Astro Colony 10 Tips for Early & Middle Game

For Astro Colony gamers, this information incorporates fundamental early sport technique and a few tricks to ease your play. Let’s verify them out.


1. Early sport plan

It consists of getting all fundamental tech and refining great amount of fundamental supplies.

Get Iron – to broaden your base and construct the roof.
Get Copper – to construct a cables underneath your ground (and roof).
Get Carbon – to feed energy crops.
Get Ice – to not suffocate, duh…

First goal is to get Drills.
Then Automatic Asteroid Catcher.
Then construct round 6-10 Catchers to get a gradual provide of sources whereas mining round with drills for extra of the identical.
Then broaden your base (2-3 instances), construct a number of extra flooring and put numerous catchers on the roof.
Around 30 catchers will give you sufficient fundamental sources to final until the tip of the sport.

And sure, it was all simply p.1. xD

2. Reused flooring tiles and partitions are common

For instance, when you decide up Black Floor, you’ll be able to put it again down as Floor Fence

Astro Colony 10 Tips for Early & Middle Game

3. You can “delete” solely the issues you’ll be able to craft

So don’t panic when you can not dismantle your starter base proper from the beginning, you could delete these pesky faondations and put down your favourite carpet after you analysis the right way to construct them.

4. Electric flooring

Cables, Pipes, Conveyours and Tubes can undergo the flooring. You can use it to make simply configurable manufacturing unit.

Astro Colony 10 Tips for Early & Middle Game

5. Walls don’t defend you from asteroids

Only the flooring do!
Just put a defensive ground tiles belt round your base each 3 or so tiles. I’ve additionally put a photo voltaic panels on em. :3Astro Colony 10 Tips for Early & Middle Game

6. Handfeeding

Before you automate stuff, construct crafting machines 2/4/8/16 and many others at a time.
It’s very straightforward to rapidly use shift-click to divide stacks in your stock at halves after which hand-feed machines to maximise craft pace.Astro Colony 10 Tips for Early & Middle Game

7. Bots are homey boiz

Any bots work solely WITHIN a station/planet the have been constructed on.
At least now.
So if you wish to mine some stuff with bots, you need to put robo crafter on the market, put some energy to it and craft some bots. Remember to delete them when all the things is mined, or they wil litter your [P] menu.

8. AI is dangerous at navigating

Always go away AT LEAST 1 tile of area between all and each factor which may be utilized by astronauts/bots (this consists of farms, conveyors and fields).
Also, don’t assign too many bots to at least one process – they are going to caught at one another and unfastened the need to reside.
And AI doesn’t perceive doorways (typically) – higher go away all their paths freeAstro Colony 10 Tips for Early & Middle Game

9. Thrust points

Do NOT use a variety of thrusters id you don’t convey numerous planetoids with you – 3 fundamental ones on every route is completely.
Bump it as much as 5 in every route and be able to clip by way of the ground after you get to the total pace, solely to see your base fly away from you…

10. HR

It is healthier to recruit scientists in a batches of three (per lab) – so you’ll be able to maximize your crafting pace with sychronized work cycles.
You wil must construct no less than 3 of every habitat and research facility tho (eating stand, hybernation chamber, faculty, research level) so they might fulfill their life wants on the identical time.
Or perhaps even collectively. ^_^

11. KEY level!

This ought to be the primary one.
Before enjoying go to the controls settings and verify attentively if you wish to remap something.
Basic structure was very uncomfortable for me. x)


That’s all we’re sharing in the present day in Astro Colony 10 Tips for Early & Middle Game, if in case you have something so as to add, please be at liberty to go away a remark under, you can even learn the unique article right here, all of the credit goes to the unique creator AndyBlizzard


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