20 Minutes Till Dawn Batgun Build

Welcome to our 20 Minutes Till Dawn Batgun Build information. This information will present you find out how to (often) get a straightforward win at any Darkness stage!

20 Minutes Till Dawn Batgun Build

This information will present you find out how to (often) get a straightforward win at any Darkness stage! We know that there are individuals who have a tough time ending the 20 Minutes Till Dawn sport. If you might be a type of who discover it troublesome to complete the sport, let’s take you to our 20 Minutes Till Dawn information.

What is a Bat Gat?

The Bat Gat is Abby holding the Batgun. It’s about so simple as that! Choose Abby, then select the Batgun, then go wherever you need and have some enjoyable. Since it is a information, I ought to most likely say just a little greater than this, although. 😀

Abby is a personality with a particular capacity that permits you to proper click on and empty her total clip in random instructions. Notably, firing on this means doesn’t sluggish motion in the way in which that taking pictures a gun usually does. Slow motion pace is the #1 killer in larger Darkness ranges, which signifies that selecting her already removes one of many early issues you’ll encounter at excessive problem.

The Batgun is a gun that often has a sluggish early sport. It has a low base hearth fee and launches two projectiles that unfold out earlier than homing in, which means that it may well’t be aimed straight at stuff (the projectiles fork to both aspect) and its beginning injury is just a little low. This gun sounds prefer it sucks, particularly when early injury is so vital in larger Darkness ranges, so why can we use it? For one, its photographs rely as Bullets and Summons, which signifies that it advantages from Bullet Damage% and Summon Damage% upgrades. Summon Attack Speed% additionally will increase its hearth fee, which is sweet.

Second, Abby eliminates the issues that I discussed. Her proper click on fires in random instructions, which is irrelevant as a result of the Batgun houses in on targets after it reaches a sure distance away from the character. She additionally has a better hearth fee whereas on this state, in order that eliminates the Batgun’s ordinary drawback with a low beginning hearth fee. She can hearth the Batgun in a short time and unfold its projectiles far and huge to hit targets from the second you begin the sport, which is nice.

While taking part in the Bat Gat, you shouldn’t be left clicking in any respect. Right click on is your finest pal, however sadly you possibly can’t simply maintain it down like you possibly can when firing usually. You’ll must manually re-click each time Abby reloads, however that’s about the one draw back. Maybe it’ll be adjusted in a future patch.

So, that’s the playstyle: Jam proper click on and transfer round to gather XP orbs. Simple as, proper? Let’s transfer on to Rune choice.

How 2 Rune

Runes are accessible from the highest left-ish of the character choice web page, and performance as a type of roguelite development. You will earn forex to spend on them as you play and (particularly) win. These are everlasting bonuses which might be at all times on to your character, however you possibly can solely equip one per row at any given time. That means you get one Rank 1 Sword & Shield Rune, one Rank 2 Sword & Shield Rune, one Rank 3 Sword & Shield Rune, and one Rank 4 Sword & Shield Rune. To equip a rune, simply click on it till a pink ‘E’ and description is seen round it. Easy! That ends the reason of Runes, and within the subsequent part I’ll rank them and clarify my ordinary decisions!

Sword Rune Grading

In favor of one thing like a “Tier List”, I’ll simply assign grades (A+ by means of F) to every of the choices.

Rank 1

Power (B) :: Power is +10% Bullet Damage and Summon Damage at max Rank. This double dips with the Batgun and is successfully +20% Damage, which is sort of good. I don’t often select this one, however it’s a superb Rune for us if you wish to attempt it out.

Alacrity (A) :: Alacrity is +10% Fire Rate and Reload Rate at max Rank. Since the Batgun has a low Fire Rate to start out, and we need to reload as shortly as we are able to after spitting out all our projectiles through proper click on, that is my ordinary alternative.

Mysticism (D) :: Mysticism is a ten% probability to use Burn and Freeze with every of our bullets. We do shoot lots of these, however this may’t compete in any respect with Power or Alacrity. Not value your alternative and even funding.

Rank 2

Aftershock (B) :: Aftershock will injury all enemies in an space round you to your full bullet injury once you shoot your final bullet at max Rank. This isn’t too dangerous, particularly early in a run, however the Batgun’s Bullet Damage isn’t exceptionally excessive to start with — even when it double dips.

Elemental Barrage (A) :: Elemental Barrage will increase your Fire Rate and Reload Rate by 50% for five seconds each time you inflict a mix of fifty Burns & Freezes at max Rank. With what number of bats we’re taking pictures out, this procs fairly often and is sort of useful. For me, it’s a tossup and a gameplay model alternative between this and…

Close Combat (A) :: Close Combat will increase your Damage to enemies in your Vision Range by 15% at max Rank. This is the brilliant circle round your character, which is a bit small, however it’s nonetheless very helpful in larger Darkness ranges the place sure waves may have you surrounded in shut quarters. This and Elemental Barrage are each nice decisions, so take your decide.

Rank 3

Glass Cannon (A) :: Glass Cannon causes you to start out the sport at 1/2 HP, however provides you +25% Bullet Damage and Fire Rate at max Rank. Abby has 4 HP, which means we’ll begin with 2, and that’s loads. In a really perfect sport you don’t actually get hit anyway, and a later alternative within the Shield tree provides us Holy Shield free of charge. This is my decide.

Wild Magic (B) :: Wild Magic causes enemies that die whereas Burning or Frozen to unfold the standing impact to close by enemies 25% of the time at max Rank. This is sweet for retaining enemies at bay, however not totally essential for us.

Gun Glyph (C) :: Gun Glyph summons a Glyph each 10 seconds that explodes into 6 bullets which deal 10% Bullet Damage each 5 seconds at max Rank. This does scale off of Summon Damage, which we might be getting, however it’s nonetheless not superb in any respect. Especially when put next with the opposite two.

Rank 4

Cadence (B) :: Cadence causes each third shot to have infinite Piercing and 2x Bullet Size. It additionally offers 2x Damage at max Rank! This is fairly good, particularly with what number of photographs we’re letting unfastened as Abby, however pales compared to the superior alternative right here.

Ethereal (A+) :: Ethereal provides us 10 seconds of infinite ammo each time we kill 50 enemies at max Rank. This is absurd, and successfully removes the necessity for Abby to reload throughout notably dense waves the place we’re killing incessantly. We can spin without end! An simple decide.

