Being a Dik Cheat Codes & Console Commands

Welcome to our Being a Dik Cheat Codes & Console Commands information. Activate the console and revel in Max Money, Max DK Status, Max Characters Relationships and Mansion Minigame.

Season 2 Cheats Updated on: 10.16.2022

Being a Dik Cheat Codes & Console Commands

We hope these cheats are helpful for you and also you don’t want cash anymore, character relationship factors or mansion minigame is not going to be a drawback once more.

Being a Dik Cheat Codes & Console Commands

Enable the Console

These are the steps to allow the console instructions and open the console, they’re the identical as in any RenPy recreation:

  1. Go to steamapps frequent folder – Example: PC > HDD-Data (E:) > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Being a Dik
  2. Open the Being a Dik folder
  3. Click on Renpy > Click on Common
  4. Open 00console.rpy with notepad (or another textual content editor)
  5. Find “config.console” (use CTRL + F to search out it)
  6. Change config.console = False to config.console = True
  7. Open the console: Launch the sport and press CTRL + O

You can use the identical steps to open the console in another RenPy recreation. The hardest half is discovering the Steamapps shared folder:

however with the instance it should not be a drawback

Being a Dik Console Commands

These are all accessible console instructions, a few of them as talked about can solely be used from season 2 onwards:

  • Max Dk Status: Dk = 10 (don’t use a quantity larger than 10)
  • Max Characters’ relationships: Rpcharactername = 30 (don’t use a quantity larger than 30), examples:

-RPjosy = 30
-RPmaya = 30
-RPsage = 30
-RPisabella = 30
-RPjill = 30
-RPdiks = 30
-RPpreps = 30 (Season 2 unique)

  • Money: cash = x (change x with the sum of money you need, you should use the console command as many instances as you need)

Being a Dik Season 2 Console Commands and Cheats

These Being a Dik cheats can solely be utilized in season 2.

Character Relationships Cheat:

These are the characters that may have their Relationship Points edited with the command

RP{entername} = {enter quantity}
  • All characters from season 1 listing
  • Preps

Mansion Money Cheat:

This cheat will change the cash quantity you have got within the mansion minigame

mansion_money = {Enter quantity right here}

Mansion Minigame Cheats

This cheat will change the stats to 100 for the frat members within the mansion minigame.

  • Mansion Minigame Money: mansion_money = x (change x with the sum of money you need)
  • Max Mansion Minigame Stats:

-Clean: mStatClean = [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100]
-Build: mStatBuild = [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100]
-Work: mStatWork = [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100]
-Salvage: mStatSalvage = [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100]

  • Mansion Minigame Score: mansion_score = x (change x with the rating you need)

You can use the cheats as many instances as you want.So any further, because of console instructions, you must all the time have most dk standing, most relationships with all characters, infinite cash and most stats, cash and factors within the manor minigame.

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