Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters

Welcome to our Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters information. This sport is survival roguelike RPG. like Vampire survivors however not precisely the identical. Hope this can show you how to perceive the idea of this sport that can assist you get victory simply.

We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the Beautiful Mystic Survivors sport. If you might be a kind of who discover it tough to complete the sport, let’s take you to our Beautiful Mystic Survivors information.

Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters

This sport is survival roguelike RPG. like Vampire survivors however not precisely the identical.

In this sport it’s a must to battle a plenty of monster mobs/ Elite and Boss. And the play model is totally different, it’s worthwhile to stroll round strive dodging horde of monster and kite them to kill and get gem for degree up.

And by progressing the sport, you get increasingly highly effective gadgets/ characters. So take your time taking part in it with some technique.

Beautiful Mystic Survivors Guide

Starting of the sport after putting in you weakling haven’t any cash with 2 waifu.

To do list for easy win

and the rationale we’re weakling :

To do list for easy win

To do list for easy win

Yes, we broke and powerless (gotcha farm the gold for upgrading ’em all) .

Gameplay & Control – Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters


To do list for easy win

  1. Character portrait&degree
  2. Weapons & Passive gear checklist [There are 4 tier of both equipment : Normal(T1), Rare(T2), Epic(T3) and Legendary (T4) display by color White > Blue > Purple > Orange/Yellow]
  3. Character Skill
  4. Character unit (underneath character is aiming route line)
  5. Mini-map (Unlock after carried out achievement)
  6. Timer on the highest mid of display *Note : Elite monster (particular minute’s boss)/ First&Final boss of stage will spawn because the time handed by* First boss spawn at 15min / Final boss spawn at 30min
  • Your present Level / Weapons and Passive gear present on Top left of the display (Normally max 6 tools /gears) : Each time you degree up you’re going to get random decisions of weapons and passives (3-5 decisions rely on Luck stat).
  • Mini-map will present you the place of your self/ On-ground passive/ Chest/ merchandise entice orb/ and Shrines.
    *** Mini-map will probably be out there after accumulate 100 gadgets (destroy cranium lootbox and loot it) achievement ***
  • Enemies will hold spawning time to time throughout the display, strive your greatest till the very finish of every run on surviving.


For Keyboard&Mouse

  • WASD or directional button (up down left proper) to run round.
  • Mouse is utilizing to purpose/ choose degree up decisions and interplay. (can toggle one-handmode if utilizing the mouse for aiming make the sport more durable for you.)
  • Spacebar to make use of character’s talent (every characters have their very own talent calm down otherwise)

For Controller

  • Left stick for Movement
  • Right stick for Aiming

Monster spawn timer/ occasion

As I introduce some information in Gameplay part. In this sport monster will spawn every minute wave for 1-2 minutes till totally different sort monsters bought spawning substitute. I’ll write and hold replace the desk content material of “Monster type & Timer of spawn/ de-spawn” later.

Stage 1

Type Timer of spawn/ de-spawn
Spider 0:00 – 2:00
Mad Shroom 1:00 – 2:00
Big Spider 1:10 – till you kill it
Bee swarm 2:15/
Horn bat 2:15 –

Tips & Strategy

As contemporary begin beginner what you must focus first is clearing the achievement to unlock extra stuff for future run.

To do list for easy win

*Since energy up improve nonetheless locked for some passive

Note :

  1. Try to outlive a minimum of 5 minutes or extra whereas searching for “Skull Lootbox” in your first run (Skull Loot field will drop both Potion or Gold coin {prize : 1/ 10/ 25/ 100 } ) after destroyed.
  2. On the primary run degree up and get new weapon till you crammed 6 slots.(Immediately decide the “Legendary tier ” in the event you fortunate sufficient to get it in your selection since it’ll clear 1 straightforward achievement)
  3. From (1) While you amassing potion or gold every run by destroying lootbox you’ll unlock the Mini-map after collected 100 gadgets(both potion or gold).
  4. After you end the primary 2 steps (1)/(2) above and Game Over in first run new passive must be add to new run now. And this time try to be in a position to consider technique to survive longer. Bellatrix is advocate for taking part in till you completed shopping for energy up : “Damage, Recovery and Cooldown 2 stacks each of them”.
  5. In this pic will present you concerning the decisions. Look carefully to its “top right” since it’ll present both the weapons or passive gears are wanted to particular pairs for Evolution
  6. Weapon will be capable to evolve after it attain lv 8 + a minimum of lv 1 corresponding passive, after the situation is met, simply stroll to the chest to evolve the weapon.

To do list for easy win

So to be able to evolve the weapon quick you must decide much less new weapon/passive and focus in your very first weapon as doable. Passive gears that spawn on the bottom might be decide up later to exceed 6 slots caps as an additional however will probably be regular tier (T1) & could make already degree 5 passive improve to degree 6 on late decide up.

You can spam character talent initially and stop the run then repeat this course of once more to finish some achievement sooner as an alternative of taking part in a future (would possibly want High spec PC).

To do list for easy win

Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlocking Characters

*** By repeating the information above and progressing the sport, amassing gold /purchased extra energy up. you’ll ultimately clear both stage 1 or 2 for positive.

Unlocking Characters

Unlocking Characters

To unlock the characters it’s worthwhile to do the achievement however there are some characters nonetheless locked (Melisandre and Ciara) and you’ll marvel how you can unlock them.

To unlock Melisandre

  1. You have to unlock the Mini-map or MapNote :Mini map unlocked by way of decide up the loot(both potion or gold) from cranium field 100 instances. While Map unlocked by way of amassing 2000 golds in 1 run.
  2. After unlocked Map strolling to ” ? ” . it’ll take very very long time to stroll there so put together your self and be sure to have about 15 or 10 minutes left earlier than timer hit 30:00 and the final boss seem.

To do list for easy win

3.Once you get close to to ” ? “ you will note Melisandre [stage 1] /Ciara [stage 2] surrounded by monsters.

To do list for easy winTo do list for easy win

Try to assist them by killing particular monsters that encompass them till the barrier taking place, after which you’ll be able to stroll them house (・∀・).

Relics – Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters

Relic system is like playing.

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