Dedication (B) :: Dedication provides us +50% Summon Damage and Summon Attack Speed whereas now we have precisely 1 Summon at max Rank. This is definitely fairly good, since Attack Speed is equal to Fire Rate, however the restriction is annoying. We need the liberty to summon a number of helpful instruments, and Ethereal is significantly better anyway.

Shield Rune Grading

Rank 1

Vigilance (B) :: Vigilace is +15% Vision and Pickup Range at max Rank. This is fairly helpful as a high quality of life software, however is sadly outclassed by a later choice’s defensive utility.

Tenacity (B) :: Tenacity provides you +15% Fire Rate and Knockback when at or beneath 50% HP at max Rank. It’s fairly good, particularly in case you take Glass Cannon as your Rank 3 Sword Rune, however does current points. If you’re taking a Tome that provides -1 Max HP and you have already got Soul Hearts, you mainly lose this totally. Growth later within the Shield Runes additionally has anti-synergy. That’s unlucky.

Courage (A) :: Courage knocks enemies again after a reload and offers +10% Reload Rate at max Rank. This turns into much less helpful as we get later right into a run, the place Ethereal will take away our have to reload totally, however is essential for survival through the first couple of minutes. It’s my decide.

Rank 2

Momentum (A) :: Momentum provides us +35% transfer Speed for 1 second after we decide up XP at max Rank. As I discussed above, sluggish motion is what will get you killed in larger Darkness ranges. We’re mainly at all times choosing up XP, until we’re sitting nonetheless to activate Siege, so it is a no brainer. It’s my decide.

Elemental Shield (B) :: Elemental Shield provides us 5 seconds of invincibility each time we inflict a mix of Freeze and Burn 50 occasions at max Rank. This sounds actually good on paper, however our incapacity to manage once we’re invincible makes this tough to make use of. The visible cue can also be a slight flash to your character that’s exhausting to select? So that is hit and miss.

Seismic Ward (B) :: Seismic Ward summons 2 Wards that knock again close by enemies each 5 seconds at max Rank. These are literally fairly good, however the reality we’re utilizing Courage means we don’t really want any extra enemy knockback. We’re protected sufficient; simply select Momentum.

Rank 3

Blessing (A+) :: Blessing provides us Holy Shield to start out, and reduces its regeneration time by 25 seconds at max Rank. This is a free improve that we would like anyway, which suggests we don’t must luck into it or spend a stage shopping for it. An easy decide!

Healing (F) :: Healing causes each 1,000th enemy we kill to drop a 1 HP therapeutic merchandise at max Rank. Our HP is kind of irrelevant as soon as we get Soul Hearts, and that’s lots of kills essential simply to get 1 HP. Pretty horrible.

Last Stand (C) :: Last Stand causes us to develop into invincible for 25 seconds once we hit 1 HP at max Rank, as soon as per sport. This isn’t dangerous, however it’s uncommon that we attain 1 HP and the following 25 seconds will someway save the run. If that occurs we’re surrounded, and are going to die the second we’re weak once more anyway.

Rank 4

Growth (A+) :: Growth causes us to heal 1 HP each fifth stage and achieve +20% XP at max Rank. The therapeutic is okay, however that is the most effective decide purely due to the XP increase. It will get us a number of additional ranges, and will get us these early ranges extra shortly, so decide it.

Guardian (D) :: Guardian destroys considered one of our Summons once we would die as much as 5 occasions per sport at max Rank. Similar to Last Stand, it’s uncommon that we’ll be in a state of affairs the place we die after which have the ability to salvage the run. That goes double when the act of retaining us alive removes considered one of our essential injury sources.

Seecond Wind (D) :: Second Wind causes us to heal 3 HP when our HP drops to 1 at… Every rank? This one is odd, because it doesn’t scale with funding in any respect. It’s additionally not superb, for a similar purpose that Last Stand and Guardian aren’t. Growth is the clear decide.

Upgrade Priority

Upgrades are what you acquire as you play the sport, and performance successfully as ability timber. You want the primary ability to get the remaining, then a minimum of one of many second abilities to be able to be supplied the third. Notably, holding the Batgun alone DOES NOT qualify you for Summon Damage or Summon Attack Speed upgrades within the present model (0.9.1). You have to get a Summon to ensure that these to be supplied to you, and you need to ASAP. On that observe… Before any grading in any respect, let me let you know how I usually play the early sport.

Priority #1 is to seize Frost Mage the second it seems. It doesn’t matter what else is there in my decisions, that is so essential on Darkness 15 to maintain bosses from hassling you as exhausting as they need to. Even in the event that they solely freeze for a second, it interrupts their prices or different skills that make them particularly annoying. Frostbite later within the tree can also be an enormous supply of harm at larger Darkness ranges for its -15% HP on regular enemies and -1% on bosses.

Priority #2 is buying a Summon to open the aforementioned improve timber. Magic Spear is the most effective for early momentum in my expertise, attributable to its comparatively excessive beginning injury and the very fact it’s two Summons as an alternative of only one. Anything that will get shut might be stabbed repeatedly, and its improve tree can also be superb. Dragon Egg is one other good consideration, supplied that you simply get it early sufficient to matter. Ghost Friend might be fairly good as effectively, and scales effectively in a while by spreading your on-hit results like Freeze.

Priority #3 is to get Frenzy as quickly as attainable. Not solely is Summon Attack Speed nice for us (because it’s Fire Rate), this unlocks the flexibility to progress right down to Culling. Since our bullets are Summons, Culling provides each single bullet we hearth out a 15% probability to immediately kill any non-boss enemy. It’s actually, actually, actually, actually, actually good.

Okay, transferring on to the precise grading, now!

Upgrade Grading (Part 1)

Say that 5 occasions quick.

Take Aim (C) :: +30% Bullet Speed, -15 Spread
It’s alright. Bullet Speed isn’t superb for us, because it technically extends the size our bats must journey earlier than they begin to dwelling in. Spread can also be irrelevant once we’re firing off in random instructions through Abby’s spin. There’s nonetheless +15% Damage inside this ability tree nevertheless, and its finish ability is fairly good.

Penetration (F) :: +15% Bullet Speed, +1 Piercing
Our bats innately have +1 Bounce, so we’d reasonably give them extra Bounce than spend money on Pierce.

Sniper (B) :: +25% Bullet Speed, +15% Bullet Damage
Now we’re speaking! It’s unlucky it’s a must to spend money on a mediocre ability tree simply to get +15% Bullet Damage, however it is a worthy consideration later in a run.

Assassin (B) :: Automatically kill enemies beneath 20% HP
This does work on bosses, and in some instances might be one thing like 20,000 Damage you don’t must do in that case. Especially helpful in the previous few minutes the place you may need two bosses on display on the identical time, which once more reinforces this tree as a late pickup.


