  • 100 -> TET

Example… if you’re a giant time gambler utilizing these stacks to make a “TET accessory is huge profits.
Just grind, constantly pre-order and minimum price an accessory of your choice.

If you want to play it safe.. and avoid enhancing.. -> cheap defensive accessories like Orkinrad/Centaur/Cicils
They are still worth money.

If you want to play with the big boys… tungrad ring.. distortion earrings (20 bil at tet?)

AFTER Seasonals

  • Work on Journals (raises your gearscore..)
  • Once a week “Kzarka” for 1 ap and 1 dp
  • Life “HP” journals
  • All of these items is account broad.. so do it?
  • Abyss for world storage administration
  • Cook for CP
  • Knowledge (I might cease at 400 power.. however if you happen to’re bored why not lol)
  • Farm farm for cash. Like precise “FARMS” not grinding!
  • Enhance to construct “failstacks”
  • Invest Silver into significant issues (subsequent couple guides).
  • Barter?
  • Find a superb guild.

Signs of a Guild

1. No one energy ranges
2. No capped payouts (5m per day)
3. 76+ gamers, however all “offline”.
4. No payouts
5. No Vell
6. No “CALL TO GATHERS” to Garmoth

These are just like the naked minimums. Every guild is able to sniping nodes, doing guild missions for extra silver within the financial institution -> PAYOUT. If they aren’t paying.. the Guild chief and his pals are pocketing the entire cash.

Each payout must be 100M+, assume 1-2billion silver divided by 30 gamers… they’re trolling you with low payouts.

5M per day is sustainable even with a guild, since you get weekly funds primarily based on participant rely (76+ XL is 400million within the guild financial institution).

Remember it’s an MMORPG… if it’s a bunch of it’ll impact you in the long term.
I by no means progressed in BDO till I joined a good T1 node conflict guild with cool folks.

Simple life talent setups

  • Got 100 CP?
  • Get 10 farms
  • Raise your farming by checking on it on occasion so you may take away parasites.
  • Once your farming is excessive sufficient you’ll breed spam crops.
  • Full stock of crops -> collect crops without cost cash
  • Breeding -> free stonetail fodder or 900CP these days per 20 byproducts

If you’re too lazy to boost your farming talent… (it doesn’t take lengthy)
Breed Special Haystacks, each is like 1mil every.. so if you happen to breed 10 you’ll in all probability find yourself with 15-20.. so simply promote the surplus.


Look up find out how to make Pickled Vegetables… actually all vendor substances you may stockpile and cook dinner.
I exploit darkish rift “5k durability” cooking utensils.

WORKER EMPIRE (Just slowly roll employees every time you’re full power in your ALTs)
All expert
All skilled
All skilled GOBLINS
All artisan

Velia first (corn, eggs, wheat and so forth)
Heidel second (cooking honey, pumpkins, maple and so forth)
Calpheon third (fir birch cedar)
Tent fourth (tree nodes)
Altinova fifth (ore south of the city)
Valencia City sixth (coconuts and date palm)

Based on CP, these are the areas you need employees at initially, at 300-400 CP it is best to have the ability to have the entire respectable/shut nodes to the cities stuffed up with employees and lodging.

Constantly beer up your employees each day for a month to a 12 months and see how a lot silver you get.

Enhancing Playstyle Black Desert Beginner Guide

Each day he grinds, with at all times a pre-order on minimal worth equipment.
Taps all equipment he will get on the weekends to duo
Breaks even, so he goes for Tri
Gets actually fortunate on TET and sells.

Works on blackstar to construct “super” failstacks, or enhances typically and finally ends up with 200+ fails to make use of on tremendous endgame gadgets like Pen blackstar, Pen equipment

End of 12 months he’ll have a bunch of TET equipment and roulettes all of them with the 200fails
Boom -> turns into wealthy asf

Constantly liquidates his employee empire/farm cash, processes and is lazy so he’ll at-least pre-order a couple of equipment at a time.

