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Best Free and Public DNS Servers List

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet handle e-book. DNS determines the proper IP handle for web sites when customers enter domains like “microsoft.com” or “thewindowsclub.com” into net browsers. While these are normal DNS maintained by ISPs, Public DNS Servers supply further options. They are sooner than native ISP DNS, filter content material on the community throughout all apps, and block grownup and fraudulent content material. This submit shares among the greatest free and public DNS Servers you need to use in your PC and cellular.

Best Free and Public DNS Servers

These Public DNS Servers are a part of among the massive IT firms, and they provide not solely content material filters but additionally supply safety features.

  1. Google
  2. Cloudflare
  3. Control D
  4. Quad 9m
  5. Open DNS
  6. CleanBrowsing
  7. Alternate DNS

Check out every DNS service’s options, and then decide what works greatest.

1] Google

Since Google’s search engine now routinely scans the net and resolves and caches DNS information as a part of this course of, it was required to make use of their know-how to discover progressive strategies for among the present DNS difficulties associated to efficiency and safety. Here are a few of its options:

  • Give prospects an alternative choice to their current DNS supplier: The new methods utilized by Google Public DNS present extra dependable outcomes, extra safety, and, in most conditions, higher efficiency.
  • Reduce the strain on the DNS servers utilized by ISPs: By using their worldwide information heart and cache infrastructure, they will straight fulfill a good portion of consumer requests with out contacting further DNS resolvers.
  • Contribute to creating the web sooner and safer: This service is launched to check out some new strategies for coping with DNS-related points.

To use Google Public DNS, you’ll be able to configure your community settings to make use of the IP addresses and as your DNS servers.

The advantages of Google DNS embody the next:


DNS is vulnerable to quite a few spoofing assaults that may “poison” a reputation server’s cache and direct its customers to malicious web sites. Providers should routinely implement server upgrades and fixes because of the widespread use of DNS flaws. Additionally, open DNS resolvers might be exploited to carry out DoS assaults towards different programs.


Many DNS service suppliers lack the sources to offer high-volume enter/output, caching, and load balancing throughout their servers. To guarantee shared caching, Google Public DNS makes use of enormous, Google-scale caches and load-balances consumer visitors. It permits us to reply to many queries from the cache.


According to DNS requirements, Google Public DNS all the time offers the proper response to a question. The right response might often be “no answer” or an error message explaining that the area title couldn’t be resolved within the case of a question for a non-existent area title.

Additionally, it won’t resolve some domains if we expect it’s important to safeguard our customers from safety dangers. Contrary to some open resolvers and ISPs, Google Public DNS by no means reroutes customers.

2] Cloudflare

The aim of Cloudflare is to contribute to the event of a greater Internet and additionally the discharge of the DNS resolver, a recursive DNS service, at They strengthen the Internet’s basis with this product by growing a faster, safer, and privacy-focused public DNS resolver. The DNS resolver,, is the primary consumer-focused service that Cloudflare DNS has launched and is freely accessible to all customers.

DNSSEC ensures information integrity between a resolver and an authoritative server, nevertheless it doesn’t safeguard your privateness within the “last mile” of transmission. The DNS resolver,, helps the 2 growing DNS privateness protocols, DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS, which provide last-mile encryption to guard the confidentiality and integrity of your DNS requests.

3] Control D

Control D DNS Server

Control D is a DNS resolution that raises your stage of privateness and effectivity. Speed up shopping by blocking undesirable content material, and you’ll be able to even conceal your location.

It gives a wide range of DNS servers to select from, every organized by theme. To bypass IP blocking of various information web sites, the “Uncensored” resolver makes use of proxies to entry web sites which can be regularly prohibited in most nations. Others can be utilized to dam grownup content material or social networks, in addition to dangerous web sites, ads, and trackers.

The advantages of Control D are as follows:

  • No Logging: It doesn’t log or retailer any of your DNS queries.
  • Anycast Network: It consists of low latency and efficiency optimization.
  • Secure Protocols: DNS-over-HTTPS/ 3 and DNS-over-TLS/ DoQ help.
  • Predefined Configurations: You can choose the configuration that greatest meets your wants or use the customized builder under to create the perfect setup.

There are third-party filters, premium filters, in addition to customized configurations.