Power Shot (A) :: +35% Bullet Damage, +20% Knockback
The knockback is irrelevant, however it’s exhausting to say no to that a lot Bullet Damage. This is a superb early decide, particularly as a result of the Batgun lacks a bit in injury to start out. I often attempt to seize this early.

Big Shot (A) :: +45% Bullet Damage, +40% Bullet Size, -10% Fire Rate
Huge bonuses with out a lot of a draw back, particularly when Abby fires shortly throughout her spin it doesn’t matter what. Bullet Size helps just a little bit with our bats’ pure homing, and lets them hit targets extra effectively with out spinning far and wide.

Splinter (D) :: Enemies explode into 3 bullets when killed that deal 10% Bullet Damage
Ehh… Our Bullet Damage isn’t exceptionally excessive when the bats’ base injury is a bit low, so this by no means feels very value it. These can proliferate standing results, however even then it’s a minor improve.

Reaper Rounds (B) :: +15% Bullet Damage, +1 Piercing, Bullets Pierce killed enemies
This is actually solely value it for the +15% Bullet Damage, which is a small increase in comparison with the primary two upgrades on this tree. It’s nonetheless value taking if it exhibits up, although.


Dragon Egg (A*) :: Summons a Dragon Egg that hatches after 3 minutes
This is a superb Summon, with a caveat. It’s actually solely good in case you seize it earlier than 5 minutes have handed, after which it’s simply not value it anymore. Once your timer reads 15:00 left, take into account this an F and ignore it (in addition to others on this tree, clearly). By the way in which, in case you get Dragon Egg, hit Space to activate auto-aim. The Dragon goals towards your cursor, so it ought to be locked on to enemies.

Aged Dragon (A+) :: +8 Dragon Damage each 60 seconds
This is a incredible alternative, and ought to be picked as quickly because it exhibits up upon getting taken Dragon Egg. Even if it’s nonetheless within the egg, that is value it because of the ultimate ability on this tree.

Trained Dragon (B) :: +10% Dragon Attack Speed each 60 seconds
Not nearly as good as Aged Dragon, however it’s nonetheless good to select up someday earlier than the ten minute mark in case you can. Attack Speed will assist your dragon deal extra injury and proliferate Burning.

Dragon Bond (A+) :: Bullets deal further Damage equal to 10% of Dragon Damage
This is why Aged Dragon is so vital. In a typical situation, this’ll be one thing like +4 to +6 Damage by 10:00 and much more as you get into essential later waves. The Batgun begins with 10 Damage per bat, so it is a important increase.


Electro Mage (A+) :: Every 2nd shot, name down Lightning for 22 Damage
An ideal supply of early injury if it pops up, contemplating how quickly we’re firing off bats. It additionally has an important improve tree hidden behind it, all of which may be very helpful for us.

Electro Bug (C) :: Summon an Electro Bug that calls down Lightning to hit 2 enemies
This offers base 22 Damage similar to Electro Mage’s proc, and is affected by Summon Damage and Attack Speed. It’s not a foul Summon, however exhausting to select up over different superior choices through the early and even midgame ranges.

Energized (A+) :: When Lightning hits an enemy, 20% probability to refill 3 Ammo
Extremely good! This is how we maintain infinite spin in later waves, as Ethereal solely pauses Ammo expenditure and doesn’t refill it. The ebb and move of taking pictures within the mid and lategame is that we’re going to enter Ethereal earlier than now we have to reload. Energized will help with this, then refill no matter you probably did spend to be able to activate Ethereal so that you simply’ll have a full clip once more as soon as Ethereal runs out.

Electro Mastery (B+) :: +12 Lightning Damage, +75% Lightning Area of Effect
By the time we are able to get this, Lightning’s injury part is often not tremendous related, however it’s nonetheless an important decide at mid or lategame to squeeze out additional injury. This does have an effect on Electro Bug and different sources of Lightning, by the by!


Rapid Fire (A) :: +25% Fire Rate
This does precisely what it says on the tin. Abby fires fairly fast by default, however quicker bat gatting is tough to refuse. The tree that follows it’s fairly good, too.

Light Bullets (B) :: +15% Fire Rate, +1 Max Ammo, +15% Bullet Speed
The Fire Rate is nice, however you received’t really feel the Ammo increase when the Batgun already has 12 to start out. Bullet Speed can also be kind of irrelevant for us, which makes this solely helpful for the Fire Rate. Still, extra is at all times higher, and 15% just isn’t a small increase.

Rubber Bullets (A+) :: +1 Bullet Bounce, +10% Fire Rate, -10% Bullet Damage
-10% Bullet Damage does look scary, however this makes up for it with the Fire Rate increase and one other Bounce on high of our Batgun’s preliminary 1. This retains bats lively for longer and thus causes them to deal extra injury than they in any other case would.

Siege (C+*) :: Shooting whereas standing nonetheless has a 33% probability to devour no Ammo
If you’re taking part in on the Forest map, it is a C+ and often not value choosing up — however there’s a caveat. You have to maneuver round to gather XP on the Forest, however in case you stand close to a nook or edge on the Temple or Pumpkin Patch maps, XP that drops within the void you possibly can’t enter will mechanically be sucked to you. Especially on the Temple, you possibly can seize Siege after which stand within the nook to actually by no means run out of ammo because of Ethereal whereas nonetheless accumulating a great quantity of XP.


Ghost Friend (A) :: Summon a Ghost that shoots Piercing bullets for 8 Damage
He’s only a lil fwiend. Ghost Ally is sort of good, although their Damage may be very low. The tree after them is what makes them good, particularly at proliferating on-hit results like Burning and Freeze.

Best Friends (B) :: +10% Fire Rate, Ghost beneficial properties Attack Speed out of your Fire Rate
This sounds superb, and it positively is, however it’s a tough decide over issues that straight profit you want extra Damage. The reality it provides you some Fire Rate makes it more easy to seize early in case you want, although!

Ghost Wizard (A+) :: Ghost inflicts 6 / sec Burn, triggers your On-Hit results
Now we’re talkin’! The Burn injury is okay, notably potent towards bosses, however gaining our on-hit results is the actual kicker. These are Burning, Freeze and Curse from different improve timber which have an X% probability to set off once we hit an enemy. This permits widespread proliferation with none enter from you, since your lil buddy does it for you.