Saving Playstyle

  • Grinds agris. Sells all the pieces.
  • Buys a billion value of processing mats
  • Slowly turns it into extra silver.
  • Does imperial cooking.
  • Eventually buys all gear at tet…
  • Eventually hits a roadblock of making an attempt to get extremely endgame gear.
  • Has completely no failstacks to faucet greater ranges of fallen god armor.
  • Uses tiny 100 failstacks or free huge stacks from occasions on tet blackstar.. pre-orders at-least 1 outfit from time to time to get crons for 1 faucet every week/month.
  • Barters for lazy cash, and leeches sailies for his carrack.

Absolutely nothing improper with this playstyle.

Full on Lifeskiller – Black Desert Beginner Guide

Probably one of many richest gamers within the sport.

Gathers meat all in at some point so he can cook dinner sufficient to show in bins for the week or 3 days at a time.

Pre-orders stuff to make commerce crates with for large income.

Has a carrack to barter with.

Hunting meta for a ton of silver.

After a 12 months or so he’ll have a lot cash, he has extra gear than the gamers that grind.

Black Desert Beginner Guide – Gear development

1. Full seasonal PEN
2. “Important Journals” completed
3. Pen Weapons or TET Blackstar
4. Pen Armors
5. Full C4 armor
6. TET equipment / mixture of free pen capotias
7. Vells coronary heart (3 AP)
8. Caphras Pen Weapon for brackets (265 or 281 and so forth)
9. Finish Pen Crescent Ring from JETINA (add 3% crit harm)
10. TET tungrad ring (18 AP add 3% crit harm)
11. Fallen God physique armor
12. Fallen God Helmet
13. PEN Blackstar or juiced up Weapon Caphras
14. PEN equipment

In steps 1-8 you need to be farming Valencia spots for cash.
Once you’re 270’s AP you’re simply able to farming Elvia spots like Fogans or Orcs.
After Pen crescent Ring and a TET tungrad your DP may be type of low to do greater finish spots; tet narcs and Fallen god physique is really useful.

You can truly do Castle Ruins simply with respectable guildmates when you’ve got your first Pen physique armor.. or like round 310 DP. Everyone has a weapon every cycle of weapon cooldowns and it’s simply actually respectable cash.

Otherwise – lazy farming at SULPHURS isn’t too dangerous with 1 button farmers.

Witch/Valkyrie for lazy infinite pot farming/sulphur mines

Witch Awakening
Core fissure wave… put 7% motion velocity on it and you’ll actually stroll from pack to pack and press your hotbar to kill them each 3 seconds.

Valkyrie Awakening
A bit sooner than witch, I believe you maintain spacebar or one thing and also you 1 shot all the pieces.

While engaged on Jetina gear/accent

You can do Infinite potion on the similar time/weeklies.
Park an alt on the pot spot of selection, then hop in your major at Orcs or no matter.

Keep in thoughts, though the inf pot spots don’t give as a lot cash.. so long as your employees and farm is rising crops it doesn’t matter. You can at all times pre-order a couple of low cost equipment and faucet them to nonetheless get cash.

Then afterward when you find yourself in your major/281K+ you can begin dropping more cash for max out pre-orders on equipment.

Gambling vs Safe greater odds

I’ve recognized some gamers that actually improve at any time when they hit 1bil and repeat.
Then there are gamers that mainly do the identical factor, however they may solely make “DUO” to promote as a result of it’s extra “reliable” as a substitute of playing for TRI/TET.

Or ; simply go for tri+ whenever you break even.


I purchase 10 billion in equipment.
Tap ALL of them to DUO.

If I find yourself with 10BILLION in gross sales ->
I faucet for TRI

If I find yourself with LESS than 10 bil ->
I save all of them for subsequent enhancement session

—> Go for TET/PEN


I spend cash on reminiscence fragments on gear.
Every fail on tet I get an funding into a giant 100+ failstack to make use of on one thing extra worthwhile afterward.. like tet distortions or one thing.

Feels like shedding cash however…

–> afterward you’ve got a 200+/300 failstack to make use of on the perfect equipment within the sport.

Example 3:

Enhance all “farmed” equipment
Liquidate all enhancement supplies

Slowly and patiently achieve gearscore.

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