Antimatter Dimensions Secret Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Antimatter Dimensions Secret Achievements Guide. Everything you want for secret achievements is on this information!

Antimatter Dimensions Secret Achievements Guide

Everything you want for secret achievements is on this information!

No Progress Required

11/The first one’s at all times free.: Click on the achievement.
12/Just in case.: Save manually 100 instances.
13/It pays to have respect. Press the F key in your keyboard.
14/So do I.: Import “IEATASS”.
15/Do a barrel roll!: Import “DOABARRELROLL”.
16/Do you get pleasure from ache?: Use a painful notation for 10 minutes. Examples of painful notations are commonplace, brackets, emoji, blind, and imperial, however there are extra.
17/30 Lives.: Press the next keys so as: Up arrow, up arrow, down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, proper arrow, left arrow, proper arrow, B key, A key, enter.
18/Do you’re feeling fortunate? Well do ya punk?: Luck based mostly. While offline, you’ve gotten a 1 in 100 thousand likelihood to get it.
23/Stop proper there felony scum!: Press the management, shift, and C keys on the similar time.
24/Real information.: Click on a information ticker which tells you to click on on it.
25/Shhh… It’s a secret.: Import any of the next: Design, Christmas, Finnish, confused, Nicolas, galactic, work, bliss, blind, stellar, blob.
31/You ought to obtain some extra RAM. Set your replace charge to 200 milliseconds.
33/A sound monetary resolution.: Go to the store tab and click on the “Buy More” button.
36/While you have been away… Nothing occurred.: Wait 16 minutes and 40 seconds offline with out making any progress.
38/Knife’s edge: Close the RESET THE GAME tab after typing within the affirmation code.
41/That dimension doesn’t exist: Press the 9 key.
44/Are you statisfied now?: Open the statistics tab for quarter-hour.
47/ALT+: Hide each tab potential.

Progress Required

21/Go research in actual life as an alternative.: Purchase an invisible time research to the best of research 11.
22/Deep Fried: Buy 100 thousand galaxies in emoji notation.
26/You’re a failure.: Fail an eternity problem 10 instances.
27/It’s not referred to as matter dimensions is it?: Get Infinite matter.
28/Nice.: Enter 69 into any autobuyer textual content field.
32/Less than or equal to 0.001.: Infinity or Eternity in 0.001 seconds or much less.
34/You do understand how these work, proper?: Respec an empty research tree.
35/Should we inform them about purchase max…: Buy tickspeed a complete of 100,000 instances.
37/You adopted the directions.: Import “tree” as a research tree.
42/SHAME ON ME: Attempt to make use of Eternity Challenge 12 to hurry up time.
43/A cacophonous refrain: Have solely music glyphs geared up.
45/This dragging is dragging on: Drag a perk for a minute.
46/For a wet day: Store a day of actual time.
48/Stack overflow: Have extra automator errors than strains of automator code.

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