Vengeful Ghost (C+) :: Ghost fires +1 Projectile
Well, they will’t all be winners. This does technically double your bud’s Damage, however when he does so little within the first place it isn’t tremendous related. Worth choosing up ultimately, however not my first decide in almost any state of affairs.

Upgrade Grading (Part 2)

Vitality (F) :: +1 Max HP
Not superb, and we’d reasonably deal with Damage anyway. Abby begins with 4 HP, and also you’ll be at 2 to start out in case you adopted my Rune recommendation. By Level 10 you’re again to 4 / 4 HP, and also you shouldn’t be getting hit anyway. The tree past it isn’t superb, both.

Anger Point (D) +50% Bullet Damage and Fire Rate for 15sec after being hit
This is a superb bonus, however you actually shouldn’t be getting hit anyway. Consider, even in a finest case situation the place you’re taking intentional injury for some purpose, is lower than 1% of your complete sport’s time spent on this state per activation actually value it?

Giant (F) +2 Max HP, +50% Character Size, -16% Move Speed
Remember once I stated that Move Speed is king in excessive Darkness ranges? Yeah, don’t decide this. That’s not even mentioning {that a} bigger Character Size means projectiles are a lot more durable to dodge. Just don’t hassle.

Regeneration (F) +1 HP heal each 90sec
We solely have 4 HP, and even with this full tree we’d have 7 at most. We shouldn’t be getting hit fairly often or in any respect, and will have Soul Hearts as a buffer in any case.


Holy Shield (A+) :: Ignore an occasion of Damage, then Holy Shield breaks for 2min
We have this free of charge initially, in case you adopted my Rune recommendation. If not, for some purpose, then seize it as quickly as attainable. This is extraordinarily good even with out its equally nice improve tree.

Divine Blessing (A+) :: +25% Reload Rate & Move Speed whereas Holy Shield’s lively
These are each nice for us, although Reload Rate will fall off later within the sport. +25% Move Speed is value this alone, nevertheless! Losing it once we lose the Holy Shield is tough, however it comes again fairly fast — particularly if now we have the Rune.

Divine Wrath (B) :: Call down Lightning for 22 Damage each 1sec whereas Holy Shield’s lively
Once you’ve gotten Energized and / or Electro Mastery, take into account this an A. This fires off much less typically than different sources of Lightning, however continues to be value grabbing for Ammo recharge.

Stalwart Shield (B+) :: -1min to Holy Shield recharge time
A fairly good decide at most phases besides early sport. You will inevitably get hit by one thing, most probably, and with the Rune at max Rank that is solely a 35sec recharge time.


Frost Mage (A+) :: 35% probability to Freeze for 3sec on hit, or 0.3sec on bosses
As I discussed above, that is your high precedence to select the second it comes up. It helps maintain enemies at bay, stops bosses from attacking so typically on Darkness 15, and is mostly helpful with a slick improve tree.

Frostbite (A+) :: -15% HP (or -1% on bosses) when enemy is stricken by Freeze
Especially on larger Darkness ranges the place enemy HP is inflated, this does lots of injury each time Freeze prompts. You can Freeze an already frozen enemy, by the way in which, and set off this repeatedly. Especially helpful on bosses, the place this may typically be as much as 1,000 injury on activation.

Ice Shard (D) :: When taking pictures final Ammo, hearth 3 projectiles that Freeze
Sadly, by mid and lategame we received’t actually be reloading anymore. That makes skills like this dangerous picks, however a minimum of we are able to entry the final a part of this improve tree with out having to take Ice Shard.

Shatter (B+) :: Frozen enemies explode for 10% Max HP on dying
Again, in excessive Darkness ranges enemy HP is reasonably inflated. This does a great chunk of harm in a big space of impact continuously, because you’ll be freezing issues quickly. It additionally has a gnarly sound impact that’s enjoyable to listen to go off like a series gun.


Magic Lens (A-) :: Summon a lens that provides +30% Damage and Size when shot by means of
This rotates round you and its bonus is affected by Summon Damage. Since we’re taking pictures in each course always, we’ll hit this extra typically than you assume. This is an efficient pickup at any stage, actually.

Igniting Lens (D+) :: Lens additionally provides Burning for 3 / sec when shot by means of
We’ve bought different, higher sources of Burning that may have an effect on all our bats. Grab the opposite improve on this tree to progress to the top, as an alternative.

Refraction (B) :: Lens additionally provides +2 Bounce when shot by means of
Now that is good! Our bats have already got 1 Bounce, so this simply provides extra to those that move by. A pleasant improve and one of the simplest ways to entry the ultimate improve.

Focal Point (B+) :: Lens is 1/2 Size, however 2x efficient
This provides us a smaller window to shoot by means of, however that’s nonetheless irrelevant given what number of bats we’re taking pictures in each course. Fully upgraded, which means we give base +60% Damage and +4 Bounces to our bats once they move by means of — not even counting any Summon Damage boosts. Even if that solely hits one bat per second, it’s an enormous increase.


Magnetism (B+) :: +30% Pickup Range
This appears minor, however it’s nice for high quality of life. I wouldn’t seize it early, however do need it by midgame once I’m surrounded by foes and want to maneuver in a small circle to gather XP from those I’m carving by means of. This makes that simpler.

Recharge (B) :: +20% Pickup Range, 10% probability to realize 1 Ammo when gaining XP
The Pickup Range right here is sort of good, however we don’t really want any further Ammo recharge as soon as now we have our Ethereal + Energized combo going. It does give us entry to a great Synergy nevertheless, in order that’s why it has a great score.

Watch & Learn (B+) :: +15% Pickup Range, +25% Vision Range
This is extra enticing in case you took the Close Combat Rune, since that’s a big enhance to Vision Range. It’s fairly good even with out that consideration, particularly when it opens up the ultimate improve within the tree.

Excitement (A) :: +20% Pickup Range, +35% Fire Rate for 1sec when gaining XP
Later on, we’re going to be gathering XP at an virtually fixed fee. Just take into account this +35% everlasting Fire Rate, which is actually good!


Haste (B-) :: +20% Move Speed, +5% Fire Rate
The Fire Rate right here is negligible, however Move Speed is sort of good. Still, since Abby doesn’t really decelerate whereas spinning, you don’t must seize this very early like most different characters need to. Its improve tree can also be simply okay till the top, so you possibly can even skip this totally in order for you.

Blazing Speed (C-) :: +10% Move Speed, inflict Burning on enemies as you progress
This occurs extra typically relying in your Move Speed, which Abby does have lots of because of sure character upgrades. This continues to be not incredible, however is the higher of the 2 choices to succeed in the ultimate improve.