You can get began by following this link.

4] Quad 9

Quad9 DNS Server

Quad9 is a free service that takes the place of your organization’s or ISP’s default Domain Name Server (DNS) settings. Quad9 prevents lookups of dangerous host names from an up-to-date listing of risks each time your laptop does any Internet transaction requiring the DNS (which most transactions do).

This blocking motion ensures privateness whereas defending your laptop, cellular machine, or IoT programs from varied risks like malware, phishing, spy ware, and botnets. It can even improve velocity. The Quad9 Foundation, based mostly in Switzerland, runs the Quad9 DNS service to present everybody entry to a safer and dependable Internet.

Only phishing or malware-containing domains will likely be blocked by Quad9, which doesn’t censor content material. Additionally, there’s an unprotected IPv4 public DNS, which doesn’t block malware at However, Quad9 is DoH-compliant.

You can get began by following this link.

5] Open DNS

OpenDNS DNS Sever

Many folks use OpenDNS, which ensures 100% uptime and stability. They present two free public DNS server units, one particularly designed for parental controls and has a variety of filtering settings.

  • Business Security: Open DNS is now a part of CISCO. Cisco Umbrella gives a protection towards on-line dangers like malware, phishing, and ransomware.
  • Consumer: Consumer OpenDNS goals to make your web expertise sooner, safer, and extra reliable.

The advantages embody:

  • Quicker and extra reliable dwelling web supply: Your web entry will likely be even sooner due to their worldwide information facilities and peering alliances, which shorten the routes between each community and their information facilities.
  • Makes the web safer: Your household might be shielded from grownup content material and extra with filtering or pre-configured safety. It is the only technique to set parental controls and content material filters for every dwelling machine. It can be simple to set it up.

You can get began by following this link.

6] CleanBrowsing

Cleanbrowsing DNS Server

CleanBrowsing is a platform for DNS filtering. It blocks grownup content material, dangerous and vulgar data, and many others. It offers safe shopping environments. The options of CleanBrowsing are as follows:

  • Encryption: It gives DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH), DNS-over-TLS (DOT), and DNSCrypt Options by default, demonstrating their help for the latest developments in encrypted DNS.
  • Default Filters: You can simply choose classes with greater than 19 predefined filters (e.g., Malicious, Mixed Content, and many others.)
  • Custom Allow / Block: To shortly set up distinctive community guidelines, add customized domains to the lists of “allow” or “block” addresses.
  • Profiles: Devices are grouped into profiles, and filters are utilized by the necessities of every group (e.g., Teachers vs. Students).
  • Data Storage: You can determine how lengthy to maintain your logs. Extreme configurations are an choice and can retailer information for as much as 90 days with “no-logs” in place.
  • Activity Monitoring: You can quickly view and analyze every day actions to be taught what is happening on the community, because of a brand new, streamlined dashboard interface.

6] Alternate DNS

Alternate DNS Server

You can use Alternate DNS’s inexpensive, worldwide Domain Name System (DNS) decision service to cease undesirable ads.

  •  Set your DNS to  (It is new and quick.)
  •  Secondary server
  •  For ipv6 2602:fcbc::advert & 2602:fcbc:2::advert

Benefits of Alternate DNS embody:

  • Improve the velocity of your shopping
  • Ensure higher safety.
  • You can browse the web as you want to with out being interrupted by advertisements.

You can get began by following this link.


So, utilizing DNS servers from a 3rd celebration consists of stopping net exercise logging for a extra non-public shopping expertise and getting round web site restrictions. But bear in mind that not each DNS server neglects visitors logging.

Last however not least, to clear up any misunderstandings, free DNS servers don’t grant you entry to the web without cost. To go to web sites, you continue to want to attach with an ISP. DNS servers solely translate between IP addresses and domains so that you could kind in a reputation that’s simple to recollect somewhat than a prolonged IP handle.

What is the 8.8 4.4 DNS server?

Google Public DNS is a world DNS service offered by Google. 8.8. 4.4 serves as its secondary DNS server. It is designed to make the Internet and the DNS system sooner, safer, safe, and extra dependable for everybody on-line.

What is DNS Server

If you need to block Malware and Adult Content on the DNS stage, you need to use Cloudflare’s Primary DNS: and Secondary DNS:

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