Run and Gun (F) :: +100% Walk Speed
Walk Speed is how briskly we transfer whereas firing manually through left click on. We don’t try this in any respect right here at Bat Gat Enterprises, so it is a functionally ineffective improve.

In the Wind (A) :: +10% Damage and Move Speed each 10sec, as much as 40% till you’re hit
Now that is value your funding. We’re ideally not getting hit in any respect, and it’s a must to take direct HP injury for this to fade — which means dropping Holy Shield doesn’t rely. We can maintain this up for mainly the entire sport, even when it’s a protracted and sort of ineffective path to get right here.

Upgrade Grading (Part 3)

Double Shot (B+) :: +1 Projectile, +15 Spread, -10% Bullet Damage
The malus to Damage appears scary, however we’re including a 3rd bat which is technically +33% Damage. It additionally opens up a pleasant improve tree, so it’s value getting.

Fan Fire (D) :: When taking pictures final Ammo, hearth 10 projectiles for 15% Damage
Similar to Ice Shard, this simply received’t be triggering in any respect in mid or late sport. Coupled with the truth that our base Bullet Damage is a bit low, it isn’t value choosing up.

Split Fire (A) :: Shoot +1 Projectile behind you
Another bat, with no draw back in any respect? What’s to not love? We’re firing in random instructions anyway, and our projectiles dwelling, so it is a fully free injury improve.

Fusillade (A) :: +1 Projectile, +15 Spread, -25% Damage, 2x Base Projectiles
Okay, it is a a lot bigger malus to Damage, however it’s additionally a bigger increase to Projectiles. Since we hearth 2 bats by default, this doubles that to 4 after which provides one other for good measure. It’s nonetheless an enormous injury improve, however may additionally trigger lag in case your pc isn’t as much as dealing with that many bats on display.


Pyro Mage (B-) :: 50% probability to Burn on hit for 3 / sec
Not that nice, since Burning doesn’t actually do a lot on something besides bosses the place it has time to wither them down. Even then it doesn’t do so much, however each of the second upgrades listed below are fairly alright.

Fire Starter (B+) :: Every fifth shot, shoot a Fireball for 40 Damage and three / sec Burn
It’s extra Burning! What we actually like right here is the flat 40 Damage in a big space of impact. We are taking pictures depraved quick, particularly later within the run, and it will shoot these fireballs in each course quickly. They deal fairly important injury even within the endgame.

Intense Burn (C) :: +35% Burn Damage
Ehhh… Not tremendous nice. At finest it’s +1 – +2 to our Burn’s injury per second, which may add up on bosses, however that’s about it. This is required for a good Synergy known as Frost Fire, however nonetheless is simple to disregard and by no means take.

Soothing Warmth (F) :: 0.05% probability to heal 1 HP once you inflict Burn
This really prompts typically even with such a low probability, however we don’t want the therapeutic in any respect in any situation. Skip it.


Quick Hands (B) :: +20% Reload Rate, +5% Fire Rate
Wait, why is that this B if we aren’t actually reloading previous midgame? ‘Cuz it’s helpful in early sport, foolish! This additionally provides Fire Rate and opens the way in which to unlock some highly effective Synergies. Finally, this improve tree is fairly lit.

Armed and Ready (B) :: +10% Reload Rate, +2 Ammo
Not tremendous incredible, as we begin with 12 Ammo, however it’s required for the Gun Mastery Synergy that’s loopy good. Take it for that purpose and benefit from the small profit it offers as effectively.

Fresh Clip (C+) :: +5% Reload Rate, +50% Bullet Damage for 1sec after reloading
This one loses its usefulness totally previous midgame, however can nonetheless be fairly alright within the early sport when you have nothing higher to select up within the choice.

Kill Clip (B-) :: +5% Reload Rate per enemy killed, resets on reload
Occasionally, even in very lategame, there might be RNG draughts the place we do must reload our Batgun each occasionally. It’s horrible! Awful, actually! Kill Clip makes this take a fraction of a second each time it occurs, so it’s not a horrible pickup.


Glare (C) :: +25% Vision Range, 25 Damage each 2 sec to enemies in Vision Range
Vision Range is sort of small to start with, however this may be effective if we took the Close Combat Rune. There are often higher decisions obtainable to us at any given time, but when there aren’t that is in no way a foul pickup.

Intense Glare (C+) :: +25% Vision Range, 2x Glare Damage
Not dangerous in any respect, in case you needed to take Glare. This is one other good bonus to Close Combat’s efficient vary as effectively! I by no means complain once I take this.

Sight Magic (C+) :: +15% Vision Range, Glare applies on hit results
The Vision Range bonus is smaller than different picks, however having the ability to apply clutch Freeze to enemies that get too shut is definitely very nice. It isn’t a horrible decide!

Saccade (C) :: +15% Vision Range, Glare happens 2x as typically
If we bought Sight Magic, that is marginally extra useful. Otherwise it’s nonetheless good, however not precisely unbelievable — the identical as the remainder of the improve tree.


Magic Scythe (B-) :: Summon a Scythe that offers 40 Damage
The Scythe rotates round you at a pace decided by Summon Attack Speed. This can get to fairly excessive injury values, however requires funding in issues like Move Speed to make that occur which aren’t tremendous helpful for the Bat Gat. If we bought Dark Arts, this turns into one thing extra like B or B+ as an alternative attributable to its improve tree.

Shadowblade (B+) :: +15% Curse Damage, Scythe inflicts Curse on hit
We’re principally right here for the primary half, if we already took Dark Arts. This is a good bonus to Curse’s injury, and making use of it in a circle round us through the scythe isn’t too dangerous both.

Windcutter (C) :: +10% Move Speed, Scythe beneficial properties Damage primarily based on Move Speed
If we do have respectable Move Speed, this does present a fairly large bonus to the Scythe’s injury. It can get fairly excessive with good funding, however the Haste tree isn’t a particular precedence, so… This often comes later.

Scythe Mastery (B+) :: +10% Bullet Damage, Scythe beneficial properties Damage primarily based on Bullet Damage
This makes the Scythe very formidable certainly, however you want to get a number of abilities simply to get right here. It additionally provides us a minor increase, which is cool! Before you’ve gotten it, the Scythe does “just okay” injury, so the selection is yours.


Dark Arts (B) :: 25% probability to inflict Curse on hit, which offers 200% Bullet Damage
Curse procs after a delay, signified by the cranium icon opening its mouth. It appears to be 1 – 2 seconds, or longer primarily based on an improve farther within the tree, and it may be a fairly dependable supply of Damage all through the sport.

Doom (B) :: +100% Bullet Damage to Curse, however +1sec to activate
This isn’t a foul bonus in any respect, and in excessive Darkness ranges the enemies are positively dwelling lengthy sufficient for Curse to go off most occasions even with this longer delay.

Wither (A) :: +30% Damage to enemies stricken by Curse
Now it is a very nice improve. This is mainly +30% Bullet or Summon Damage, relying on what’s hitting enemies, which is a large increase it doesn’t matter what it’s. This alone justifies taking Dark Arts, even in case you don’t like Curse!

Ritual (B-) :: +1% Bullet Damage per 10 enemies killed by Curse
This sounds very nice on paper, and it does positively construct up over a run, however it’s not as fast as you’d assume. Curse doesn’t kill each enemy, clearly, particularly if we bought tomes that enhance Bullet Damage or now we have lots of on-hit results (particularly Culling).


Holy Arts (D) :: When taking pictures final Ammo, Smite close by enemies for 20 Damage
As with different skills like Ice Spikes, we aren’t actually ever taking pictures our “last Ammo” as soon as we learn mid to endgame. Holy Arts additionally isn’t very helpful for us even when it may well assist, within the early sport, so it’s a move.

Holy Might (D) :: +10 Smite Damage per present HP
This doesn’t embrace Soul Hearts, so even in case you needed to take Holy Arts from a very terrible unfold of decisions, essentially the most we’ll get is +40% (+8 Damage) with Abby’s Max HP.

Justice (F) :: +1 Max HP per 500 enemies killed by Smite, as much as 3
20 or 28 Damage now and again isn’t going to kill issues incessantly. Hitting 500 enemies killed this manner will take ages, and might be one other +30% (+6 Damage) at most anyway. Yuck.

Angelic (F) :: +1 HP healed per 500 enemies killed by Smite
It’s dangerous for a similar purpose different HP therapeutic stuff is dangerous. We don’t want it in any respect.

Upgrade Grading (Part 4)

Aero Magic (C-) :: When taking pictures final Ammo, hearth a Gale that offers 10 / 0.5sec
Once once more, we’re probably not activating this in any respect within the lategame. The solely purpose it’s not a D just like the others is that the improve tree farther on has a capability that doesn’t want us to shoot our final Ammo, and this is usually a respectable decide if we bought fully screwed on our Tomes and needed to take the Tome of Speed. That doesn’t actually occur, although.

Windborne (C) :: +15% Move Speed, Gale beneficial properties Damage out of your Move Speed
Similar to Windcutter in Scythe, this requires sort of particular constructing that we don’t often have the degrees or curiosity to pursue. The different choice is often significantly better.

Eye of the Storm (B) :: +5 Gale Damage, Deal 2x Gale’s Damage round you each 2sec
This doesn’t require us to shoot our final Ammo, so a minimum of it’s helpful into the mid and endgame. If we needed to take Aero Magic, that is value choosing up simply so it’s not completely ineffective.

Aero Master (C) :: +15 Gale Damage
Kind of underwhelming for a ultimate improve in a tree, however it’s a fairly important improve to our Eye of the Storm’s Damage. With this, it’ll deal 60 Damage each time it goes off, and that’s not terrible.


Evasive (C-) :: +20% Dodge
This is definitely fairly helpful, however we don’t precisely want it to outlive and the improve tree doesn’t have stuff that’s tremendous helpful to us. If we needed to take Aero Magic or try to get Move Speed for Scythe Damage (for some purpose), this tree might be worthwhile.

Nimble (C-) :: +10% Dodge, +10% Move Speed
A good bonus to each stats, however as I stated above — we don’t really want them in spades.

Tiny (D+) :: +5% Dodge, -25% Character Size
The dimension malus makes it simpler to dodge enemy projectiles manually, however that’s all this improve actually has going for it.

Reflex (C) :: +15% Move Speed, add your Move Speed to your Dodge
Assuming that you’ve got this and used Nimble to get right here, that is 55% Dodge (near the cap of 70%). If it’s a must to decide this improve tree, it may be worthwhile to get right here for a roughly half probability to dodge something you do by accident stumble into.


Magic Spear (A+) :: Summon 2 Spears that deal 20 Damage to close by enemies
The finest Summon, in my view, and particularly good for us. We lack exhausting hits within the early sport, and these scale up in a means that lets us deal heavy injury to bosses in addition to something that will get close to us very simply and quickly — and with none enter or particular motion in addition to staying considerably near bosses.

Holy Spear (A-) :: +10 Damage to Magic Spear per 1 HP you’ve gotten
This is present HP reasonably than Max HP, not like the tooltip says in 0.9.1. At its finest, that is +40 Damage due to Abby’s 4 Max HP and that’s fairly important. We could also be dropping HP through tomes as we go, which might cut back its worth within the lategame, however by then it’s going to have been useful as much as that time anyway.

Soul Drain (A+) :: Every four-hundredth enemy killed by a Summon drops a Soul Heart
Hey, our bats rely as Bullets and Summons, bear in mind? That means we’re dropping Soul Hearts fairly often, particularly if we get the Soul Reap tree that’s up subsequent (and we should always). This is very good because of this improve tree’s ultimate capacity.

Soul Knight (A+) :: +15 Damage to Magic Spear per 1 Soul Heart you’ve gotten
Again, the tooltip is wrong in 0.9.1. They don’t achieve Damage once you decide up a Soul Heart, however reasonably primarily based on what number of you’ve gotten. This is a large bonus to Damage and you need to get it as quickly as you possibly can.


Soul Reap (A+) :: +1 Soul Heart, Every five hundredth enemy killed drops a Soul Heart
This stacks with Soul Drain within the Magic Spear improve tree, which means we get a Soul Heart from each four-hundredth and five hundredth kill because of the very fact our Batgun double dips. It’s very simple to get the utmost quantity earlier than even the midway level of a run.

Soul Conversion (F) :: Every 60sec, flip a Soul Heart into 1 Max HP
How many occasions I gotta say we don’t want therapeutic?

Soul-Powered (A+) :: +15% Bullet Damage per Soul Heart you’ve gotten
The tooltip is fallacious in 0.9.1, and this has nothing to do with choosing up Soul hearts. It’s simply +15% Bullet Damage per Soul Heart you’ve gotten, which is loopy once we can get lots of these in a short time and simply.

Soul Link (C+) :: +1 Soul Heart, When you lose a Soul coronary heart, non-boss enemies take -80% HP
This is a fairly large nuke to all close by enemies in case we do get hit, and that may be helpful if we get fully surrounded and have misplaced Holy Shield. That state of affairs shouldn’t come up tremendous typically although. It might be value taking early for the +1 Soul Heart alone, if now we have Soul-Powered and / or Soul Knight within the Magic Spear improve tree.


Trainer (A) :: +30% Summon Damage
There’s nothing to complain about, right here. Since our bats are Summons and Bullets, this offers them +30% Damage and likewise buffs another Summon we occur to gather sooner or later (or have already collected). The improve tree can also be fairly hearth.

Pulsing Summons (B) :: +20% Summon Damage, Summons pulse for 50 each 2 sec
The Damage bonus alone is nothing to shake a stick at, however the pulse is sadly not superb exterior of a particular character that we aren’t taking part in. It additionally makes a extremely annoying noise each 2 seconds, which might be grating.

Feed the Beasts (A+) :: +1% Summon Damage per 15 enemies killed
As of model 0.9.1, that is damaged and doesn’t work in any respect. Once it’s fastened, this might be completely unbelievable. Since our Bullets are additionally Summons, it will have an effect on them simply the identical.

Bloodsuckers (D+) :: +10% Summon Damage, each 500 Summon kills drops a 1 HP heal
We don’t want therapeutic, like I’ve stated, however +10% Summon Damage is alright. Something to seize within the very lategame if now we have nothing else on provide that’ll enhance our Damage.


Frenzy (A+) :: +30% Summon Attack Speed
This converts to Fire Rate on the Batgun, and can also be nice for each Summon we’d have or acquire sooner or later. The purpose that is rated larger than Trainer is as a result of its improve tree is spectacular, particularly the ultimate improve. If you might be taking part in on the Temple map, seize this as quickly as attainable and search out the ultimate improve to extra simply deal with the massive sploders.

Hellspawns (B+) :: +20% Summon Attack Speed, Summons inflict 3 / sec Burn on hit
Note that this isn’t an opportunity to Burn, it at all times occurs, which is fairly cool. Burn nonetheless isn’t superb exterior of bosses, however the +20% Attack Speed certain is. It alone takes this from a B- to a B+.

Thunderspawns (A) :: +20% Summon Attack Speed, 30% probability on hit to deal 22 Lightning
Lightning is superior to Burn, and it synergizes with Energized very effectively. This additionally applies to our bats, by the way in which! You’re gonna see lots of lightning.

Culling (A+) :: +15% Summon Attack Speed, 15% probability on hit for fast kill
This doesn’t work on bosses in any respect, however continues to be superb for group clearing exterior of boss encounters. Since our bats are Summons, this implies each single time a bat hits something however a boss it has a 15% probability to only delete it. Since now we have a large swarm going always, the worth is clear.

Synergy Grading

Synergies are acquired by acquiring 2 – 3 particular upgrades. They aren’t awarded instantly, however as an alternative must be chosen once you stage up and are uncommon sufficient that they’ll most likely solely present up a few times every in a given run. If you see one, it’s often a good suggestion to seize it instantly supplied it’s a great one. To simply determine them, they’ve pink icons reasonably than the everyday black and white ones within the improve choice display.

Death Rounds (A+) :: -1 Max HP, +10 Bullet Damage
Requires :: Reaper Rounds + Light Bullets

This one is excellent. Note that it’s +10 Bullet Damage, not +10%. That doubles our bats’ base Damage worth, which ought to say sufficient about how good it’s. The -1 Max HP is definitely a bonus if now we have Soul-Powered or Soul Knight, because it lets us maintain an extra Soul Heart for bonus Damage to our Magic Spears or Bullets.

Frost Fire (C) :: When you inflict Freeze, inflict Burn for six / sec
Requires :: Intense Burn + Frostbite

Burn stays simply okay, and solely good on bosses. We’re freezing these continuously, however Frostbite’s -1% HP per activation will do greater than a middling Burn ever will.

Gun Mastery (A+) :: +15% Bullet Damage, Fire Rate & Reload Rate, +1 Piercing, +1 Ammo
Requires :: Armed and Ready + Power Shot + Rapid Fire

For us, that is successfully +15% Bullet Damage and Fire Rate within the mid to late sport, however that’s nonetheless completely value a pickup. The necessities are additionally very simple to get, and a minimum of 2 of them are mainly auto picks in the event that they present up anyway. If you discover you’ve gotten Power Shot and Rapid Fire, perhaps search for Armed and Ready so you possibly can nab this.

Mini Clip (F) :: +100% Reload Rate, +50% Bullet Damage, -666 Ammo
Requires :: Fan Fire + Fresh Clip

Most good builds use this, however it’s horrendous for us. We need Ammo for Abby to chew by means of through the spin, and we might as effectively not be spinning in any respect if we solely have 1 max Ammo. We’d nonetheless take pleasure in +50% Bullet Damage throughout Ethereal, however at the price of a a lot jankier play expertise exterior of these home windows.

Overload (A) :: When Lightning hits a Burning enemy, it explodes for 25 Damage
Requires :: Electro Mastery + Fire Starter

This entails two upgrades we are going to most likely seize sooner or later, and is a stable supply of additional Damage. There’s no purpose to not seize it if and when it exhibits up, actually.

Stand Your Ground (A+) :: +2 Projectiles, +25% Fire Rate, -25% Move Speed
Requires :: Siege + Fusillade

Extremely good, even when we lose some Move Speed for the bonus. The Projectiles alone are an important Damage enhance, and a quicker Fire Rate is simply the cherry on high.

Summon Mastery (A+) :: +35% Summon Damage & Attack Speed, -35% Bullet Damage
Requires :: Vengeful Ghost + Scythe Mastery

Since I fee the Scythe decrease than different Summons exterior of Curse builds, it’s not tremendous possible you will note this. It’s nonetheless nice in case you do, because it’s +35% Fire Rate and Summon Attack Speed. The different two bonuses cancel one another out, sadly, since our Batgun advantages from Summon Damage however then additionally takes the malus to Bullet Damage.

Death Plague (A) :: Enemies killed by Curse unfold it to different enemies
Requires :: Ritual + Reaper Rounds

If you’re utilizing the Scythe and Curse, it’s possible you’ll se this in addition to the one above. It’s fairly good, particularly at extra reliably activating Ritual and gaining extra Bullet Damage. Pick it up in case you see it.

Generator (A+) :: When you achieve Ammo, +35% Fire Rate for 2sec
Requires :: Recharge + Energized

We will at all times be gaining Ammo because of Energized and our many sources of Lightning, so that is mainly Summon Mastery once more — +35% Fire Rate kind of completely. Pick it up for certain!

Kunoichi (A+) :: +10% Fire Rate & +1 Piercing each 10sec, resets on being hit
Requires :: In the Wind + Assassin

I don’t see this one typically until I’ve picked some subpar upgrades, however it’s an especially good reward and gamechanger in that case. There doesn’t appear to be a cap on this, so you possibly can shoot out bats so quick you’ll lag the sport in brief order.

Sword and Shield (F) :: Smite kills decrease Holy Shield recharge by 1sec
Requires :: Holy Shield + Justice

If you needed to take Holy Arts, it is a actually dangerous run. Smite isn’t killing something anyway, so skip this one.

Titan (F) :: +2 Max HP, +25% Move Speed, +50% Character Size
Requires :: Giant + Angelic

You must take two actually dangerous upgrades simply to get this, which can also be fairly dangerous for the very fact it additional will increase your Character Size. If you see this in your improve checklist, one thing has gone horribly fallacious.

Tome Order of Goodness

You will purchase 2 Tomes throughout your run from sure bosses, relying on the map. Some are superb whereas others are mainly trash, and also you solely get to decide on between 3. Sometimes you’ll get actually boned by RNG and have to decide on the lesser of three evils, however there’s often no means you will get so badly screwed that the run is misplaced. Rather than grading on this case, I’ll checklist them within the order of most to least usefulness. Included is a ‘Prioritize’ part during which I’ll point out what upgrades are value going for when you purchase the given Tomes.

#1 – Tome of Rage :: +60% Fire Rate, +60 Spread, -50% Bullet Damage, -95% Knockback, 3x Ammo
Prioritize :: On-Hit Effect, Culling, Frostbite, Electro Mage / Mastery

You wouldn’t assume that is superb with its malus to Bullet Damage, however we rely extra on issues like standing results and particularly Culling to do our Damage at excessive Darkness ranges. That isn’t to say we are able to’t construct for Bullet Damage and nonetheless succeed, however the Tome of Rage permits us to entry a extra constant model of the Bat Gat.

#2 – Tome of Power :: +50% Bullet Damage, +100% Bullet Size, +1 Piercing, -25% Fire Rate, -1 Max HP
Prioritize :: Bullet Damage, Bounces, Soul Hearts

Not fairly nearly as good because the Tome of Rage, however it’s nonetheless extraordinarily good regardless. If that is your first Tome, it’ll take you in a really completely different improve course than the Tome of Rage. You’ll need to deal with gaining extra Damage reasonably than specializing in standing results in case you can, so you possibly can shred by means of enemies shortly. As talked about earlier than, -1 Max HP is a buff as a result of it helps you to acquire an extra Soul Heart for bonus Damage.

#3 – Tome of the Elements :: +35% Burn Damage, Freeze Duration & Lightning Damage
Prioritize :: Fire Rate, Freeze, Lightning

Despite being at #3 on the checklist, this isn’t a foul bonus in any respect. Lightning does fairly good Damage even at excessive Darkness ranges, and the Bat Gat can generate it tremendous quick attributable to Abby’s excessive hearth fee through the spin. This isn’t fairly nearly as good as the 2 above, however will nonetheless do so much supplied you begin to tunnel related upgrades.

#4* – Tome of Summoning :: +50% Summon Damage & Attack Speed, -50% Reload Rate
Prioritize :: Reload Rate (if 1st Tome)

So, this comes with a caveat. If that is your second Tome, it’s extra like #2 reasonably than #4. The Reload Rate malus is totally killer within the early sport, so it is a dangerous first Tome to take, however the second Tome comes within the mid to lategame once we’re probably not reloading all that always anyway. At that time it’s fairly nice, since with our Batgun that’s +50% Damage and Fire Rate. You can nonetheless succeed in case you should take this as your first Tome, however the early sport might be just a little rougher due to it.

#5 – Tome of Elasticity :: +2 Bounces, -25% Bullet Damage, -1 Max HP
Prioritize :: Bullet Damage or On-Hit Effects, Fire Rate

As the identify suggests, this one provides you a fairly versatile path ahead. The Damage malus isn’t really that dangerous, and our bats gaining 2 Bounces greater than makes up for it. If you need to proceed to deal with uncooked Damage that may work, however so can spreading additional standing results with these further hits. Like above, -1 Max HP is a buff attributable to Soul Hearts boosting ours and our Magic Spears’ Damage.

#6 – Tome of Speed :: +50% Move Speed, -1 Max HP
Prioritize :: (*20*) the Run

Since you get a alternative between 3 Tomes, you need to by no means must take this, however in case you misclick it or one thing… Probably simply begin over, until it’s your second Tome and isn’t tremendous essential. You might most likely go into Scythe and Gale in an emergency to salvage issues, however this factor is complete crap. If it gave one thing like Dodge it may be just a little higher, however even then… I’m undecided why this exists. At least you get -1 Max HP so you possibly can maintain one other Soul Heart?

Character Upgrades

Abby, like all different characters in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, receives 3 upgrades from chests that drop from sure bosses all through the run. These should not decisions, and you’ll obtain them in a random order that may make the given run simpler or more durable. Luckily for us, 2 of her 3 upgrades are good all through the sport and even the only dangerous one continues to be helpful in case you occur to get it as your very first chest drop. These are…

Bullet Storm :: +2 Projectiles, +40 Spread, -31% Fire Rate
The +2 Projectiles is excellent, so that is nonetheless a Damage achieve even when our Fire Rate takes a good hit. It’s not the worst improve to obtain first, a minimum of, and can at all times be usually helpful once you get it.

Make it Rain :: 2x Fire Rate through the spin
So, it doesn’t take a genius to grasp that that is the most effective of Abby’s character upgrades. It has no penalty and makes bats come out at a ridiculous fee, particularly in case you get it later and have already got a excessive hearth fee. This is the one we would like ASAP, however we are able to survive even when it’s our final improve.

Whirlwind :: +35% Move Speed & Reload Rate for 2sec after reloading
This one is the worst of Abby’s upgrades for our Bat Gat construct, however it’s really nonetheless very efficient if we decide it up first within the random order. If it’s our second drop it’s a lot much less helpful, sadly.

Ideal Order :: Make It Rain ~> Bullet Storm ~> Whirlwind

We can nonetheless win even when we don’t get Make it Rain till the ultimate boss, however the run might be notably simpler if we get it 2nd and particularly if we get it 1st.

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